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Thursday, February 23, 2017

4 Tech Savvy Ways To Save On Online Shopping

Whether you're buying the bare essentials or you just like to save a little cash when you're spoiling yourself, shopping online can help you save even more on most of your purchases.

Apps Are Your Money Saving Machine

There are many apps out there that allow you to scan barcodes on items and compare them to other local shops in your area to find the best possible prices. These sort of in-store price comparison apps can save you a lot of time and money.

When online shopping, you can use apps like Joinesty that save your passwords securely, and automatically find coupon codes on any websites you visit. 

Most online retailers always have active coupon codes to use if you look for them. You’ll find that you rarely pay full price for anything online.

Check Store Websites Before Leaving Home

We all have our favorite stores, and most of them have a digital version of their store online. 

Oftentimes, not only do these digital versions of the store offer a wider variety of items - including items that are being discontinued and discounted, a lot of stores offer discounts purely for using their website rather than shopping in-store for the same items you'd be purchasing anyway. 

Many stores even offer free or discounted shipping. The best part is, you can use almost all of the same coupons online as you do in the in-person store. You can also find promotional discounts and coupons by using discount-finding websites.

Buy the Same Products Used

One of the great things about buying online is the ability to buy items used or from bulk sellers at a discount. 

You can find great deals on a plethora of websites for slightly used or mint items. This includes items that people bought and never used. You get it at cheaper-than-new prices but still get a new item. 

There are many websites out there for people interested in buying used items or even swapping them or hauling them off for free!

Consider Using Bidding Websites

When the internet was 'new' to most people, there was really only one auction website you could trust. 

Nowadays, you have your choice of several auction/bidding websites and the sell prices are amazingly low. Many of these bidding websites will give you credits to bid with so you can try out before you buy credits of your own. 

With straight out auction websites, using simple tricks like common misspellings of brand names can help you save even more money with almost no competitors to bid against you.

Saving money used to mean clipping coupons from the paper and signing up for rewards cards. While those methods still work, online shopping has brought about a lot of new ways to save easily.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Five Ways Internet Can Help Seniors Save Money on Everyday Shopping

A penny saved is a penny earned, we know it’s true, but for some reasons our mindset is becoming more and more inclined towards money making, and we are not so keen on saving money.

Now, money saving is not something meant only for poverty-stricken. Regardless of how affluent you are, you shouldn’t squander your money on something that is not priced for what it is. And when it comes to knowing the right price, or saving money on a particular purchase, there’s nothing as effective as the Internet.

Here’s how Internet can help seniors save money on everyday shopping …

Coupons & Discount Codes

Some of these discounts appearing on daily deals websites might sound too good to be true, but most of these deals and discounts are actually legit. Special deals and hefty discounts are one of the most effective ways for attracting customers, and businesses are always ready to offer heavy discounts to get new customers on board. And while it is not feasible to browse through various daily deals, or coupon code websites in search of a discount at an everyday item you are looking to purchase, you can simply search for a relevant deal at one of those deals search engines. It will save you a lot of time, and hopefully, a lot of bucks as well. 

Price Comparison

In any given market, you will find plenty of businesses offering pretty much the same products or services, but not all of them are fair with their pricing. You will find big differences in their prices, when you compare all of these products side by side, except that it is not possible at a brick and mortar store. However, a simple search on Internet will give you many options to compare prices and figure out the average market price. You can also search for available options within your budget like best tablets under 100. This will help you in bargaining and making sure you are not paying unfair prices.

Free Shipping

Even if you aren’t finding massive discounts or discounted prices, you can visit some online store and see if they are offering free shipping to your doorstep. Remember that getting the products shipped at your doorstep will mean you can save the trouble, time, and money that you’ll have to spend on going to the market and making a purchase.

Avoid Scams

It goes without saying that you should do the due diligence when you are looking to invest your life savings in a business or some scheme. Remember that there are many scam artists and businesses, promising big profits on incredibly easy terms. Then there are businesses which are not really scam but investing your money will mean certain risks that you are not ready to take.

The simplest way to check the credibility and reliability of a business is to search online. Usually, you will find a scam or rip-off report pertaining to the business that is involved in shoddy practices, and you need to stay away from that business to save your hard earned dollars. However, searching online is just the first step; it doesn’t mean you should blindly go ahead with the investment in case you don’t find anything online about that business. No news is not always good news.

Seniors Discounts

There are two types of discounts, first the regular ones that will be applicable to all and sundry, and then there are special discounts like discounts for veterans, student discounts, or group discounts. Similarly, some businesses offer special discounts to seniors, and the only way to keep tabs on all such discounts is to search online and keep track.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How To Save Money On Technology For Your Home

Technology purchases can be expensive, but they don't have to break your budget. With some common-sense techniques, you can get the technology you want without overspending. Let's look at a few ways to save money on technology purchases for your home.

