Thursday, May 16, 2013

6 Hilarious Signs You Need to Do Home Improvements

As your house gets older, it needs improvements to keep it running well and looking good. So, if you've been neglecting to make home improvements over the years, it's probably showing in your home. Take a look at these six signs it's time to make some changes and improvements. 

Your Utility Bill Makes You Cry

Yes, the cost of utilities has gone up, but if your utility bill is nearly as much as your mortgage, you know it's time to make some home improvements. Utility bills are typically higher in old homes because the insulation isn't as thick as it used to be, the windows let heat escape your home, and your appliances might not be energy-efficient models. So, if you cry every time you look at your utility bill, you should make your home more energy efficient to save money each month. Simple changes can make a huge difference.

You Still Have Annual Height Measurements in Your Kitchen

Lots of people mark annual height measurements on their walls, but you know it's time to make some home improvements if your paint is so old that you have height measurements from 20 to 30 years ago. Yes, we understand sentimental value, but you can always cut out that segment of the wall if it means that much to you. If your paint is that old, your home is definitely needs a fresh coat.

Your Home Evokes the 70s

You know you need to do some home improvements if your house takes people back to the 70s. For instance, lots of wood paneling and colorful shag carpet might remind people of their life during the Nixon era in college or growing up in the suburbs. It's easy to get new carpet and most wood paneling can be painted or taken down for a new look.

People Are Afraid to Go Down to Your Dark and Musty Basement

Basements are scary because they don't get as much light as the rest of the house. Making some simple home improvements like new light fixtures and clearing out the space can make a huge difference in your basement. Looking into a security system from can also make people feel more secure when they are at your house.

People Never Take Off Their Jacket When They Come Into Your Home

If you don't have adequate insulation or your windows are really old, your home is probably pretty drafty. You're probably used to it, but if people aren't taking off their jackets when they come to your home, it's time to make some improvements to the energy efficiency of your home. Plus, your power bill will probably go down because of it.

People Get a Headache from Going into Your Bathroom

Do you have a really colorful bathroom—floral wallpaper on the walls, a bathtub that is some color other than white? This is a sign you need to make some home improvements to your bathroom, if not a complete makeover. People like to see neutral colors and fixtures in bathrooms that make the space feel clean.

If you can relate to any of the scenarios on this list, it's time to make some home improvements. What other signs can you think of? 

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