Friday, September 13, 2013

Benefits of a Cloud Based Phone System

Cloud based phone system is a new technology that enables phone services to be delivered via the internet. The key role of the system is the ability to deliver calls through the internet, route inbound call to the right employees within a company, and offer telephony applications, such as voicemail and call recording. It provides the best features and reliable services. This system stores data in a safe server which can be access via the internet. It replaces conventional land lines. BroadConnect Telecom is an example of Companies that offer cloud based phone system services. 

Benefits of cloud based phone system

Saves costs
The system is cheaper compared to conventional land lines. The system does not need costly hardware such as servers that depreciate with time. You only have to subscribe to a program with monthly or annual fee. This offers your company financial flexibility.

Easy set-up
It does not require wire routing therefore easy to set up and operate. You don’t need dedicated manpower. This involves hiring people whose sole purpose is to administer the hardware and the system. Company owner can be able to manage the cloud phone system using a friendly web interface. This provides you more power over how your employees communicates. 

It is simple to expand or reduce communication features. You can be able to delete virtual extensions with just a click on your account. There is no need for new wiring or shifting office furniture. If you intend to open another office at a different location, you won’t buy a new system. The service is able to join different offices under one system.

Saves time
Conventional business phone systems require high maintenance and intense set up processes. With a cloud based system you skip all those procedures and save time

Advanced features

Clouds phone system provides advanced features such as the capacity to add several extensions,call forwarding, voicemail  message management, voicemail and different phone alternatives. You can be able to record voicemail messages, set up several voicemails, or read voicemails online.

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