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Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Is a Company's Brand so Important?

In the fast paced technological world of business, it is essential that your company understand the necessity for establishing a brand. You may be asking yourself "why is having a brand so important to the success of your business?".

In reality, a brand is what encompasses nearly every aspect of your business from your name, logo, and website to how you communicate your products and services. In short, it's what your company represents to your current and future customers.

Developing your company brand will necessitate participation from all segments of your company’s operation. One of the more effective ways to insure total cooperation is to develop a corporate incentive program to reward benchmarks achieved in your branding campaign.

Brand Image Creation

Gone are the days when a company could simply rely upon a TV commercial or a radio advertisement to simply showcase their product or service. The standard now is full scale exposure on social media and a company’s website. Update your website so that customers will have access to blogs that supply information on products and services that they want more information on.

Unleash Social Media

If your company is not involved in social media, then you are seriously handicapping your company’s growth and missing out on countless opportunities to expand your client or customer base. Downsize your company’s print and TV/radio advertising campaign and use Twitter and Facebook to reach more prospective clients in local and national markets. With Twitter alone, you can build the brand and image so that readers will follow updates in product or service and take part in an ongoing corporate incentive program that showcases seasonal deals or coupons.

Facebook is another brand development vehicle that must not be overlooked. By posting new services/products and inviting readers to “Like” you on your Facebook page, each Facebook friend will automatically receive all of your special deals and updates and posts. More importantly, they can link directly to your website as well.

Create Emotional Effectiveness

For the 21st Century customer, their whole experience is developed and even lived through interactions on the internet. This means that they will likely never walk into your business before they see your website or Facebook or Twitter page. This means you have to use your brand to allow them to feel and even visualize in a positive way who you are. So again, employees participating in community programs for the needy should be showcased on your social media pages as well as on your website.

Employees love being portrayed in a positive light and it is a great corporate incentive program for building terrific company morale. Remember, a brand is an image as well as a feeling that is imprinting on a prospective customer one click at a time.

Brand Recognition

You have succeeded when your company's brand is viewed as unique and has created a steady flow of attention to your website and social media pages. Improve your company’s valued place in the market by creating your brand as soon as you can.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Latest Trends in the Corporate Sector

The world is changing at a fast pace and so is changing the face of the corporate sector, or at least in the way we know it. In the recent times, professionals have developed a different kind of mind set, than they had few decades ago. With the emergence of more number of professionally managed big and small businesses, the competition has also become tougher. Businesses have incorporated many changes within themselves, to survive and excel in this competition. The current times has seen certain trends affecting the business world today. These trends are basically a result of the changes occurring in the world outside, and the businesses trying to adapt themselves to these changes. This article discusses the latest trends seen by business today.

Growth of women power: The women-owned businesses have increased by about 54% in the last 15 years. When the world was hit by recession in 2008, a more number of men lost their jobs as compared to women. The reason behind this is that women possess the positions based on knowledge and have been capable of adapting themselves. Many women went for getting new degrees to get placed in new industries. This pace needs to be sustained in the new economy for having holistic development.

Growth in number of entrepreneurs: More and more young people, especially MBAs, are going for starting their own business, rather than working for large companies. Entrepreneurship has the potential to create opportunities for employment for the millions of employable resources of our economy.

Blue Ocean Strategies: A large number of companies are using blue ocean strategies to figure out growing needs in the ever changing global market. This occurs in diverse industries like construction, financial services and hydration system manufacturing. This further helps in the branding of the business.

Extinction of the middleman: The role of distributors and middlemen is changing rapidly, irrespective of the industry. The reason behind this is the change in the supply chain and business model of companies. These changes can be attributed to the growing e-commerce and the transformation of the buying process of end-users, in both B2B and B2C companies.

Change of culture: There is a serious need for the change in the culture of professionally managed multi national organizations. This may mean improvement in quality or engagement of employees. Culture change is also needed in K-12 schools. This will impact the overall welfare and nursing development for the hospitalized.

The market of sustainability: The companies creating energy efficient and new methods of carrying out things would fit well to this group. In the recent times, if a roof is old, the momentum has shifted to addition of roofs, instead of roof replacement, as it reduces usage of energy. The sustainability directors need the help of efficient home builders in today’s market.

Outsourcing: Too much of the non core activities were being managed by firms earlier. Today, it has been recognized that the non-core business processes can be outsourced so that firms can focus on their core competencies.

In conclusion, these are the trends affecting business in the current year. The business today has certain positive as well as negative aspects. The business owners have to tactfully deal with the negative aspects, to promote overall economic development. The changing times and advancement in science and technology, has resulted in many changes in the world of business. The business today is ruled by certain trends.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making it Work: How a Small Business Can Become Bigger

Most small business owners dream of expanding their business and turning their small business into a big one. However, dreams alone won’t transform your company. Business owners need to take action to continue to grow their business and to be ready when an opportunity presents itself to expand. Here are some tips to try when creating more growth in your business. 

