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Thursday, December 12, 2013

3 No Credit Check Loans That You Must See

Are you desperately in need of a new loan? Do you believe that your credit rating will be a problem? If so, do not panic, there are a number of options out there for you, all of which tick the full range of financial boxes.

Finding the Best Option For You

With so many options currently available and opinions on some of these no credit check loans varying wildly, it can still be a confusing time for borrowers. Finding the best and most affordable option for you is crucial and below we have identified 3 of the most popular to give you a little insight into the facts that you need to know.

Guarantor Loans

Although the concept of the guarantor loan has been around for a very long time, it is only recently that their popularity has begun to increase.

Guarantor loan lenders are prepared to look past the credit rating of the loan applicant but only on the proviso that the applicant identifies a third party (the guarantor) who will co-sign the loan agreement, guaranteeing that they will pick up the repayments should the applicant fall behind.

There are obviously some criteria which the potential guarantor must satisfy in order to be eligible for the role, age, residency, income etc but if they tick all of the boxes, there is every chance the loan application will be granted.

Popular choices for guarantors include family members and close friends, but whoever is asked, must understand the agreement into which they are entering.

Because guarantor loans are unsecured personal loans, they can be used for whatever (legal) purpose the borrowers deems fit. Often used as a method of debt consolidation, they can just as easily be used to buy a new car or pay for a holiday.

Payday Loans

Payday loans have had a rough ride in the press recently, and if used irresponsibly, the bad press is not without reason.

A payday loan is a short-term advance designed to tide you over financially until payday, with a strong emphasis being placed on the phrase ‘short term’.

If used as intended, they can be the perfect short term fix for anyone who cannot turn to a high street lender. It is only when they begin to be used over longer terms that they begin to be very expensive and potentially dangerous.

Payday loans are typically paid directly into your bank account and nearly always within 1 day of your application being approved. The payday loan repayment, plus interest, will then be deducted directly from your account on the due date.

It is always worth remembering that a typical charge for a payday loan will be approximately £25 per month for every £100 borrowed. Advertised interest rates (APRs) are generally around 1,750%.

Logbook Loans

Logbook loans are a different type of no credit check loan because the lender will insist on a form of security.

Falling between guarantor loans and payday loans in regards to the level of APR which is charged, lenders are prepared to look beyond the credit rating of the borrower if they are prepared to offer the logbook of their vehicle as security against the balance of the loan.

If the loan is repaid in full and on time, the logbook will be returned at the end of the loan period. If however this is not the case, the lender will be quite within their rights to sell the vehicle to recoup their losses. It is even possible that if the losses do not cover the outstanding balance, the borrower will still be liable to make any further outstanding payments.

As with all financial matters, it is crucial that you do the appropriate homework to ensure that you enter into the agreement with an open mind and your eyes open. This will help you to make the best decision for your individual circumstances.

Friday, November 22, 2013

How To Get A Loan With No Credit Checks In 24 Hours

An example of a cheque.
An example of a cheque. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Most of us are always facing a lot of issues that demand input of money to meet them. We all have lots of expenses to meet on a daily basis and it is never easy for many of us, especially during the middle of the month in case of an emergency. Your friends might not help and your bank might not be ready to give you a loan or it might simply take a long time more than you have to meet the emergency. Essentially, what you are looking for is a chance to access money fast through a loan whose paperwork, if any, takes the shortest period of time to deal with the issue at hand while pledging to repay the amount within the shortest time period or within the agreed time spread over a number of months.

A Way Out

There is no reason why you should let things go out of hand while there is a way out. Most individuals today think accessing a loan still takes long time for all lenders but this is hardly the case. Some take a day at most to process your loan and put money in your bank to use immediately. There are many ways of accessing a loan today but the best is perhaps the use of your car logbook. A logbook loan is a loan pledged under the papers of the vehicle logbook against the amount of money you want to borrow. It is the amount secured and provided against your car logbook documents. In an exchange with the money, the individual is given the amount of money he or she needs and the lender keeps the car logbook as security until the loan has been repaid. 

Nothing To Fear

Many people might fear the repayment period or even the interest rate but the truth is that the lender does not dictate to the owner of the car and everything is agreed one on one. Basically, you have a source of income such as a business or employment and the amount to be deducted on a monthly or weekly basis should be enough to repay the entire loan over a given period of time. 

Do Not Be Gullible

The important thing is not to be gullible and ask for money you might not have planned for, such as the entire value of the car. If you have a genuine emergency you can ask for a specific amount you are ready to pay back easily without any problem. At the end of the day, the most important thing is meeting the needs you have today, service the loan as agreed and keep driving the vehicle until you have repaid the entire amount and you get your vehicle logbook back. Across the UK, those with logbooks registered in their names can apply for loans against the car’s logbook. The logbook is the certificate given to the owner of the vehicle with a vehicle and driving license agency.

The most fascinating part of a logbook loan is that bad credit is a thing of the past since it hardly matters as a result of having the loan secured on the borrower’s logbook. It does not get better than that.

