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Monday, January 31, 2022

How To Read Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews are a big part of any online shopping experience. This is because many people use Amazon as their first stop for buying anything online, and they rely on these reviews to help them make a decision about whether or not to buy something.

Amazon Reviews

The problem is that these reviews can be very misleading, and this is because they are written by other people who have purchased the product, so naturally, they will give it good reviews.

However, this doesn't mean that all reviews are bad. Some of them can actually be helpful in helping you decide which products are worth buying.

Read Reviews Before a Purchase

For example, if you are considering buying a certain product but you aren't sure if it's going to work for you, you should check out some of the reviews before you make your purchase. 

If you see a lot of negative reviews, then you might want to think twice about purchasing the product, because you may end up with something that doesn't work for you at all. 

On the other hand, if you see a lot of positive reviews, then you should know that the product is likely to work just fine for you.

There are also some products that are sold by companies that only have positive reviews, and this is because they pay people to write positive reviews. 

These reviews are generally posted by people who are happy with the product, so they are more than willing to post them. The fact that these reviews are posted by people who are happy makes them even more reliable.

If you are planning on buying a product online, you should take the time to read through some of the reviews before you do so. This way, you can make sure that you are getting the best possible deal.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Reduce your Home Makeover Bill by 30% Using the Newly Launched Zoutons Coupon App

The Delhi based coupon aggregation website, Zoutons, is all set to launch its Android app for the convenience of its users. This introduction of the mobile app is going to storm the market as it is aiming to make the online shopping a much more affordable yet efficient task. Keeping the concept intact, the website focuses on representing several coupons and offers compiled together on a single platform.

Aim and Vision

Launched in 2013, this coupon website was started by Mr. Sahil Chalana. Currently it is dealing with around 175 leading online stores where it has segregated coupons and offers from top 75 (approx.) categories. 

The users can easily find sale-oriented offers, bank offers, wallet offers and a lot more to choose from differentiated sections like clothing, accessories, mobiles, electronics etc.

The website has managed to compile around 500 online pan-India brands and approximately 45 banks under one roof. The launch of mobile application is going to help the users access distinct offers, be it on clothing or home décor items or anything else; from best online stores. 

Two things make Zoutons stand tall in the online market- customer satisfaction and betterment of shopping. Across the internet, coupon websites like Zoutons have laid down the embodiment of saviours as the mutual focus is implied on offering best discounts & cashbacks on each and every category or section. 

According to the sources, 100k+ app installations are kept as a target to enhance the website traffic. Herein, one can explore schemes, deals and coupons on most preferred online stores like Amazon, Bookmyshow, Paytm, Flipkart, Shopclues, Pharmeasy, Makemytrip and a lot more in order to save to a greater extent on services like recharges, ticket booking etc.

How Zoutons helps you reduce your home décor items bill by 30%?

There are more than 50 offers under each store and category, bifurcated for both new and existing users. This facilitates the access to explore the clothing category for coupons rendering more than 70% discounts or make orders of your home decor with upto 30% cashbacks instantly. 

Extracted deals, coupons & offers from leading stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc. providing 30% discounts or maximum cashbacks of Rs.350/- are collectively listed subject to be availed with just a few clicks.

Forget about rushing towards the laptop or opening your browser every time you want to explore the ongoing offers and coupons because this app is going to flush down your unnecessary actions. 

Zoutons android app is a user friendly mobile app which can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and Apple Appstore for free. It is embedded with a completely minimalized UI with personalised listing of offers from all the popular stores.

Apart from this, there are special services that ponders more and more installations. Foremost feature of the application is that it takes up very less space in the device. The size of the application in only 2.7MB, minimising any kind of storage hinderances. 

One can personalise the display of coupons & offers as it gets organized according to the user preferences. Moreover, the news feed on the home page gets updated with the change in the search history, making the scrolling and selecting easy. 

Also, the in-built Night Mode of the app ensures that the user is able to access each and every section without any kind of stress on the eyes. 

Zoutons Android App

With the app, users can stay updated about all the latest deals, sales and offers across the leading online stores. The app notifications require to be enabled which regulates timely updates. 

This, consequently, ensures that no offer, sale goes unnoticed. Besides this, Zoutons newsletter is another plus point in keeping the users aware about ongoing and upcoming sales and deals. Every user can subscribe to the newsletter and become a member for instant mails & pings auto-generated for all users.