Do Your Research

The most effective way to save money on any technology purchase is to shop around before you buy. Prices can differ greatly among electronics stores, and brick-and-mortar stores don't always have the best deals. Be sure to check online retailers as well; they often have competitive prices and free shipping. When shopping for cell-phone plans and cable packages, it's equally important to check out multiple providers and compare prices.

Be Patient

If you can manage to postpone your purchase for a while, you can often save money by waiting for the item to go on sale. The best deals on electronics can be found on Black Friday for in-store purchases, and Cyber Monday for online shopping. While you'll get the biggest savings on big-ticket items like TVs and computers, even smaller purchases like cordless phones can be had at a discount during sale periods.

Only Buy the Features You Want

It's easy to get sucked into expensive cell phone and cable packages that have more features than you really need. For example, you might feel that getting all the sports channels from Bell is a must, but the premium movie channels are less important to you. If you don't text often, the unlimited texting plan isn't going to be worth the cost. Be sure to carefully review the features of any product or plan before making a commitment.

Buy Used Models

With more and more people upgrading their electronics items after only owning them a short time, it's become easier than ever to score a deal on a used item in excellent condition. Refurbished items are also a great way to save money and still get a high-quality item. Even though it can be hard to avoid the temptation of upgrading to the latest model, the cost savings of buying used or refurbished electronics makes the minor sacrifice worthwhile.

As you can see, it's unwise to rush into a technology purchase for your home; a little time, research, and flexibility go a long way. Armed with these tips and some self-discipline, it should be easy to get the most bang for your buck the next time you shop for electronics or technology!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Six Ways to Save Money on Your Home Technology

Technology can easily become very expensive, but it does not have to. Here are six ways you can save money on your home technology.

1. Shop Around

One of the easiest and quickest ways to save money on home technology you are looking to buy is to simply shop around before you make your purchase. A gadget’s price can vary widely from store to store. Compare prices for both online and brick and mortar stores on the internet. One quick search could save you hundreds of dollars!

2. Shop Sales

Being patient can really pay off if you wait until your gadget is on sale before you buy it. Black Friday is the most well-known sale day for electronics, but it isn’t the only one. Cyber Monday, Black Friday’s online counterpart, happens the Monday after Thanksgiving. Good deals can also be found during Back to School time and Christmastime as well.

3. Take Advantage of Rewards Programs

Some stores offer incentives for you to shop with them. They may offer you a free product or a money saving coupon after you spend a certain dollar amount at their store. If there is a technology product you buy frequently, like printer cartridges, you can end up saving some real money this way. Of course, skipping buying new cartridges and just getting a printer cartridge refill is a good option too.

4. Buy Used or Refurbished

Another good option is buying your electronics used or refurbished. With so many people always looking to upgrade as soon as possible, it is completely possible to get a used phone or television that has not actually been used that much. If it is relatively new and still works well, why pay more?

5. Get Rid of Excess Features

Make sure you are not paying more than you should for features you don’t even use. If you mostly watch local channels, you may not need the top-of-the-line cable package. If you have a cell phone you use for all your calls, you may want to get rid of your landline. You may choose to buy the basic printer without the fax and scanner you have no use for.

6. Ignore the Joneses

One of the best ways to save on technology is simply to ignore the Joneses. Use your phone awhile longer instead of always having to have the latest and greatest upgrades right away. Take care of the electronics you have so they last. Buy last year’s model.

Using these six tips will ensure that you will have the technology you love without spending an arm and a leg to get it.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Five Different Types of Discounts and Coupon Codes That Seniors can Use to Save Money

Discount offer -
Discount deals and digital coupon codes are becoming quite common nowadays.Doesn't matter if you are looking to dine out with your friends, or spend your vacations on a cruise, you will find a special deal or discount offer online, given that you are good at conducting a basic search at Google. However, digital coupons are mostly used by teenagers, who are good at using technologies like the Internet or smartphones.

But the notion that digital coupons are meant only for teenagers is totally wrong, because there are plenty of deals and discount coupons that can be of use for senior citizens, and in this post I will be sharing some of them. Let’s have a look.

Travel & Leisure

A big majority of people spend a big part of their lives in trying to earn and provide a better living to their families. As soon as someone steps into the adulthood, he/she is entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of their families. In a bid to provide their families with the best possible options as far as education, health, food, and entertainment is concerned.

