Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rediscovering Yourself As An Accountant? Here Are 12 Resources To Get Your Business Up And Running

Switching careers is no small feat, and when setting up business as an accountant, it's vital handle projects like creating a website, looking into marketing, and joining professional associations. Remaining prepared and knowledgeable about being an accountant in the digital world is easier with a look at the following resources.

List Updated for 2018

1. Accounting Today: Keep up with the changes impacting the accounting world by reading valuable articles and news from this busy source of accounting information. This website offers a host of topics directly and tangentially related to accounting for a very well-rounded view of the industry.

2. Accounting Web: Another great way to keep up with industry trends and information is Accounting Web. This website covers many facets of accounting including new changes in the tax code and legal rulings around the United States that impact accountants, taxes, and everything related to keeping the books.

3. Accounting.com: This website is a vast resource for accountants who are new to the industry and need to start looking for clients and work. It costs nothing to post a resume as a job seeker and the website also offers many job listings for consideration. Seeking alliances and partnerships with other accountants may offer some benefit when a person is new to the industry.

4. U.S. Small Business Administration: The Small Business Administration of the United States government offers incredible resources, funding, and assistance to individuals and groups setting up a small business. For new accountants looking to start a business, this government website offers a wealth of valuable information. One of the most beneficial aspects of this resource is the potential for local connections with other small businesses in the area.

5. ClientWhys.com: In today's business world, a well-crafted website that offers social media sharing, helpful content, and a simple way to communicate with clients is a must. ClientWhys offers a terrific option for responsive web design and helps to ensure that an accountant's time spent on the internet is efficient and results in growth of clientele and reputation.

6. Rutgers Accounting Web: Stay up to date on what the "Big 5" accounting firms are doing, and learn about symposiums and other meetings designed for accounting and tax professionals. This website also offers some excellent options for continuing education as an accountant.

7. The American Accounting Association: Membership in official organizations is essential for any professional, and this is definitely true for individuals working in accounting. Many of the state certifications required to work as an accountant are handled through tests offered by national and state accounting associations, so it's important to start learning about these associations early.

8. American Institute of CPAs: For anyone interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant, seeking membership within the American Institute of CPAs is a great way to investigate all that the AICPA has to offer. The AICPA also has some valuable budgeting tools that new accountants may find helpful.

9. Accounting Degrees OnlineThere are literally thousands of search websites on the Internet. But, where should you look for accounting education and degrees? This website has a considerable database of accounting programs and helpful information to help you decide.

10. FIU Corporate MBA Online: A CMBA from Florida International University (FlU) enables you to reach ultimate career goals, whether you seek the role of a key corporate executive or a successful business owner.

Best Online Accounting Degree Programs 2018: Online schooling programs are becoming more and more accessible, providing students great flexibility in earning a degree. The ability to access schoolwork and classes online whenever schedules permit, allows students to earn an income or to juggle a family while still going to school.

12. Grantham University - Accounting Bachelor of Science: Prepare for a career in accounting, auditing or related financial field with an online Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Grantham University. This IACBE-accredited online Accounting degree program will give you the theories, principles, practices and skills you need to take your career to the next level.

Finding success when starting an accounting business requires much awareness and research regarding current accounting trends. No longer is it sufficient for an accountant to have a listing in the Yellow Pages and expect that clientele will grow based upon that single line in a phone book. Today's smart accountants must utilize all that the internet, government, and national associations have to offer.


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