Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quick Loan Advice Pros and Cons of Log book Loans

If you don’t own property and you suffer with a poor credit rating it can often be very difficult to obtain credit. Some people choose to opt for payday loans or their doorstep alternative, but these solutions can leave the lendee with truly extortionate rates of interest. Thanks to a new wave of logbook loan companies, this is now becoming less of a problem. 
This guide will tell you all you need to know about logbook loans, including both their pros and cons retrospectively. 

So What Is A Logbook Loan Anyway?

Basically, a logbook loan covers any type of credit issued against the value of a motor vehicle. You can generally apply online and receive a decision in minutes, which certainly saves a considerable amount of precious time and effort. Mobile Moneys logbook loan service is currently the most popular option around, and many people choose to opt for it every month.

Tell Me About The Pros

With a logbook loan the benefits are endless. Usually credit checks are not performed, allowing people with less than desirable credit scores to receive the cash they need in troublesome times. Also, once an application has been processed and accepted, logbook loan companies will usually be in a position to release the money instantly, meaning you could have cash in your pocket on the very same day - a truly useful tool for those unforeseen emergencies.

Because logbook loan companies don’t usually perform credit checks, proof of employment is often needed to process a successful application, although even this can sometimes be avoided. Repayment schedules can also spread over a much longer time period than their payday or doorstep counterparts allow, meaning that monthly bills can work out to be considerably less.

Okay, So What About The Cons?

As with any form of credit, certain risks are involved with taking out a logbook loan - mainly the possibility of default. If you miss a payment with logbook loan companies, you risk losing your car, so this is something seriously worth bearing in mind. Although this is the worst case scenario, if you default, expect collectors to take this very seriously. Obviously most lenders will allow you some leeway, but if you’re not certain you can make the repayments, don’t take out the loan.

Interest rates can be well over 300%, so the more time it takes you to pay the loan off, the more money it will end up costing you, but if you have no other option, you really have no other choice. Be sure to read the contract carefully, paying special attention to the small print, and never take out any loan without first working out how much you will end up paying back.

So there you go, thats the lowdown on logbook loans. Depending on your personal financial situation, this solution could be perfect for you, but be careful as some lenders will purposely avoid telling you the final repayment amount, and if you haven’t worked it out for yourself, you could well be in for a nasty shock come payday.

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