The Zoutons app is a free android application which can be downloaded from the playstore and takes just 2.7MB space in Internal storage of the device. With the recent rise in digital services and online marketing, this can be a highly benefiting step for the team in making a stronger mark on e-commerce platform. 

As per their tagline, “The Loot is On”, the app makes sure that each and every user gets benefitted with the literal LOOT with remarkable offers.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Smart Finance: 6 Things to Consider Before Making a Major Purchase

It isn't every day that you spend $30,000 for a new car or $300,000 on a new home. Even spending $500 on a new water heater or a new television isn't something that you do regularly. If you are going to spend that amount in the near future, what are some things that you can do to ensure that you are spending your money wisely?

Get Quotes From Multiple Retailers

The first thing that you want to do is get quotes from a variety of retailers. You may find that buying online is cheaper than buying at a big box retailer. You may also find that buying from a local store is more expensive than the big box retailer but that you get better service from the local store. 

Consider Extra Fees

There may be a variety of fees that you have to pay on top of the retail price. These fees may include paying for delivery, paying for installation or paying for the retailer to haul away the product that you are replacing. 

Consider the Cost of Insurance

When you purchase a car, boat or house, you may need to purchase an insurance policy to protect yourself or the lender financing the purchase. Liability is just one of the reasons to get boat and yacht insurance now. It may be a good idea to comparison shop ahead of time or buy a policy that can take effect immediately after you make the purchase. You don’t want to be caught without insurance on these types of things. 

The Product Should Have a Warranty

The product that you purchase should have a warranty that lasts for at least a year. If it doesn't you may want to look into buying an extended warranty or service plan. These policies can be affordable depending on the level of coverage and service you want or need. 

Determine How to Finance the Purchase

Many stores offer 0 percent financing if you open a store credit card to finance the purchase. Assuming that you can pay the balance off in a timely manner, this may be better than depleting your savings account on one item. 

Figure Out If Sales May Lower the Price In the Near Future

If Black Friday is around the corner, it may be best to wait until the price goes down on the item that you want. In some cases, online retailers may have special sales or specials to drive traffic to their website throughout the year.

Careful research, considering additional fees and insurance and smart financing of the purchase can help you get the most for your dollar. It’s important to consider all of the extras of making a big purchase so you don’t have financial trouble after you buy it. These tips can help make sure you are making smart financial choices and enjoy your purchases, rather than regret them.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Five Great Gift Ideas The Grandkids Are Certain To Love

Being a grandparent is great. You get to enjoy spoiling the grandkids to your heart's content and then they get to go home with their parents and give you a break. Whether you're gearing up for a first birthday party or heading home for the holidays, it's always a blast to pick out presents for your grandchildren. Check out these five great gift ideas that will have your favorite little boy or girl grinning from ear to ear.

Educational Toys

From interactive books to miniature laptops, kids these days are itching to get their hands on the latest educational toys. Young girls will enjoy a pink, sparkly laptop that focuses on math and spelling while your grandson will get hours of fun out of a talking train that teaches him the alphabet while he plays.

Ride on Cars

If you're looking for something that will really make your grandchild's eyes light up, consider getting them a ride-on car. These realistic-looking vehicles are battery powered and allow the driver to zoom around at speeds of up to 5 mph. You can even get a custom paint job in your kiddo's favorite color! They can drive it around the backyard for hours upon end.

Quality Time with Grandma and Grandpa

Money isn't everything, and when it comes to making your grandchild's day brighter, sometimes what they want most is to have fun with those they love. Plan out a day at the local zoo or amusement park and let your grandchild go wild. If you're looking for a simpler activity, younger children will have the time of their lives at a playground while older kids might prefer to see that blockbuster movie that just came out. Either way, bonding time is a present for both you and the little ones.

Personalized Puzzles

Toddlers love putting things together, and a personalized puzzle that spells out their own name is sure to be a hit. With these gifts, there's no need for hectic shopping trips at crowded city malls; you can have a personalized puzzle made online and shipped right to your door. Adults like things personalized, too, and you can quickly and conveniently order almost anything you can imagine with any words or image you can think of. For example, you can order personal checks featuring your favorite sports team at

Dolls and Trains

Some toys never go out of style. Though they certainly have a different look than they did 50 years ago, dolls are still a huge favorite with little girls and trains are still the preferred toy of thousands of little boys. Check with mom and dad to see if the kiddos are hoping to get a specific one, and if not, just search the toy aisle for the cutest doll or silliest train you can find!

