Saturday, June 8, 2013

8 Tips to Business Travel on a Budget

When business travelers are on-the-go, there are three distinct expenses: transportation, dining, and accommodations. Here are tips to reduce costs in each of those three categories during business travel.

Saving on Transportation

Your business traveler is probably used to luxury and carefree cars. However, in this economy he or she can be expected to take a more cost-effective route to meetings and conferences.

Buy a Metro Card

Rather than splurge on a rental car for the week of travel, consider getting your business person a metro or subway card. If the city is safe like DC, then there is no reason not to take public transit. You can save hundreds of dollars by choosing metro and bus passes, and that's before insurance costs!

Carpool With Co-Workers

Consider sharing the cost of a rental van with another company. Both companies could save money, and the team would get better acquainted on the way.

Accrue Those Flyer Miles

Sign up to earn frequent flyer miles on every single credit card purchase. Here are some of the things your company could earn:

Everyone needs to eat, but it doesn't have to be a negative expense. Rather than stipend all meals for your traveler, make those occasions count.

Lunch Meetings

Your traveler should schedule a lunch meeting every day of his or her trip. This can be written-off, and is substantially less expensive than dinner meetings. Also, this saves on the amount companies have to stipend to travelers, too.

Team Meals

Rather than giving the team a company credit card you could arrange an open buffet for them at their hotel. Many hotels like the Stratosphere in Las Vegas are doing this for business travelers, so that they can eat all day for a reduced cost.

Accommodations Savings for Businesses

Accommodations are the biggest budgetary black hole for travelers. However, there are a few savings tips to leverage.

Make a Deal With Management

When you book a hotel call and ask for the manager. Explain to him or her how often your company will be in town, and ask for a frequent visitor discount. Be loyal to the hotel that offers you the best 'frequent flyer' deal. You could save a hundred dollars a week or more if the hotel values your business.

Examine Hidden Fees

While one hotel might seem cheaper at first blush, you should always Google their hidden fees. Some hotels charge $25 a night for parking, while others charge $10 a day for Internet service. Find out which hotel is really cheapest with a little research, and you could save hundreds each visit.

Continental Breakfast FTW!

Your traveling team can meet every morning over the free hotel continental breakfast and save as much as $20 a person on that meal. Many hotels offer this option if you call and ask for it, even if it's not advertised.

Take the time to save money on your next business trip. It could amount to more than a thousand dollars if you are visiting an expensive city like London or New York City.

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