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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Market Know-How: Five Musts When Self-Marketing Your New Business

Creating an effective marketing force is one of the biggest struggles new businesses face. Nonetheless, marketing takes more than a little creativity and a small amount of ingenuity. Being creative and actively seeking new methods to reach people are key when it comes to self-marketing your business. Take a little advice and become a marketing guru by employing these five tips to kick off your self-marketing campaign. 

1. Offer an Incentive

Everyone likes free stuff. Consider featuring a special promotion, contest, or freebie that features a small giveaway to your customers. Delivering an effective incentive to customers will increase your foot traffic, boost your sales and heighten the overall awareness of your company’s opening. Whether it’s a 10% discount for shopping on a certain day, a free sample of your company’s special product or a gift card to use on a later date, the giveaway strategy is a great way to get even more.

2. Host a Demonstration

People don’t buy things that they can’t see. Remember this as you market your product. The best way to increase your revenue is to make sure people see your product. Consider setting up a booth at a local event to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product, or simply have a table set up where customers can manipulate the product themselves.

3. Highlight Your Business and Staff

People naturally follow the direction of others, and they appreciate positivity. Consider using custom map calendars or custom desk calendars to highlight the aspects, products, placement, and people of your business venture. You can offer these as complimentary gifts or as possible incentives. Regardless, using this method helps customers see who and what you are about, which leads to better sales.

4. Invite Testimonials

One of the most effective ways to market your personal business is to share testimonials from other satisfied customers. These statements serve as a quick endorsement for both your company and your product. Ask existing customers to write or record a brief testimonial or consider writing down testimonials as part of a demonstration endeavor. Someone tries the product, loves it, and gives a testimonial outright, which will give new customers that confidence they might need to try your product.

5. Create Empathy

A great way to market your small business is by establishing empathy with customers. One of the most beneficial ways to create this common bond is by participating in and sharing a common goal or effort. Consider sponsoring a school supply or canned food drive. By investing in the local community, the individuals of the community are more likely to invest in your company and product.

Self-marketing your business isn't necessarily easy, but making an effort to get your name on the market takes little more than a bit of creativity and hard work.

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