From miniature laptops to talking dolls, there's no shortage of possible gifts for your grandchildren. With a little planning and a lot of love, you're sure to find a toy that will have your favorite little one jumping for joy.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Black Friday - 5 Tips For Finding The Best Deals

Black Friday quickly approaches each year. It seems as though each store tries to add more items to its list of deals, but are you getting the best items available? There are some ways that you can find the best deals possible before they are sold out.

Newspaper Ads

This is the most common way to find Black Friday deals. Circulars are usually placed in the newspaper a few days before the big shopping day. Go through each of these ads to find the stores that you want to shop at, and tuck them away so you can thoroughly look through them. When you have the ads for the stores, circle the items that you want to get. This will make it easier because you will know what you want and the price of the item.


This is another way that you can find the best deals available. Some stores release their ads early. You have to be careful when looking at these because some of them are from the previous year. Pay attention to the online date that it was created. There are some deals that you can find online that are better than those in the store.

Word of Mouth

While your friends are out shopping early, call or text them to find out what the best deals are in the store. You can also ask them what is sold out and what items are still on the shelves. Make sure you get to the store in time because some stores only have sales for certain hours. Another technique is while you go to one store, your friend can go to a different one. Get the items from each store, like Vineland Electronics, that you both want so that you don’t have to stand in line at two places. Then you can separate everything later. 


Before you look at any kind of ad, you need to make a list of who to shop for and what they want. If you have a short list, then shopping will be easy. Make a budget for how much you want to spend as a total and how much you want to spend on each person.

Call the Store

If you have any questions about things that might be excluded on Black Friday, then call the store and ask someone. Some stores can’t reveal certain information, especially about larger items that will be on sale. However, you can usually get the basic information about times and prices.

Black Friday is a fun day if you know how to plan your trip. You can usually get the bulk of our shopping completed if you don’t waste time looking for things that you have no intention of buying. Make a plan, and stick to it so that you benefit from the amazing deals that this day holds.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Investing in Cars: 5 Money-Saving Tips for Buying a New Car

The mere thought of getting a brand new car causes some people to become filled with excitement. Although purchasing a new ride can be a wonderful experience, it will be much better if you strive to get the most value for your money. In some instances, you may have to make a few compromises when shopping for a new vehicle. Here are five money-saving tips for buying a new car.

Develop a budget

Before heading out to search for a new ride, you will first need to develop a reasonable budget. Being stuck with an expensive car that you can barely afford can be very frustrating. When establishing a budget, be sure to factor in the cost of insurance and the interest rate. Knowing your financial limits will give you more leverage when making a car deal.

Sell your current ride

Although you generally have the option of trading in your old ride, it is usually not as beneficial as selling it. The vast majority of car dealerships are unlikely to give you nearly the cash for your current vehicle on trade in that you could get for it otherwise. Selling your car on the open market is often a far better option if you want to get the most money from it. That money can then be used toward making a down payment on a new car.

Obtain the necessary funds beforehand

Waiting until you visit the dealership to seek a loan puts you in a very compromising position. Acquiring a pre-approved loan will eliminate the need to obtain a loan through the car dealership. Do not hesitate to get several quotes from a variety of lenders. This will help you to get the lowest interest rate available.

Purchase aftermarket upgrades

Often times, optional car features will add thousands of dollars to the total cost of a vehicle. If you desire to save some money, you can opt to purchase your own aftermarket upgrades. For example, you may be seeking a high-performance set of tires. Instead of paying the expensive premium demanded by the car dealership, you can save money by shopping at discounted online vendors such as or others.

Have patience

When searching for a new vehicle, it is critical that you exude patience. Do not settle for a vehicle that you really do not even like. Veteran car salesmen can smell a desperate car buyer from a mile away. Always be prepared to walk away from a deal that seems too expensive.

Buying a new car does not have to be a financial burden. You can find an amazing deal by taking the proper steps.

This article was written by Rianne Hunter with assistance from Rhett Stone. Rianne is a mother of three and an avid finance, auto, and family blogger.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Business Is Booming In The Gold Industry

You are probably wondering how any industry is going to do well with the current economic hardship that we, the United Kingdom, and many other countries all other the world are facing at the moment.However, there is one industry that is booming in this time of economic crisis, and that is the gold industry, especially many metal commodity specialists that are providing their customers with tax free gold, such as Physical Gold.

What is tax free gold?

The clue is in the name, you do not pay tax when investing in this type of gold.
There are also a large amount of benefits that come attached with investing in tax free gold, for example, these gold coins are low gold price with a high buyback price. The small coins also allow for easy, cheap and secure storage. This is a main concern of many gold investors, as there are storage options available but they do some at a price.