Organic Growth

Most businesses will grow naturally over time due to marketing and advertising efforts reaching new customers and existing customers, and by spreading the word about the business. This organic growth is important, as some existing customers will leave over time for a variety of reasons. This means that a business that is not expanding its customer base continually, will not only fail to expand, but it will actually contract. Business owners need to carefully balance their time between maintaining existing customers, and reaching new ones in order to allow a business to grow over time. 

Financial Stability

For a business to grow, it must be financially stable. Though this can be a difficult task in the first few years that a business is in operation, even the youngest business can begin to build financial strength. A small cash reserve is a great place for a small business to start. This reserve can start small, and grow over time to meet any emergency expenses that a business may face. In addition, a business should foster relationships with financial institutions and other lenders. By having both cash and credit available, a business can confidently grow through the expansion of operations and the acquisition of competitors. 

Modern Technology

In many ways, modern technology has revolutionized small business. While a business can still benefit from the services of professionals, many tasks that business owners had to hire out in the past can be performed in-house. For example, business owners may choose to design and operate their own website to conduct business online. Products such as Domo BI dashbaords can help a business owner and other key employees to have fast access to important business measurements. This will aid in efficiently running the business. By using current technology, a business can work more efficiently and with a higher level of profitability. Find out more about new technologies and try to use each one to the company's advantage. Find out who common customers are and what type of advertising they will respond to. Where the ads are online will matter in how well the are received. Creating more customers through advertising is an age old method and will guarantee business growth.

While there is more to growing a business than fostering organic growth, building financial stability and using the best technology, these are three important areas for a business owner to focus. By working to grow a business, and being prepared for expansion, a business owner can position his or her small business for big things in the future. This ways you can be sure your company will grow in the right ways and become bigger than ever.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Market Know-How: Five Musts When Self-Marketing Your New Business

Creating an effective marketing force is one of the biggest struggles new businesses face. Nonetheless, marketing takes more than a little creativity and a small amount of ingenuity. Being creative and actively seeking new methods to reach people are key when it comes to self-marketing your business. Take a little advice and become a marketing guru by employing these five tips to kick off your self-marketing campaign. 

1. Offer an Incentive

Everyone likes free stuff. Consider featuring a special promotion, contest, or freebie that features a small giveaway to your customers. Delivering an effective incentive to customers will increase your foot traffic, boost your sales and heighten the overall awareness of your company’s opening. Whether it’s a 10% discount for shopping on a certain day, a free sample of your company’s special product or a gift card to use on a later date, the giveaway strategy is a great way to get even more.

2. Host a Demonstration

People don’t buy things that they can’t see. Remember this as you market your product. The best way to increase your revenue is to make sure people see your product. Consider setting up a booth at a local event to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product, or simply have a table set up where customers can manipulate the product themselves.

3. Highlight Your Business and Staff

People naturally follow the direction of others, and they appreciate positivity. Consider using custom map calendars or custom desk calendars to highlight the aspects, products, placement, and people of your business venture. You can offer these as complimentary gifts or as possible incentives. Regardless, using this method helps customers see who and what you are about, which leads to better sales.

4. Invite Testimonials

One of the most effective ways to market your personal business is to share testimonials from other satisfied customers. These statements serve as a quick endorsement for both your company and your product. Ask existing customers to write or record a brief testimonial or consider writing down testimonials as part of a demonstration endeavor. Someone tries the product, loves it, and gives a testimonial outright, which will give new customers that confidence they might need to try your product.

5. Create Empathy

A great way to market your small business is by establishing empathy with customers. One of the most beneficial ways to create this common bond is by participating in and sharing a common goal or effort. Consider sponsoring a school supply or canned food drive. By investing in the local community, the individuals of the community are more likely to invest in your company and product.

Self-marketing your business isn't necessarily easy, but making an effort to get your name on the market takes little more than a bit of creativity and hard work.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

4 Advantages of Outsourcing Your Payroll Services

Outsourcing your payroll duties in the UK has become an easy task that can be handled by qualified professionals who use the latest technology. Thankfully, there are plenty of accountants out there who can help you get the service you need from the comfort of your own home or office. This is a great way to save money and use your own free time to grow your business or launch new products and services for your client base. With that in mind, let’s take a look at just a few of the advantages of working with a quality payroll service provider.

