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Save Heating Costs by Using the Sun

English: Solar panel installation at an inform...
English: Solar panel installation at an information center adjacent to Ă–gii Lake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Heating costs are soaring these days due to the increasing costs of fuel. What if you could reduce those costs easily by simply adding a glass conservatory and creating a means to funnel that built up heat from the glass encased room to the other parts of the home. You can harness the natural power of the sun with technology.

Add Solar Panels to the roof

You may want to consider adding solar panels to roof of the glass extension to store heat to be used later on cloud covered days. These solar panels can then be channelled to the rest of the house as a source of heating energy. Why pay for natural gas to heat your home when the sun can provide ample energy in solar panels?

Use open space between your garden room and the rest of the home

The garden addition to your home need not be blocked off to the rest of the home with walls or heavy doors. You can use the heat from that room to heat the other nearby rooms. Another way to use the heat from the glass room is to have glass walls between the conservatory and the rest of the home. Look into manufacturers who make double glazed glass that will use the heat of the sun more efficiently. 

Consider using Argon Gas windows

Some manufacturers build double or triple paned glass windows or walls that have argon gas between the panes that will help the plant life within your garden get a steady source of heat. They can also be used to provide renewable heating for the rest of the home.

You can enjoy the beauty of a garden full of flowers and other vegetation and gain the added advantage of using the sun’s wonderful rays to heat your home with a little forethought and careful planning. When you plan your addition study the way the light plays on the part of the home where you want to add a garden. Make sure that there will be ample lighting for the plants. Check the climate information to learn the average number of days with full-on sun in your area. You want to gain as much advantage from the sun as possible to heat your garden and your home.

Isn’t it amazing how improvements in technology have helped us gain power from the sun in our lives? Learn how you can harness nature to heat your home.

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