Uncertain times

In this climate, no one knows what is coming around the corner. This is where gold comes in as a sensible option for many who are looking to keep their money safe and secure. This is why gold is often referred to as an insurance policy in terms of money as well as protection for your wealth.

This uncertainty refers to governmental uncertainty, financial uncertainty and foreign issues / war uncertainty. When your money is invested in tax free gold, it is essentially locked and therefore no one a part from you can touch it.

Future proof

Gold is seen as a future proof investment. This is because the demand for gold is always going to be there. Gold is so widely used within many industries at this current time, including technology, space exploration, medicine and dentistry.

With growing technological and medical advances, the need and demand for gold will only go up and will not diminish.

This is why gold is doing so well in terms of an investment choice, as the demand will always be there and so it will be hard to lose any more, providing you do everything correctly of course.

Great for pension security

Pension gold is doing great at the moment. This is mainly due to the fact that prices are so low for pension gold at the moment that many people are choosing to put their money into gold to secure it for the future.

Coupled with the fact that gold is now considered a SIPP (Self Invested Pension Plan), many are now turning to this means of making sure they can enjoy retirement with no worry about financial hardship.
Altogether, the gold industry is doing so well at the moment due to a number of factors which make gold a desirable investment choice for many. The fact that tax free gold has a high buyback rate, it is future proof and it is great for pension schemes makes it a favourite commodity to invest in.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Understanding What It Means To Be Eco-Friendly: What To Look For In The Products You Buy

One of the biggest buzzwords of the twenty-first century is “eco-friendly”. Companies of all kinds are trying to tap into the market of those people who care about the environment, but consumers can be taken advantage of if they do not know what they are looking for in an eco-friendly product. If you want to start shopping green and reducing your carbon footprint, then there are several things you should be looking for in any product that claims to be “eco-friendly”. Consumers are learning what concepts like eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable, and eco-conscious really mean in today's world, TD Friends of the Environment donations go a long way to educating people committed to protecting the environment.


The most important thing to consider is what the item is being made from. There are basically two types of materials that you should look for when you are making an eco-friendly consumer purchase. The first of these is renewable materials, or materials that will come back when they are used. When companies make plastic for a phone case, the oil that is the raw material for the plastic is non-renewable, as it does not come back when it is used. On the other hand, a wooden or bamboo phone case is considered renewable since those items will grow back on their own. Related to the idea of renewable resources is sustainability, the other thing that you should be looking for. Sustainability means that companies can continue to use the materials and processes at a reasonable level for a long period of time without causing damage to the local environment. Clear cutting forests for wooden furniture meets the criteria for renewable resources, but it fails the sustainability check because the companies are cutting down the trees faster than they can regrow.


The next thing that you will want to look at in the products that you buy is the durability of the item itself. As an eco-conscious consumer you want to protect the environment, but you also want to make sure that the items you purchase will last you a long time, and they will be able to stand up to the wear and tear that you will put them through. Too many times eco-friendly products are made with renewable and sustainable materials, but those materials fall apart with heavy use and you wind up buying that product over and over.


Finally, you should consider the way that the items are manufactured, if you want to be a true eco-friendly shopper. Most of the chemicals that are causing global warming can be attributed to power production and manufacturing, so you want a manufacturer who works hard to offset this issue. In eco-friendly terms these companies are called “carbon neutral” because they use renewable forms of energy for production, or they take actions, like planting trees, to balance the amount of carbon dioxide they are putting into the atmosphere. While there are many companies that are striving for carbon neutrality, most of the companies that you will have ready access to are not totally carbon neutral. With all other things being equal, if you want to be an eco-friendly consumer, go with the company that claims carbon neutrality or claims to have a lower carbon footprint.
Shopping in an eco-friendly way requires more time and more work than shopping without thinking about the environment; however, once you find those manufacturers that you like, shopping is a breeze. The important thing about eco-friendly shopping is to remember to look at the label and read carefully so you know exactly where the product is coming from.

I am Lindsay Barlow, and I am an eco-conscious shopper and an environmentalist. Sites like Bambooki are great for finding eco-friendly products that are perfect for all of your home needs.

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Luxury Products that Make Affordable Gifts for the Holidays

Purchasing luxury products as holiday gifts will get you a lot of praise and thanks. Luxury gifts don't have to be expensive; they can still exhibit the signs of luxury without breaking the bank. Here are five luxury products that are affordable, useful and perfect gifts for the holiday season.