About Author
Michael is a finance broker who advises individuals on raising funds and getting loans. He recently reviewed services of Log Book Loan Experts, a company offering logbook loans in UK.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brits Keen to Make Home Improvements

Those most likely to get stuck into projects to revamp their homes were consumers aged 35 to 44. Among this demographic, nearly four in five consumers (79 per cent) had enhanced their properties.

Commenting on the findings, Avant Homes marketing director Rob Slocombe, said: “The housing market conditions of the last few years has meant that many homeowners have not had the necessary deposit to secure a mortgage and so therefore have opted to stay in their current property and make improvements to it until they can afford to move.

“This research reveals the considerable investment that is required for such improvements and tells us a lot about what today’s buyers are looking for in a home to make it suitable for their current lifestyle needs.”

By researching the log book loans available now, consumers may be able to realise their ambitions of improving their properties. Meanwhile, taking this approach could have positive long-term financial repercussions. Although they will have to spend money in order to achieve the results they are after, people could succeed in boosting the value of their homes, meaning that if and when they come to sell their abodes, they stand to make money.

For the best results, it is vital that consumers choose reliable and competitive logbook loan providers. By researching companies before making any commitments, individuals can provide themselves with added peace of mind.

Meanwhile, it is also important that homeowners are savvy when deciding which projects to undertake. Certain alterations make particularly good investments. For example, adding space to homes tends to be an effective way to boost their value. There is plenty of advice available over the web if individuals are unsure.

Author Bio: 

Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who keeps up with the latest trends in personal finance. She contributes to a range of websites, including Varooma.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quick Loan Advice Pros and Cons of Log book Loans

If you don’t own property and you suffer with a poor credit rating it can often be very difficult to obtain credit. Some people choose to opt for payday loans or their doorstep alternative, but these solutions can leave the lendee with truly extortionate rates of interest. Thanks to a new wave of logbook loan companies, this is now becoming less of a problem. 
This guide will tell you all you need to know about logbook loans, including both their pros and cons retrospectively. 

So What Is A Logbook Loan Anyway?

Basically, a logbook loan covers any type of credit issued against the value of a motor vehicle. You can generally apply online and receive a decision in minutes, which certainly saves a considerable amount of precious time and effort. Mobile Moneys logbook loan service is currently the most popular option around, and many people choose to opt for it every month.

Tell Me About The Pros

With a logbook loan the benefits are endless. Usually credit checks are not performed, allowing people with less than desirable credit scores to receive the cash they need in troublesome times. Also, once an application has been processed and accepted, logbook loan companies will usually be in a position to release the money instantly, meaning you could have cash in your pocket on the very same day - a truly useful tool for those unforeseen emergencies.

Because logbook loan companies don’t usually perform credit checks, proof of employment is often needed to process a successful application, although even this can sometimes be avoided. Repayment schedules can also spread over a much longer time period than their payday or doorstep counterparts allow, meaning that monthly bills can work out to be considerably less.

Okay, So What About The Cons?

As with any form of credit, certain risks are involved with taking out a logbook loan - mainly the possibility of default. If you miss a payment with logbook loan companies, you risk losing your car, so this is something seriously worth bearing in mind. Although this is the worst case scenario, if you default, expect collectors to take this very seriously. Obviously most lenders will allow you some leeway, but if you’re not certain you can make the repayments, don’t take out the loan.

Interest rates can be well over 300%, so the more time it takes you to pay the loan off, the more money it will end up costing you, but if you have no other option, you really have no other choice. Be sure to read the contract carefully, paying special attention to the small print, and never take out any loan without first working out how much you will end up paying back.

So there you go, thats the lowdown on logbook loans. Depending on your personal financial situation, this solution could be perfect for you, but be careful as some lenders will purposely avoid telling you the final repayment amount, and if you haven’t worked it out for yourself, you could well be in for a nasty shock come payday.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Refused Standard Loans What Are The Best Options?

If you are looking to borrow money, but you have problems getting standard unsecured loans for whatever reason, you may look to other options. Payday or secured loans, loans in which you use one of your assets as security, are possibilities. If these are options for you, which is best and why?

Payday Loans

Payday Loans are short-term loans taken out only until the end of the month when you receive your paycheck and can then repay the loan. To secure a payday loan you will need to show proof of employment and payslips. 

One benefit of payday loans is that they do not take security for the loan so you will not lose any asset in the process if you cannot repay, but they have downsides too. Payday loans come with generally higher rates of interest than other loans, so even borrowing for a short amount of time can be an expensive option.

Securing A Loan Against Your Property

Another option you may look into if you have been unsuccessful with other channels is a secured loan on your property. The lender has the added security of the property so if you cannot repay the loan, the risk to the lender is minimised. This means that secured loans can be much easier to come by than unsecured loans, especially to those with poor credit histories. 

The advantages and disadvantages to secured loans, as with logbook loans (see below) are the converse to those of payday loans. The downside is that you are putting your property at risk if you are unable to keep up with the repayments. The advantages, however, are that secured loans generally offer better rates than payday loans. In taking security the risk to the lender is minimised so they are capable of setting lower rates knowing they will not lose out themselves.

