Thursday, May 16, 2013

Before Retiring, Think of These 4 Essential Investments that Add Value to Your Home

Before you start thinking about retiring to your very own moon-light patio, bohemian wine cellar or romantic porch there are some structural aspects you should take care of. People have started to spend more and more money on home improvements, and it seems only natural because the home is the place where we spend most of our time. We want our living room to be welcoming and relaxing, our bathrooms to look fresh and our kitchens to inspire, but we should not get ahead of ourselves. As tempting as bamboo flooring, granite counter-tops and vintage furniture may sound, there are a few long-term improvements that you should definitely consider.

Whether you are trying to sell your home in the near future and plan your retirement some place elsewhere or simply want to increase its value and enhance it for your children, there are four essential improvements you absolutely have to do. Although certain affordable cosmetic changes might make the house look better in the eyes of a potential buyer, it is the well-thought-out, carefully planned structural improvements that are more promising for the future. The first thing you should do is hire an expert to evaluate your house, and afterward make steps to remedy the problems. Here are four possibilities of improving your home.

1. Indoor Systems

As appealing as cosmetic improvements might be, it is the functional ones that truly increase the value of a house. A client will always appreciate a fully-functioning house with all the required repairs, upgrades and replacements of major systems. They might not stand out the way a purple wall might, but they are reliable and very important. Moreover if you aren't planning to sell the house in the near future, all the more reason to consolidate the structure and apply certain fixes. Indoor systems like plumbing and wiring should be properly done. In addition, you should make sure that your heating and air conditioning systems function accordingly.

2. Replace the roof

Every roof has an expiration date, and it is likely that you will have to improve yours at some point in your life, especially roofs made of asbestos. In terms of asbestos roof replacement, it isn't such a difficult process, as long as it is done correctly, and there are a few valid reasons why you should consider this option. First of all building codes say that you cannot put a second layer of shingles on top of the previous layer, and this means that you will have to strip off the current layer. Shingles which are applied over old ones don't last as long as a single-layered roof. By stripping the roof you will also get a chance to fix small problems like corroded metal, and leakages. You can also add an extra layer of ice and water barriers to better insulate the home.

3. Fix the Kitchen

Everybody knows that a beautiful kitchen is a major selling point for a home. This room is probably the best option if you want to add real value to your home. When it comes to kitchen remodels there are so many options to choose from that you can easily be sidetracked. Most people avoid remodeling the kitchen because they think that it is a huge investment. Nevertheless, if you study the market, manufacturers and trends you will see that there are a lot of affordable solutions to choose from. Replacing counter-tops, purchasing important appliances, refurbishing the cabinet hardware and floors will have a huge impact on the overall aspect of your interior.

4. Replace Windows

You should know that replacing the windows is a win-win investment. The seller will earn valuable tax earning credits, and the potential buyer will lower energy bills. The energy efficiency and Eco-friendly aspects have become very important for people nowadays, especially if you have an old house. It is actually forecasted that by 2030 all new homes will become fully sustainable. Moreover, there are many types of glass used for windows, which have special heating properties.

All in all, you have to make the most of your budget and time. It is impossible to remodel your home over night, but as long as you constantly apply changes and try to improve your home your chances of selling increase. Someone once said that your home is your castle, and a good king deserves a beautiful kingdom. 

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  1. Asbestos is a deadly silent killer. Without you realize It may hide in your properties in or in your household products.


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