For The Person Who Loves To Cook: A Himalayan Salt Slab

Salt slabs are a perfect gift for foodies. These salt slabs are crafted from solid bricks of Himalayan salt, which is full of magnesium, iron, potassium and other nutrients that your body needs. When you cook using one of these slabs, the salt and nutrients are leeched into your vegetables or meats. It's the perfect component for cooking and baking. It's a luxury product, but you can score a nice one for under 50 dollars.

For The Person Who Shaves Often: Shaving Equipment

Quality shaving gear is important. Without proper shaving pieces, your face and body can suffer from micro tears and cuts caused by cheap razors and shaving creams. Luxury shaving accessories aren't cheap, but they are an investment. The Art Of Shaving makes these products more affordable than you would think. By making an investment in quality shaving equipment, you can avoid the constant expense that is associated with replacing disposable razors and other cheap products. These quality items can also help to prevent serious skin problems.

For The Tech Geek: iPad Folio

A luxurious and designer iPad folio is the perfect gift for the tech geek in your life. A nice case for their iPad or other tablet brand can be the ideal gift you can give to your loved ones or friends for the holidays. Designer companies often come out with cases around the holidays, which makes it so that you can purchase the latest designs and styles when you truly need them. This means that you can get your techie something that is useful, but that also keeps them current with the latest fashions and looks.

For The Old-Fashioned Writer: A Moleskin And Fountain Pen

A Moleskin and fountain pen are all the traditional writer needs. These perfect gifts are luxurious, beautiful and ideal for the person who loves to write. This gift is not one that will be forgotten any time soon, and it is sure to be well loved and used for a long time to come. Both of these things will also help to preserve the work of the writer, making sure that generations will be able to read the text that they wrote.

For The Fashionista: A Silk Scarf

A luxurious and silk-blend scarf is a perfect holiday gift that will not only keep the recipient warm during the winter, but it will also keep them looking fashionable. Silk is a luxury, and it's one of those gifts that simply cannot be turned down. It's perfect for the holidays, and it's a worthwhile investment. To avoid returns, choose a solid color like black or navy, since both of these colors will be able to match with the style of just about anyone.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Want to Keep Collecting and Save Money? Here's 5 Places You Should Look

For collectors, it is always a constant task to look for new treasures and add them to a growing collection. This is a pleasant and enjoyable hobby for many, even (and perhaps especially) at an older age. However, at times, it can be difficult to know where to find the best pieces and easily expand the collection, especially if you're on a budget. By frequenting the most popular places to look for collectibles, it can make for a great way to find rare products at a great price. 

1. Antique Stores 

Antique shops are an ideal place to find unique items that are still in great condition and are well-preserved. It can be an enjoyable experience to scour the store and be able to view hundreds of incredible items, while having the opportunity to ask questions about the history of each item.

For those who want to purchase a number of collectibles, antique malls are an ideal place to frequent and find dozens of merchants in one location. This is a great place to barter and negotiate with sellers. If you ever spend over $20 at an antique mall, ask for a 10% discount—you should receive it. This little secret can end up saving you lots!

2. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops only sell items that have value, making it easy to find historic products that can increase in value. Jewelry is a high commodity, along with coins, stamps, and musical instruments for plenty of like items. If an item is too expensive, it's appropriate to ask for a cheaper price, as well as pawn a separate item to be able to make the purchase. If you're looking at boats, vehicles, or aircraft for sale, you should keep in mind that the pawn shop will probably rack up the price higher than they bought it for (so be willing to pay more).

3. Garage Sales

It may take a bit of work and energy to dig through another person's personal belongings, but garage sales are one of the best places to search for valuable finds after people often clean out the garage or attic. Better yet, you'll probably find collectibles at their cheapest here. Precious dolls, pocket watches, and antique spoons are a common find for those who frequent the weekend deals.

For older products, estate sales often sell hundreds of items that may be worth even more they are selling for. Keep on the lookout for items like this. If you live in a neighborhood that doesn't hold a lot of garage sales, go to a local thrift store. You can find things for very cheap there, and quite often there are hidden treasures amongst all the junk.

4. The Internet

For those searching for a specific item to add to their collection, the best place to look is online where a basic search can pull up hundreds of websites. Online sellers often sell specific products, making it easier to purchase a gem for a convenient process that beats driving around town. You can try sites like eBay for online auctions; often you can get a really good deal that way, and you can control how much you pay. If you're looking for larger items, such as collectibles cars or planes, you can try Sites like these will have Trade a Plane airplanes for sale which you can find for a good price. Make sure you don't outbid yourself and end up paying more than you wanted.