Logbook Loans

A third option you may consider are logbook loans. Logbook loans are, similarly to secured loans, the ability to borrow money that offers an asset as security, in this case your vehicle. Logbook loans typically allow you to borrow up to 70% of the value of your car and their advantages, similarly to property, are lower rates than payday loans. 

They may be considered less risky options than loans secured on property, however, as many of us view our vehicle as a more expendable item than our house, should you fail to repay.

In weighing up all these options you must consider a number of things. How long do you need to borrow money for? How much can you afford to pay for the loan? How capable are you of keeping up with the repayments? 

This last one is particularly important when considering secured or logbook loans and brings with it a further question, how likely are you to lose the asset you have secured the loan against? Many may consider their car to be a more expendable security. There is no one right answer, it is dependent on each customer's circumstances.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

When Financial Shortfalls Come Use Your Car for a Secured Loan

Loans (Photo credit: zingbot)
Financial shortfalls are common and can cause a great deal of stress. The rise in shortfalls has come from the current state of the economy and more and more people are looking for alternative ways to deal with their finances quickly. 

Logbook loans are not as well-known about as they should be; they can offer the perfect solution to those that need fast cash for a short-term financial shortfall. If something unexpected pops up, like an unforeseen bill or an appliance breakdown, logbook loans are the solution most people can depend on.

When you need money in a hurry it can put you in a difficult situation in that you might be tempted to take anything and everything you can get your hands on from the first person that offers assistance. This is the worst thing that you can possibly do; who’s to say this is the best option and that you won’t be charged extortionate interest rates? The key to covering a financial shortfall is to understand your options and how different types of loans can help. A loan secured on car is in a different league to alternative options such as payday loans.

So, how is a logbook loan different and beneficial for your financial shortfall?

Logbook loans are exactly what you would expect with the name itself explaining the process in the briefest and clearest form. You will take out a loan secured on your vehicle and give your vehicle’s logbook to the loan provider for the duration. One of the most appealing advantages of a loan secured on car is that you keep your vehicle and get on with your life as you know it. Your logbook will be returned to you as soon as you have finished making your repayments to the provider.

A loan secured on your vehicle can offer great advantages; they are much more flexible than alternative options and can be customised to meet your short-term needs. As long as you own your vehicle, have a steady income, and the ability to make the repayments; the loan can be developed to suit you specifically. 

Many companies that offer a loan secured on car will allow you to choose your repayment period to one that suits you, your income, and your ability to repay. This means that a loan of this type does not put as much pressure on your finances in future months with high repayments and interest. Logbook loans often offer lower interest rates as well because the loan is secured on your vehicle after all.

Logbook loans are growing in popularity at a very fast pace. They give you the ability to deal with any situation you are faced with without hassle. Plus, as the loan is secured, there are no credit checks! 

Everyone can utilise this type of loan when facing a financial shortfall without limits; as long as the criteria are met of course. So, make sure you get out there and see what options are available to you before you entrust any type of loan and know that help is at hand when you need it most.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why logbook loans should be taken out for a few months

With the economic recession seeing more people getting into financial difficulty, looking for options for financial aid has become an alarming trend. The steady rise in short term loan companies offering loan options such as payday loans and logbook loans has shown a rapid growth in recent years. With high street banks borrowing less frequently, more people have looked at short term loans as an alternative. Having a bad credit history can mean that banks are an option that are off limits to most people. As a result short term loan options can then be an easier choice. 

Explaining a logbook loan 

A logbook loan is a secured loan. Unlike payday loans, to take out a logbook loan you must be a vehicle owner. The car should also be free of finance and be registered to the person taking out the loan. The person’s vehicle is used as collateral to secure the loan with the logbook being transferred to the loan provider whilst the loan is then paid off. Once the loan is paid back in full, the logbook is returned to the owner. In the unlikely event that the loan is not repaid back in full, the vehicle can be repossessed and sold to recover the losses. 

Benefits of logbook loans 

Because a logbook loan uses a person’s vehicle as collateral, there is in most cases no need to carry out credit checks. This is what makes logbook loans attractive because for those with bad a bad credit history, there may be no other way to secure financial assistance. Interest rates can be higher but still much lower than payday loans. A typical APR on a logbook loan is 380% compared to 4000% for a payday loan. 

Why logbook loans are a short loan 

Most people who take out short term loans such as payday loans and logbook loans must be aware that both types of loans are for short term use. There are many stories in the press of people getting into huge amounts of debt with loans such as payday loans. Typically the APR with short term loans is very high and as a bad credit loan this is where price for quick cash and no credit checks comes in. It is worth noting that with a logbook loan, paying it back within a few months can see interest rates be much lower. 

Reputable providers will advertise logbook loans with repayment plans of 1 to 6 months. Any longer than that and the interest rates will not be much higher. Some companies offer interest rates of around 30% for loans paid back within 3 months. Compare this to annual APR on logbook loans of around 380%; it is easy to see why logbook loans should only be considered as a short term loan option. 

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