Thursday, July 11, 2013

Discover it for Students' Credit Card - Review Update

Discover has played a significant role in introducing students to the essentials of finance. Since the development of Discover it® for Students, it has become clear that the bank is venturing into student borrowing. Basically, the cards specifications resemble those of full-featured credit cards. 

Lets dig deep into what the bank has for students.

To begin with, no one will deny the fact that student credits cards have for a long time earned bad reputations. For instance, they are notoriously known for locking students into high- APR and low credit line accounts that have minimal benefits. Without dwelling much on the problems that college students have faced, Discover it® for Students have come to the rescue of students. 

The credit card brings an experience that will definitely add meaning to ever student's life. It matches those dream credit cards that can only be obtained once an individual has spent some time in a professional work. The card has countless benefits which can only be understood better once a student acquires the cards.

What benefits does Discover it for students have?

First of all, there is the unlimited 1% cash back rebate on the entire purchases. This enables you to pile up your rewards which are redeemable as statement credits. Redemption can also be done on That is not all, there are quarterly promotions which can boost your rebates up to 5% on all purchases in rotating categories which includes movie theatres, restaurants, gas stations, and various departmental stores.Generally, the program is meant to better the life of every college student. 

There are several good things that it has to offer. Apart from what has already been explained, you need not forget the fact Discover's web portal has other things in store for you. For instance, by booking travel plans through the web portal, you will be able to earn bigger rebates. Oh! Did I mention? Shopping online through Discover's web portal will also earn you some rebates. Definitely, you won't like to miss that.

The Discover it® for Students card cannot be compared with other credit cards. Its features are superior to several other cards that can be obtained in the market. While other student credits cards rely on benefits that expand over time, the discover it card incorporates various privileges beginning from day one. In fact, the arrangements that the bank has will make you wonder why such a bank has decided to be so nice. However, you need not question their offer. It is real and it is meant for you. Take your chance. The bank believes that you are able to run your financial life and even if you face challenges, the challenges are common to everyone since they are no attached to specific age groups.

Actually, you have every reason to embrace this new development since everything has been taken care of. In case you miss a minimum monthly payment for the first time, Discover will waive you the late penalty. In addition, your APR will not translate to a higher penalty rate. This is a unique feature that you will hardly get from other banks.

Another feature is that the card is an amazing travel companion. You will not have to crash your budget citing reasons like transaction fees and lack of merchants. The card comes with no over-limit fee and therefore you are free to spend a little more that what you have planned. The credit card also has flexible payment options. This is meant to ensure that you don't miss even a single deadline. Provided that you submit your payment in the correct date, you will not be eligible to pay late payment fees.

Other benefits

On signing up, there are other benefits that will be enjoyed. Provided that you make your first purchase within the first 3 months of opening the account, you will earn a promotional award of $20. The promotional bonus is an addition to the cash back bonus that is enjoyed on all purchases.

Simply put, the Discover it for students comes with the following benefits:

  • No annual maintenance fees 
  • No transaction charges 
  • No over-limit fees 
  • It has no APR hikes in case of late payments 
  • No late fee is charged on the first late payment.

In short, Discover it® for Students aims to smoothen and simplify the relations between card issuers and card holders.

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