5. Flea Markets

Flea markets are an upgrade to garage sales, making it easy to shop in one place for rare finds that are hard to find in stores. Flea markets are often a place where the work has been done for you by merchants who scour garage sales and then sell their best finds. You can barter here as well and get a good price on a valuable item.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Importance of Your Stores First Impression

Lahore City Centre
Lahore City Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You only get one chance to make a first impression and whether we like it or not most of us judge something almost entirely on the first couple of minutes of interacting with it. This is true for people but very few people realise that it’s also true for stores and shopfronts. The first impression you make is one of the most important and sometimes it’s the only one that really matters. So here’s why your first impression matters as much as it does and what you can do to improve it.


Most people who resent shopping do it because they simply aren’t in the mood and they have to do it anyway. Shopping for most products should happen when there’s an element of comfort and cheer in the attitude of the customer and a good first impression can do a lot to making someone feel more at home while in your store. A friendly or relaxing sign, or even a colour scheme that people associate with welcome and happiness, like IKEA’s warm yellow and blue can put someone in just the mood to buy. A happy customer is a generous customer and that’s important.


Quite apart from the mood it puts a person in the atmosphere of the store itself also stands on its first impression. Is it a jewellery store that seems regal and elegant? Is it a fruit and vegetable store that seems natural and homey? It’s important to think about what kind of atmosphere you want and what you can do to inspire it.


Everything you do relates to the brand you are trying to represent. McDonalds, Apple, Coca-Cola, every one of those is valued not because of the products but because of the brand we have fallen in love with. What is the thing you think of as soon as you see it? The Arches, the Apple, the Coca Cola symbol. Signage is a vital part of the first impression and if anyone is going to relate to your particular brand it is going to be entirely necessary.


The good first impression isn’t just important for the sake of making people buy, it’s also important for gathering potential employees. If you need to gather employees then you’re going to need to make them feel like it’s a nice place to work. There is a distinct difference between a place someone would want to shop and a place someone would want to work. This will also give your employees a sense of what they’re supposed to do and how they should act. This sense of direction and purpose all begins at first glance.

Businesses need people to be inspired to shop there from the very first minute they see it. Most people have short attention spans and a business will usually have only a few minutes to inspire shopping. See for more ideas and to find assistance in setting up a good first impression.

This article was written by Robert Barlow.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Five Different Types of Discounts and Coupon Codes That Seniors can Use to Save Money

Discount offer -
Discount deals and digital coupon codes are becoming quite common nowadays.Doesn't matter if you are looking to dine out with your friends, or spend your vacations on a cruise, you will find a special deal or discount offer online, given that you are good at conducting a basic search at Google. However, digital coupons are mostly used by teenagers, who are good at using technologies like the Internet or smartphones.

But the notion that digital coupons are meant only for teenagers is totally wrong, because there are plenty of deals and discount coupons that can be of use for senior citizens, and in this post I will be sharing some of them. Let’s have a look.

Travel & Leisure

A big majority of people spend a big part of their lives in trying to earn and provide a better living to their families. As soon as someone steps into the adulthood, he/she is entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of their families. In a bid to provide their families with the best possible options as far as education, health, food, and entertainment is concerned.

If you are one of those retired fellows who have spent all their life in working day and night, it’s time to reward yourself with some quality time. For example, you can have the once in a lifetime experience by traveling on a luxury cruise with your partner, or simply visit a place that you’ve been yearning for all your life. You will find many special offers and deals being offered by cruise or traveling companies and you can avail some of these discounts to save big on traveling.

Health & Fitness Coupons

After pushing your mind and body to the limits for many years, maybe now it’s time to take a break and invest a little on yourself, especially on your health and fitness. Daily deals and coupon code websites have a plethora of discounts coming from fitness centers, gyms, yoga classes, spa, and massage centers. You will also find some great deals on food supplements or fitness equipment, and other health and fitness products.

Clothing & Apparels

Everybody loves shopping for new clothes and accessories, regardless of the age. And you can browse the Internet for discounts and coupon codes offered by clothing stores and designer brands. Most of these stores have a separate section for clothes and accessories for the elderly. In fact, you will find many online stores, dealing solely in clothing for seniors.

