Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Luxury Products that Make Affordable Gifts for the Holidays

Purchasing luxury products as holiday gifts will get you a lot of praise and thanks. Luxury gifts don't have to be expensive; they can still exhibit the signs of luxury without breaking the bank. Here are five luxury products that are affordable, useful and perfect gifts for the holiday season.

For The Person Who Loves To Cook: A Himalayan Salt Slab

Salt slabs are a perfect gift for foodies. These salt slabs are crafted from solid bricks of Himalayan salt, which is full of magnesium, iron, potassium and other nutrients that your body needs. When you cook using one of these slabs, the salt and nutrients are leeched into your vegetables or meats. It's the perfect component for cooking and baking. It's a luxury product, but you can score a nice one for under 50 dollars.

For The Person Who Shaves Often: Shaving Equipment

Quality shaving gear is important. Without proper shaving pieces, your face and body can suffer from micro tears and cuts caused by cheap razors and shaving creams. Luxury shaving accessories aren't cheap, but they are an investment. The Art Of Shaving makes these products more affordable than you would think. By making an investment in quality shaving equipment, you can avoid the constant expense that is associated with replacing disposable razors and other cheap products. These quality items can also help to prevent serious skin problems.

For The Tech Geek: iPad Folio

A luxurious and designer iPad folio is the perfect gift for the tech geek in your life. A nice case for their iPad or other tablet brand can be the ideal gift you can give to your loved ones or friends for the holidays. Designer companies often come out with cases around the holidays, which makes it so that you can purchase the latest designs and styles when you truly need them. This means that you can get your techie something that is useful, but that also keeps them current with the latest fashions and looks.

For The Old-Fashioned Writer: A Moleskin And Fountain Pen

A Moleskin and fountain pen are all the traditional writer needs. These perfect gifts are luxurious, beautiful and ideal for the person who loves to write. This gift is not one that will be forgotten any time soon, and it is sure to be well loved and used for a long time to come. Both of these things will also help to preserve the work of the writer, making sure that generations will be able to read the text that they wrote.

For The Fashionista: A Silk Scarf

A luxurious and silk-blend scarf is a perfect holiday gift that will not only keep the recipient warm during the winter, but it will also keep them looking fashionable. Silk is a luxury, and it's one of those gifts that simply cannot be turned down. It's perfect for the holidays, and it's a worthwhile investment. To avoid returns, choose a solid color like black or navy, since both of these colors will be able to match with the style of just about anyone.

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