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7 Considerations for Seniors When Renting a Car for Holidays

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Today, seniors represent a booming segment of the population, and they’re doing more travelling than ever before. This has bolstered demand for hire cars among senior populations. With that in mind, we’re going to look at seven considerations for seniors renting a car on holiday: 

1. It’s worth shopping around.

Rates vary considerably from one location to the next, as well as from one hire firm to the next. Shopping around online ensures that you know what’s really available to you before you lock in on a particular rate. 

2. Some car hire firms have upper age limits.

Most people are well aware that there is a minimum age restriction for hiring a car. However, relatively few are aware of the upper limits. Many car hire firms cannot allow people over a certain age (often 70 to 75) drive one their vehicles. This has to do with the insurer that covers their fleet and does not necessarily reflect the sentiments of those at the car hire depot. This is nothing new, either—though it has become more of an issue as more seniors are travelling than ever before. Enquire about any age restrictions when placing the booking to avoid disappointment. 

3. Know what documents you will need.

If you are travelling in your home country, all you will probably need is a valid driver’s license. If, on the other hand, you’re headed overseas, you may need a passport and international driver’s license. Look into this early to avoid any last-minute hang-ups. 

4. Be open to lesser-known brands.

This is just a means of saving a few quid on your next rental and applies to renters of any age. It’s easy to get hung up on the big names in the car hire industry, if only because we constantly encounter their brand messages when making travel arrangements. However, it’s worth mentioning that smaller firms and lesser-known can often manage lower operating costs, and this translates into customer savings. Furthermore, they all offer the same basic vehicle makes and models. With that in mind, check in with websites such as and similar hire firms to see if they can offer you steeper discounts. 

5. Airport rentals are usually going to cost more.

Hiring a car from an airport is more convenient than, say, hopping in a taxi or boarding an airport shuttle, transferring to an off-site location and completing your booking there. It also usually costs upwards of 30 per cent more. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with paying for a convenience, just bear in mind that you’ll be paying for that convenience every day for the life of the rental contract (i.e. not just the day that you pick it up). 

6. You may qualify for a senior discount.

There are all kinds of ways to secure discounts on car hire. Earlier we mentioned that many agencies are forced by their insurers to put upper age limits on who can drive a rental car. However, it’s not all bad news for seniors, as many agencies also offer discounts to drivers over a certain age. Even if the hire firm doesn’t explicitly offer a senior discount, many offer preferential rates to members of retirement associations such as AARP. Bear in mind, senior discounts are usually not advertised and usually require you to enter a promotional code that you picked up from a third party. 

7. Chauffeured hire cars may cost less than you assume.

This, of course, depends to a great extent on where you’re travelling. Outside of the West, it’s much more common for cars and drivers to come as package deals. This can be especially convenient in countries with lower development standards, where the roads and traffic conditions may be a bit chaotic.

Author: Leasing Options is a company that offers more than 30 different manufacturers for customers to choose from on their website, Between these brands, they have over 8000 different models that can be ordered online.


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