For Your Kids

For parents, spending on your kids is one of those very few expenditures that make you happy, even if they are old enough to earn for themselves. If you are looking to surprise your children or grandchildren with a birthday or Christmas gift, you can make the most of many different discounts being offered on gifts items or gadgets like smartphones or tablets.

Pet Supplies

Keeping pets have multiple benefits for senior citizens. They can give you some great company and save you from the awful feeling of loneliness. In case you are looking to get yourself a pet or looking to save big on your pet supplies, you can go online and find hundreds of discounts on everything from pet toys to all sorts of pet merchandise in next to no time.

About the Author: This is a guest contribution by Natasha Mesty. She suggests SelectAware for finding some great deals and discounts like Overnight Prints coupon. These coupon codes and discounts will let you save big on your home or office purchases.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Best and Worst Strategies for Gift Shopping on a Budget

Gift Card
Gift Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)
Shopping on a budget can be a pain in the butt. However, if you are smart about your shopping strategy, you can get amazing gifts for very little money. Be careful out there; the world of shopping can lead to pitfalls.

Don’t – Open Lines of Credit 

When you are shopping on a budget it can be tempting to open a line of credit. However, this is a bad idea for your long-term finances. Opening a line of credit can help in the short-term, but it can lead to an over-extended budget and if you have a tendency to over-shop this is never a good idea. 

Do – Go Online For Great Deals

Online cheap shopping is the way to go when you have to stick to a budget. Checking out sales and discounts online is a great way to save money. Did you know you can get coupons online? Some of these can be printed to take to the store, while others are coupon codes that can be used on websites. 

Don’t – Overspend Because You Want to Impress

Have you ever had to buy a present for someone who just seems to have everything? Are you trying to make a good impression on your in-laws? No matter the reason, many people have the tendency to try to impress others with gifts. If you are on a tight budget, this is not a good idea. If you have many people to shop for, buying extravagant presents can lead to disaster. 

Don’t – Overestimate Your Creativity and Drive

If you pick up pieces to make a gift, make sure that it is something that you are capable and willing to make. Otherwise, the money you put into it is gone with nothing to show. This is a trap many fall into. Even if you have the ability to create the perfect present, make sure you have the time and are willing to invest that time and energy. 

Do – Make a List Before You Start Shopping

If it is a big holiday, such as Christmas, it is a good idea to make a list of everyone you have to buy for. On top of that, think ahead and jot down some ideas of what you might like to get each person. This will keep you focused, which will also help you save money. The more focused the list, the more likely you are to stick to it.

Don’t – Disregard Gift Cards

Sometimes it is really difficult to find the perfect gift. In these cases, a gift card may end up being exactly what you need.

Making a budget and sticking to it is difficult when shopping for gifts. Get great gifts and keep your budget happy, and you’ll have the best present of all.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

6 Rules for Coupon Etiquette

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The growth of online shopping has offered many new opportunities for buyers to get even better deals. They are able to get much better deals because competition by online retailers has driven down the costs of the goods we need. Not only from direct competition but also because retailers are using coupons as incentives to get buyers to their websites.

When using your online coupons with retail websites it is a straight forward approach of entering the your coupon code in the inappropriate place. It is very simple. Other coupons that you print for use at local businesses has a different approach. Retailers appreciate your business and are happy to take your coupons because it mean more business for them and maybe they will get you to return again.

Recently many stores have changed or updated their coupon rules to clear up any questions of how the coupons are to be used. Our local supermarket has published a new use of coupon rules in each store because things have gotten out of hand. The problem is some shoppers are abusing the use of coupons and this may make it harder for the average couponer to shop.

If you are an avid coupon user there are a few simple rules to follow to make the whole experience a little less stressful for the cashier and the people in line behind you.

Rule #1 Check out coupon websites before shopping. Before you begin your shopping it's important to check out coupon websites like Fat Wallet, Retailmenot, and Couponraja. When you check for coupons you not only find good deals for what you need but also discover new shopping destinations that you can visit. Every year new websites pop up to serve the needs of shoppers. Also it adds a little fun to the process of finding these good deals.

Rule #2. Be organized. When checking out have all your coupons organized and not just in a messy pile facing all different ways. It shows respect for the cashier and the people waiting in line behind you. Also make sure the coupons are not expired and that you are following the rules of the store in their use.

Rule #3. Try to plan your shopping at a slow time of the day. Holding up the line with coupon redemption at the peak shopping times shows bad form and is inconsiderate of other people. It irritates other customers when you are trying to use so many coupons, so go when you know its the slowest time of the day. 

