Monday, September 2, 2013

Evaluating Structured Settlement Offers

Structured settlements are a monthly or weekly payment that is given to those after a settlement by an insurance company. These payments guarantee an income over the life of the contract. However, this type of settlement does not work for everyone and many decide to sell their settlements in return for a lump sum. Shopping around for the best deal is always advised, but how do you choose the best buyout offer?

Will the buyout alleviate your financial problem?

The reason behind many selling structured settlements is due to financial necessity such as; paying off credit cards, debt, college fees or a mortgage. It is important to remember however that you will always make a loss on the amount received, as the lump sum will be lower than the overall amount due and is subject to federal and state tax. So it is worth considering how much money you need? Will the money received cover and address these needs? If unsure, consult a structured settlement payment calculator which will help you decide if it is worth selling your settlement or looking for another option.

Furthermore, can you navigate your financial future without the payments from your structured settlement? If you depend on your monthly income to maintain financial security, it may be too valuable to sacrifice as cash. Look at your current expenses to determine your reliability on the current regular payments before agreeing to a payout. Your financial future is important and should be carefully guarded!

Do you understand the buyout agreement?

Selling your structured settlements is not a complicated process, however, there is certain terminology which is used that you should familiarize yourself with and make sure that you understand. Reviewing the details of your agreement with the financial buyers is advised and if you are unsure, do not hesitate to ask questions or consult an attorney for clarification. After all, it is your money and you should feel totally comfortable with the process before signing the dotted line. 

Do you feel bullied?

This touches on the last point, but taking your time really is key when evaluating buyout offers. If the company you contact tries to rush you in to a decision or you feel pressured in to accepting the cash for structured settlements, say no. Such tactics are known as a ‘hard sell’ and are common among the more unscrupulous structured settlement payment buyers. Do not let yourself get pressured or bullied in to making a hasty decision. Take your time to carefully consider all your options.

Are you dealing with a trustworthy company?

Take the time to do your homework and thoroughly research the company that makes you an offer. The first place to always check is the Better Business Bureau which has a directory of all the registered companies. Do not just check they are registered; look at their reviews and ratings too. Do they have any complaints? Are they reputable? Many companies have been known to offer higher-than-expected amount of money to customers and have later failed to honor their agreement. It is worth checking for these problems before moving forward and signing the agreement. You wouldn’t hand a total stranger your wallet, so why would you hand over your money to a company you know nothing about?

Author Biography
Mark Long is a reputable and well-respected financial advisor who specialises in selling structured settlements and annuity. He has recently partnered with an online finance website to provide advice for those looking to receive cash for structured settlements.

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  1. This is a great post about structured settlements. I've been thinking about selling mine to help me pay for college next semester. Do you have any suggestions in regards to reputable companies? So far jg wentworth seems like a trustworthy company to me.


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