Thursday, May 2, 2013

4 Things, You Must Discuss With Your Agent About Critical Illness Insurance

Health insurance can help you reducing your financial strains by paying a huge or lump sum amount as a compensation of potential loss. This plan will benefit you in case of any disability or any specific illness. When it comes to critical illness, the health insurance is applicable, when surgery or disease meets the definition defined by the policy. 

One important thing about critical illness insurance is the waiting period. If one wants to avail critical illness policy, he should know that it has waiting period for certain types of surgery & diseases. For instance, if any surgery or critical disease covered under the policy is developed or diagnosed during the waiting period, you will get no benefit.

Today, we’ll talk about 6 important things, you must discuss with your agent before investing on critical illness insurance. 

One: Ask About Age and Amount’s Limit of Insurance?

One important thing is the financial coverage offered by the company. Each company has set its own age limit of an insured person and the amount of insurance. So, the benefits of critical illness insurance may vary from company to company. So, it is better to ask the broker about the best option they can offer. 

Two: Ask About Protection Covers, Durations and Return Policy?

Ask, whether the amount of coverage is fixed or will decrease by time. Also ask about the changes in premiums in future. Ask about a term policy; this policy can give you maximum protection for short period of time within your available budget. Ask, whether they offer return of premium option, if you don’t make any claim. 

Three: Ask About the Illnesses Covered, Limitations and Exclusions?

Make sure that the policy covers all serious medical conditions, like cancer, stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, blindness, coma, deafness, speech loss, paralysis etc. There are always restrictions on policy claims, so ask how many days, the condition should persist to make you eligible for claim. Ask about the exclusions, as, normally, the contracts are updated with exclusions, like cancer diagnosis. 

Four: Ask About Premium Amounts and Affordability?

Some of the questions that usually come in the mind of a person are what are the payment criteria? Will the premium become affordable in future or remain fixed? Is there any renewal procedure? When will the health insurance policy end? What is the claim procedure? Is there any limit of claim? What is the waiting period? If I make any claim, will my future coverage and premiums be affected by it?

Final Words:

Before buying critical illness insurance, you must consider all the above queries and don't forget to ask these questions from broker. These questions will definitely help you choosing the best health insurance plan, which is the best investment in financial planning.

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