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Invest on Something Big: Aviators’ Guide to Spending a Meaningful Retirement

Retirement. To some, it is something to dread because it means to sever themselves from their everyday duties and habits. But to many, it is fulfillment. Consider it the prize of your hard work. It’s time for you to enjoy the fruits of your long years of uphill battle.

Finally, you are ready to hang up your boots. You have done enough flying and have seen almost every corner of the globe. And upon checking on your coffer, you have enough to survive the rainy days ahead. Besides, you are entitled to pension benefits that will help boost your finances. Now, you will no longer worry about ETD or ETA and the possible risks of your critical missions and flights. The only thing that you are going to think about and hammer away is how to save, invest and enjoy your retirement.

A lot of retirees would like to spend their retirement basking under the sun on white sandy shores, travel around the world, meet different people, taste different cuisines, and discover new cultures. That’s wonderful! But eventually, they waste their money without any investment. That’s awful. Now, you have to make a concrete plan. Consider incorporating the following ideas into your plan and surely, your retirement will not only be fun and exciting, but fulfilling and meaningful as well.

Buy a plane

Flying is your passion. You can’t get that desire to fly out from your system, and even when you retire, you will ache for it. This may sound expensive for you. But having your own aircraft is the best reward you can give to yourself. This is not wasting of money, but putting your money into something important and useful to your financial exploit ahead. Having a plane means having the medium to do big business in different places. At the same time, you will be making beautiful memories and enjoying the thing you love most.

Invest on something big

Aside from buying a plane, invest on something remunerative. You have already mastered how to Trade-A-Plane, so why not do something along that line? Open a shop showcasing aircraft-related products. Or, start a flight training school to fire up your interest. Consider preserving your passion without losing your coffer to expendable ventures. You must enjoy all things about aviation and keep your wealth safe at the same time.

Go on a promotional cruise

Try something new and refreshing. You are now your own boss and you are free to go anywhere you like. Check out the best cruising promotion available and go on an memorable adventure. Cruising is something you will surely find interesting and enjoyable. See the world in a different perspective, in an expedition that will take you to some of the world’s most magnificent islands where various cultures and lifestyles meet. This could mean finding business opportunities too.

retirement (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Travel to the most beautiful cities in the world

Expand your financial network. Why not enjoy an enchanting walk in Venice? The romantic air of Paris could be life-changing. Or, try discovering something new in Prague. In these places, great and productive entrepreneurs exist. Discover new business insights and fresh ideas you could use to help you put your money on. Besides, there are so many things to see in these cities and you will surely treasure your finds. This time, you will not be flying to these cities on a mission, but as a retired aviator who deserves spending a valuable time in the best places in the world.

Enjoy a cup of coffee

Treat yourself to a soothing cup of coffee and enjoying the magnificent sunrise while tracking the flow of your money and the fruits of your investment. Or, you can enjoy it with your wife or partner while planning on how and where to spend your next adventure together to make your retirement more meaningful and purposeful.

Brandon Peters is an entrepreneur, foodie, writer, and aviation enthusiast. He enjoys few things better than a good takeoff and he loves to check out on Trade-A-Plane.

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