If you are one of those retired fellows who have spent all their life in working day and night, it’s time to reward yourself with some quality time. For example, you can have the once in a lifetime experience by traveling on a luxury cruise with your partner, or simply visit a place that you’ve been yearning for all your life. You will find many special offers and deals being offered by cruise or traveling companies and you can avail some of these discounts to save big on traveling.

Health & Fitness Coupons

After pushing your mind and body to the limits for many years, maybe now it’s time to take a break and invest a little on yourself, especially on your health and fitness. Daily deals and coupon code websites have a plethora of discounts coming from fitness centers, gyms, yoga classes, spa, and massage centers. You will also find some great deals on food supplements or fitness equipment, and other health and fitness products.

Clothing & Apparels

Everybody loves shopping for new clothes and accessories, regardless of the age. And you can browse the Internet for discounts and coupon codes offered by clothing stores and designer brands. Most of these stores have a separate section for clothes and accessories for the elderly. In fact, you will find many online stores, dealing solely in clothing for seniors.

For Your Kids

For parents, spending on your kids is one of those very few expenditures that make you happy, even if they are old enough to earn for themselves. If you are looking to surprise your children or grandchildren with a birthday or Christmas gift, you can make the most of many different discounts being offered on gifts items or gadgets like smartphones or tablets.

Pet Supplies

Keeping pets have multiple benefits for senior citizens. They can give you some great company and save you from the awful feeling of loneliness. In case you are looking to get yourself a pet or looking to save big on your pet supplies, you can go online and find hundreds of discounts on everything from pet toys to all sorts of pet merchandise in next to no time.

About the Author: This is a guest contribution by Natasha Mesty. She suggests SelectAware for finding some great deals and discounts like Overnight Prints coupon. These coupon codes and discounts will let you save big on your home or office purchases.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Turn Your Bad Purchases in Cash

Have you come to the conclusion that you may have a tad of an online shopping addiction? Do not worry; you are not alone…not by a long shot. There are millions of Americans who tend to splurge a little with their online purchases. What’s even worse than looking at your bank statement, which provides documentation of your little splurges, is realizing all those items you just “had to have” aren't even being used! Don't feel ashamed or embarrassed if this has happened to you, and the great news is… there’s a way out!

If your online little splurge items are starting to get a little dust on them or even taking up space in your home, well then perhaps it is time to say goodbye! Don’t get discouraged just yet; you can make a significant profit on your items. From clothes, electronics, jewelry, furniture, or even miscellaneous products…there is a buyer out there for it all, just have to find the right one. What better place to start then where you started your buying spree yourself…online!

The online market is outlandishly vast in regards to shopping and/or buying items. If you are looking to sell some of your old or “old-new” pieces, this can be an extremely lucrative market. Selling jewelry for cash is extremely popular and there are companies and websites galore that will gladly buy your unwanted items…remember to be careful and do your research on the company. 

If you want to get the most buck for your bling, take a look at Now if you are trying to sell electronics or even designer clothing, don’t forget about online sites like and watch your items fly off your shelves and money fly into your pocket. 

Whatever you’re looking to sell, there is always a buyer out there, it just may take a little extra time finding the right one for you.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Save Money Simply: Tips on Finding the Best Online Coupon Codes Fast

Amy's Kitchen Freebie Coupons
Amy's Kitchen Freebie Coupons (Photo credit: iateapie)

As you probably know by now, taking a little time to get organized can save you a lot of money. At first, activities like coupon cutting or searching for coupons online, may seem like a waste of time; but the truth is, coupons can actually cut your expenses by at least 25%, and who doesn't want to save 25% or more. That could be lunch! Haven't you seen the reality TV shows where the coupon lady ends up spending $0 amount of dollars for hundreds of dollars worth of groceries? I'm sure most of us don't want to go to that much trouble when collecting coupons, but we do want to save some money, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to use easy-to-find online coupon codes.

What Are Online Promo Codes?

These are coupons, just like the ones you find in the newspaper, but virtual. Meaning you don't have to cut them out and take them to the store. You just copy the code and place it in the coupon code box offered by the retailer where you shop. Retail businesses use these codes to promote their business and bring in more traffic.

Where Do I Find the Best Promo Codes?

According to a report offered by Good Morning America, all it takes to find substantial savings for online retail stores is a search on any of the search engines. Visit websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine you prefer and type in the term coupons to get a list of sites with thousands of different coupon codes.