Rule #4. Be polite to the cashier and other customers. You may know more about coupons than the cashier but it's no excuse to be rude or impatient. Use your manners and stay calm if there is a problem. Ask to speak to the head cashier if extra help is needed. Also alert customers behind you that you have coupons and that there may be a delay. Let people behind you in line go ahead if they only have a couple of items.

Rule #5. Don't clear off the shelves when you make purchases. It's bad form for you and keeps other shoppers from cashing in on the great deals. Also the store may not know the shelves are emptied out, so its better to only purchase a small amount. If you must make a large purchase either call ahead to the store so they can arrange to put aside enough items for your purchase and not have bare shelves. Also make your large purchase not just in one store, but spread it over a couple of stores.

Rule #6. Follow the rules. Know the rules of the store your shopping at. Don't be pushy with your coupons. If you are having a problem with the use of the coupon just skip that particular one. It's not worth arguing over something like that, it's better to not be known as the neighborhood coupon freak. It's better to build a friendship with the store and the cashiers that work there. Also make sure you have the correct item for that coupon and that the coupon is not expired.

Shopping with coupons will save you a lot of money. Following these few rules will make the experience pleasant for all.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dollar Store Shopping Tips

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Dollar stores once had the reputation of selling poor quality junk. You used to find watered down soaps and very off brand home goods. Whatever you bought maybe worked once and then you threw it away. The reputation was for extremely low quality products. But is that still the case today?

Two chain stores, Dollar General and Dollar Tree, have managed to change the perception of dollar store quality by selling a wide array of decent quality products. These stores offer a wide array of merchandise for low prices (often more than a buck though) on everything from groceries to personal-care items. Smart Shopper Magazines recent poll revealed three out of four women polled said they've shopped in a dollar store at least once this year. But what should you buy? What should you avoid? Here are some tips for shopping the reinvented dollar store:

It's not just a dollar. The name can be deceiving. While some outlets do only sell products for a dollar, the larger chain stores sell a wide variety of items on discount. Much of the time, you're going to pay more than a dollar for products, but the variety of prices means you'll get a wider array of goods.

  • Buy dollar-store brands. Shop Smart recommends checking out a store's branded items.
  • You can find savings of over 37 percent on items like quick oats and cereal. Sure you may not be getting Quaker, but you're getting a similar product for much less.
  • Take your grocery list. Check out the food items at dollar stores, as many of the stores have become substitutes for major grocery chains.
  • Check the freezer cases, condiments, packaged foods, soups and spices. They're offering a lot more everyday items than what you find at the grocery store. On packaged foods and single packs, prices are often much better at dollar stores.
  • Check expiration dates. While many stores are buying first-run items and national brands, always check expiration dates, whether you're shopping in a big-box store or a discount retailer.
  • Be careful when buying electronics, vitamins or any electrical products. You always want to check expiration dates on medications and food.
  • Visit the websites. Dollar stores are known for being catch-all shops, but it turns out they've moved online.

One surprise is that you can order some things offline. While you may have to order these items in bulk, it's useful if there's something you go through quickly, like a snack your child loves.

These websites also contain up-to-date information on product recalls and safety information, so if you're unsure about a product, visit the website. They're tracking that information for you.

Fill-in shopping. Dollar stores are looking to become midweek fill-in shops for people who want to navigate a store quickly.

They're great if you need to pick up random things from cereal to garbage bags to a notebook for your child.

Since they tend to be smaller than big-box stores, you can run in and out quickly. But know that in terms of the merchandise, dollar stores tend to sell seasonal goods. And there's no guarantee that the product you bought last week will be there next week. Their inventory changes all the time, so it pays to visit often.

Buy personal care. When it comes to products and personal care items such as cosmetics, hair-care products and hygienic products, you can find a lot of national brands in dollar stores.

As long as packages are not open, there's no reason to be leery of them.

Buy for the party. When ShopSmart asked readers what they like to buy at dollar stores, party supplies were among the most frequently given answers. Dollar stores sell tissue paper, cards and gift bags on the cheap. It's always good to stock up.

Safety first. Like many big-box stores, dollar stores sell kids toys and party favors, and some of those items are choking hazards for kids. Don't forget to take safety precautions when shopping for a bargain.

Dollar stores can be convenient alternatives to big-box stores. And now that dollar stores have e-commerce sites, the savings are even easier to find.

Most retailers can't beat the low-budget dollar-store brands, so consider frequenting the dollar store for necessities. Just remember, if buying food, vitamins or cosmetics: Always check expiration dates!

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