The payroll service professionals at Berkeley Hamilton can handle all of your payroll needs quickly and efficiently

  • You’ll save money. Because you will be able to allow the professionals to use the current software and technology that they have available in their office, you won’t have to spend money to make this available to your office staff. You can also free up employees who customarily perform this task on site for other duties to make your company even more efficient.
  • You’ll receive quality services and work with courteous professionals. The professionals will provide services for you that are error-free and that you can depend on for reliability. If you have a team working on your behalf, you can trust their work with confidence and enjoy peace of mind on payday.
  • You can take advantage of their experience and skills. If you outsource your payroll duties, you will be taking full advantage of the experience that they have garnered over the years and the skills with which they perform accounting procedures. They will be up to date with all of the laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to tax issues so that your company will be in compliance at all times.
  • Your deadlines will be met efficiently. When professionals who are committed to performing a first-class job for you are hired, you will receive payrolls that are acceptable to your employees and that promote job satisfaction amongst your staff. They will be flexible and change according to your individual needs and free you up to concentrate on tasks that require immediate attention. You will see overall productivity rise when pay cheques arrive on time and without errors. 
You can find exceptional payroll services around the UK that can fully manage all of your payroll needs from start to finish. The firm Berkeley Hamilton is an excellent example of the professionalism that you will receive from experienced specialists who are committed to excellence, working diligently on your behalf, and providing you with work of which you can be proud. You can finally be stress-free when reports are due and pay cheques are to be distributed. Instead, you can work to grow your company and reach the goals and objectives that you have set in place. Be sure to select your payroll service team with care so that you can enjoy all of the benefits that they have in store for you.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Benefits of a Cloud Based Phone System

Cloud based phone system is a new technology that enables phone services to be delivered via the internet. The key role of the system is the ability to deliver calls through the internet, route inbound call to the right employees within a company, and offer telephony applications, such as voicemail and call recording. It provides the best features and reliable services. This system stores data in a safe server which can be access via the internet. It replaces conventional land lines. BroadConnect Telecom is an example of Companies that offer cloud based phone system services. 

Benefits of cloud based phone system

Saves costs
The system is cheaper compared to conventional land lines. The system does not need costly hardware such as servers that depreciate with time. You only have to subscribe to a program with monthly or annual fee. This offers your company financial flexibility.

Easy set-up
It does not require wire routing therefore easy to set up and operate. You don’t need dedicated manpower. This involves hiring people whose sole purpose is to administer the hardware and the system. Company owner can be able to manage the cloud phone system using a friendly web interface. This provides you more power over how your employees communicates. 

It is simple to expand or reduce communication features. You can be able to delete virtual extensions with just a click on your account. There is no need for new wiring or shifting office furniture. If you intend to open another office at a different location, you won’t buy a new system. The service is able to join different offices under one system.

Saves time
Conventional business phone systems require high maintenance and intense set up processes. With a cloud based system you skip all those procedures and save time

Advanced features

Clouds phone system provides advanced features such as the capacity to add several extensions,call forwarding, voicemail  message management, voicemail and different phone alternatives. You can be able to record voicemail messages, set up several voicemails, or read voicemails online.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3 Clever Ways to Make Your Business Look Large and In Charge

Business Sign X
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There are many good reasons why you may want your business to look larger than it actually is and if you can manage to pull off this trick, you will probably be able to gain extra turnover through increased sales activity. Here are some ideas on how to achieve this goal. 

Consistent Branding 

The main aspect that you will notice with larger companies and especially multi-nationals is that they have very solid brand strategies. Consistent branding means that customers instantly recognize your logo and what the business does or what it stands for. You can copy that winning formula by ensuring that your logo, typefaces, fonts and brand colors are all consistent wherever your company name is visible. Using signage at your business premises is a great way of re-enforcing that message and brand image. Apple HQ uses a symbolic giant apple attached to the side of their building and you can follow that same principle of instantly making your company look larger and more professional by using consistent brand signage and even creating a logo that is visible on your building as well as on any company vehicles, marketing material etc. 

Digital Signage 

Using digital signage is not as expensive as many people think it is going to be and it is a great way of conveying a message to your customers who are on your business premises, whether it is a retail store or a trade warehouse. Using a digital sign means that you can change your message as often as you want to without having to print up new posters each time and it is a professional looking system that will tell your customers that you want their business and enable you to promote any special offers or limited time deals as well as conveying any standard message that you may want to get across. They are also very useful in enhancing your brand image by incorporating a log in the message and display whilst generally creating the impression that you are larger and more professional business who have thought about how to communicate in a modern way with their customers. 

Getting your Signage Right 

Every business large or small has a budget to work to, but if you are a small business competing against larger organizations you want the opportunity to compete on a level playing field whenever you can, and using signage in the right way is a great way of achieving this. First impressions count for so much and having a sign outside your business that is poorly designed, too small or simply fails to grab attention, then it is probably serving no viable marketing purpose other than telling people where you are. If you are going to advertise your business to the public try to work on getting your business noticed. A large but well proportioned sign with a professional looking logo and even a strong slogan or marketing message will count for a lot when you are seeking to make that all important first impression. Get you signage right and you will encourage customers to come to you and it will carry a strong message that you are in charge of your own destiny and want to give a good customer experience to anyone that walks through the door.

Scott Quinlan is a business branding consultant. His articles mainly appear on business and marketing blogs where he enjoys passing on his knowledge on the subject. Visit ImpactSigns to get more ideas for your business. 

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