Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why logbook loans should be taken out for a few months

With the economic recession seeing more people getting into financial difficulty, looking for options for financial aid has become an alarming trend. The steady rise in short term loan companies offering loan options such as payday loans and logbook loans has shown a rapid growth in recent years. With high street banks borrowing less frequently, more people have looked at short term loans as an alternative. Having a bad credit history can mean that banks are an option that are off limits to most people. As a result short term loan options can then be an easier choice. 

Explaining a logbook loan 

A logbook loan is a secured loan. Unlike payday loans, to take out a logbook loan you must be a vehicle owner. The car should also be free of finance and be registered to the person taking out the loan. The person’s vehicle is used as collateral to secure the loan with the logbook being transferred to the loan provider whilst the loan is then paid off. Once the loan is paid back in full, the logbook is returned to the owner. In the unlikely event that the loan is not repaid back in full, the vehicle can be repossessed and sold to recover the losses. 

Benefits of logbook loans 

Because a logbook loan uses a person’s vehicle as collateral, there is in most cases no need to carry out credit checks. This is what makes logbook loans attractive because for those with bad a bad credit history, there may be no other way to secure financial assistance. Interest rates can be higher but still much lower than payday loans. A typical APR on a logbook loan is 380% compared to 4000% for a payday loan. 

Why logbook loans are a short loan 

Most people who take out short term loans such as payday loans and logbook loans must be aware that both types of loans are for short term use. There are many stories in the press of people getting into huge amounts of debt with loans such as payday loans. Typically the APR with short term loans is very high and as a bad credit loan this is where price for quick cash and no credit checks comes in. It is worth noting that with a logbook loan, paying it back within a few months can see interest rates be much lower. 

Reputable providers will advertise logbook loans with repayment plans of 1 to 6 months. Any longer than that and the interest rates will not be much higher. Some companies offer interest rates of around 30% for loans paid back within 3 months. Compare this to annual APR on logbook loans of around 380%; it is easy to see why logbook loans should only be considered as a short term loan option. 

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  1. Another type of secured short term loans is car title loans which are also suited for people who need loans for bad credit. I took a loan in the past and paid it back in 1 month. It was a great solution for me.


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