Saturday, June 8, 2013

5 Things You Can Do Each Week to Save Money

We would all like to have more money, but we generally think of it as the result of a raise or a new job. But there are many ways to increase your disposable income by saving it along the way. Then, earn even more by allowing interest to work for you.

1. Watch and Compare Sizes

You don't always get the best deal by purchasing the larger size package. If you look at the per-ounce amount on the things you buy, you might be surprised. True, in many cases buying the larger bag of something is more economical, but not always. The opposite is often true.

The 200-ounce bottle of Tide might be $3.25. But wait, the 100-ounce bottle costs only $1.50. It isn't always apparent when looking strictly at the price alone. Dig a little deeper. You could save a bit just by paying attention to the pricing. When combined with bigger savings, like you can find at Brian Ferdinand Liquid Holdings, you won't believe how much extra money you'll have in the bank.

2. Discounts

This is a great way to save money on things you need or regularly purchase. Many employers offer discounts on various items, such as fitness memberships, passes to community events, and cell phone programs. But be careful not to be duped into buying things you wouldn't normally buy just because it is discounted. Buying something you normally wouldn't because it is $20 instead of $30 just cost you $20.

3. Prescriptions and Glasses

You can save significantly by having you doctor write you a prescription for double your normal dosage. Take those pills and cut them in half. A prescription for 30 pills at 50 milligrams might cost $90. But the same prescription for 100-milligram pills will only cost around $10 more. You can see how quickly you will start saving.

Also, try purchasing your glasses online. These websites walk you through the measurements so the glasses will fit your face correctly. These glasses quite often cost a fraction of what you would pay locally for a similar pair. 

4. Coupons

Extreme couponers will buy groceries for a third the cost of their retail-shopping counterparts. But you don't have to go extreme to save money. Between mailers, coupon books, newspapers, and online options, there are many ways to save money at almost every restaurant, for almost every product, and for many services.

Online stores offer discounts using secret coupon codes found at several different sites. There are many deals and reductions available if you're willing to search a little.

5. Set Aside Money

Yes, save money by saving. This is actually a way to earn money by using the power of compounding interest. For example, if you were to take and put $20 a week (the money you save by using the tips above) into an interest bearing account at 5%, at the end of 10 years you would have $13,735. That's thousands of dollars earned by simply setting it aside and not touching it. Not a bad day's work.

There are so many ways you can save money, the secret is acting on a few and saving a little here and a little there. It adds up quickly.

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  1. These are awesome tips Dave. We are making sure we don't spend much each week or every day to save money. We use coupons too and compare products to see which one is cheaper but still got the same quality.


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