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When Business Matters - Is it Better Not to Include Relatives in a Business?

I have several friends who have their own businesses. Some of these friends of mine come from really big families and it is already expected for my friends to help their relatives by giving them jobs. While I think it's a great idea to help your family, there are a few exceptions though. One of my friends complains that her nephew does nothing but slack off during working hours. My friend felt that just because they're relatives, he can just slack off and not work properly. This friend of mine has loads of problems already and she felt that if her nephew does not change his ways, she will have to fire him. And when this does happen, I'm pretty sure their relationship will get ugly in the future.

This made me think deeply. I do have plans of building my own business and there will be a time when I will have to employ some of my own relatives as a way of helping them or to save costs in employment. However, I surely don't want to experience the kind of problem that my friend had. Is there a way for business owners to not have any problems with their relatives working for them?

Recognizing their Roles

When getting relatives as an employee, they have to remember one thing; that they're working for you and that you are paying their salaries. They will have to understand that you have to work hard for their salary and that you're willing to deduct their salaries if they don't show up for work. Besides, you have a business to run and slackers are definitely not allowed in the company, even if they're relatives. The fact that you're a relative to them makes them feel that they can do whatever they want, since you'll just turn a blind eye to their mistakes. Make sure that this does not happen.

Mistakes will always be mistakes

This rule is especially true in a business setting. Whatever mistakes that an employee has committed, there should be a disciplinary action - most especially if the employee is a relative. I remember one particular story where one California car title loans employee made a mistake during work time. Of course, this particular employee is the cousin of the company owners, so she did not do anything about the problem. That is, until the owner of loan company noticed that something was wrong because of a customer complaint.

The lesson here is to make the relative/employee realize that you mean business. And business needs utter dedication and hard work. Period.

Recognition goes a long way

Recognizing your employees for a good job done is one way of thanking them for working their hardest. Some managers or business owners no longer appreciate their working relatives because of the fact that they are expected to work properly. This makes them feel under appreciated and will start slacking off.

While it's incredibly hard to become a good manager and a good family relative, you will have to learn that while having a good relationship with either a nephew, a niece, a brother, a sister, or a relative is important, your business should always come first. It will be unfair to the rest of your workforce, especially if they're the ones working the hardest.

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