Sunday, September 1, 2013

Managing a Mortgage: Tips for the Big Payments in Life

A mortgage is a large commitment for any family. It is important to manage a mortgage and the money in the household responsibly. This will help when attempting to finance other large purchases in future. Several tips will help families to manage a mortgage, and prepare for other big payments in the future. 

Create a Detailed Budget

The most important part of managing a mortgage and preparing for other large purchases is to create a detailed budget. The budget should include everyday expenses like groceries, and gas and utility payments. It should also include taxes, financing fees, and savings for an emergency fund. A detailed budget allows the family to see the exact state of finances at any given point, and it can indicate when it is necessary to cut back on spending before debt grows out of control. One household budget also helps to save for future purchases.

Pay Down Principal If Possible

The principal on a mortgage or any loan is the amount borrowed without interest. The amortization of many mortgages sees homeowners paying large amounts of interest for years before the principal starts to drop significantly. Homeowners should attempt to make additional payments each month to reduce the principal only. This actually lowers the total amount of interest that has to be paid over time. It also shortens the term of the loan.

Avoid Late or Missed Payments

It is important to avoid late or missed payments on a mortgage or any loan. Late payments can negatively affect credit, making it harder to finance other large purchases like a car. They can even incur fees from lenders that increase the amount of money owed each month. One way to avoid this is through a short-term loan. Dallas short term loans provide a fast way to make mortgage payments if there is an emergency, or if a paycheck is late. The short-term loan can prevent a bank from ruining personal credit, and can also help to avoid costly fees from mortgage lenders.


Families who are consistently having trouble making mortgage or other loan payments will want to look at refinancing. Refinancing has the potential to lower monthly costs for the remainder of the mortgage. The drawback is that the overall amount of money paid to the bank increases and could come with extra fees. Refinancing can help if the mortgage seems unsustainable.

Anyone managing a mortgage or other expense should make every effort to stay in communication with the lender. Communicating regularly and staying informed about the state of the mortgage is an essential part of management. A good relationship with the lender could help if problems occur in the future.

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