Specific Searches

Conducting generalized searches for coupons is fun, but probably not the most practical way to search for coupon codes for a particular store. In this case, you want to be more specific in your search. For example, you might type in the name of the retailer, followed by the term coupon or promo code. So if you were looking for a discount for Target, you would search for the term, "Target promo codes," or "Target coupon codes." A large list of promo code websites will appear. Then you would click on any of these and browse through the available codes for that retailer to find the one you want.

Specific Websites

Once you realize coupon codes save you a lot of money, and don't require a lot of effort to find, you'll want to keep a few of the best coupon code websites in mind when you make future purchases. Select a few good coupon websites and bookmark them so you can access them quickly the next time you shop online.

Bottom Line

Before placing an order, make it a habit to look for a good coupon code. You may not always find one, but when available, you can save on shipping or on the overall cost of your purchase. All you have to do is find the code, copy it and paste it in the coupon box located at the retailer's website, usually on one of the checkout pages.

Jeremy S is a personal finance consultant. He shares his tips on saving money by blogging for a wide range of money and lifestyle sites. Click the link to save with

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Best and Worst Strategies for Gift Shopping on a Budget

Gift Card
Gift Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)
Shopping on a budget can be a pain in the butt. However, if you are smart about your shopping strategy, you can get amazing gifts for very little money. Be careful out there; the world of shopping can lead to pitfalls.

Don’t – Open Lines of Credit 

When you are shopping on a budget it can be tempting to open a line of credit. However, this is a bad idea for your long-term finances. Opening a line of credit can help in the short-term, but it can lead to an over-extended budget and if you have a tendency to over-shop this is never a good idea. 

Do – Go Online For Great Deals

Online cheap shopping is the way to go when you have to stick to a budget. Checking out sales and discounts online is a great way to save money. Did you know you can get coupons online? Some of these can be printed to take to the store, while others are coupon codes that can be used on websites. 

Don’t – Overspend Because You Want to Impress

Have you ever had to buy a present for someone who just seems to have everything? Are you trying to make a good impression on your in-laws? No matter the reason, many people have the tendency to try to impress others with gifts. If you are on a tight budget, this is not a good idea. If you have many people to shop for, buying extravagant presents can lead to disaster. 

Don’t – Overestimate Your Creativity and Drive

If you pick up pieces to make a gift, make sure that it is something that you are capable and willing to make. Otherwise, the money you put into it is gone with nothing to show. This is a trap many fall into. Even if you have the ability to create the perfect present, make sure you have the time and are willing to invest that time and energy. 

Do – Make a List Before You Start Shopping

If it is a big holiday, such as Christmas, it is a good idea to make a list of everyone you have to buy for. On top of that, think ahead and jot down some ideas of what you might like to get each person. This will keep you focused, which will also help you save money. The more focused the list, the more likely you are to stick to it.

Don’t – Disregard Gift Cards

Sometimes it is really difficult to find the perfect gift. In these cases, a gift card may end up being exactly what you need.

Making a budget and sticking to it is difficult when shopping for gifts. Get great gifts and keep your budget happy, and you’ll have the best present of all.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Top Tips for Those Thinking of Opening an Online Shop

Image representing THEM as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase
These days more and more people are deciding to open up their own online shops- and none more so than those over 50s. Setting up an online store is not only a great mean of making some extra cash; it can also be a really rewarding pastime for those that find themselves with a little extra time on their hands. Here are five tips for those looking to set up their first store. 

It’s cheaper than you think

It is quite remarkable that these days it is possible for anyone to set up an online shop within a couple hours for next to no cost. There are a huge range of different e-commerce platforms out there and it is well worth having a look around and working out which one is for you. Many people waste thousands of pounds having a bespoke website created for them by a web design company when a much cheaper option could have worked just as well. 

Think about marketing 

It’s all well and good having a great looking site but how will anyone find it? Underestimating how difficult it can be to get people to a site is probably the most common mistake that new online business owners make. Think carefully about how you plan to acquire customers and have a good sense of how much this is likely to cost. There is nothing more frustrating than having a beautiful looking website that nobody ever visits.

Think about stock 

If you are just setting up your business you do not want to be holding a lot of stock. One way around this is to work with a drop shipper. You market their products but they keep them all at their warehouse and fulfil the orders as you notify them. Although the margins are not as good, it removes any risk you might have of being stuck with products you cannot sell- and it also takes the headache of fulfilment! And believe me it can be a headache. There are many companies offering
drop shipping services, covering a huge range of different products, from pet supplies to electronic equipment. If you do decide to work with one then make sure you do plenty of research to ensure they are reliable.

Do your homework 

The more you understand about e-commerce then the more likely your shop is to succeed. You may not want to become an expert in user experience, organic search, pay-per-click, analytics or any other mysterious online phenomenon, but having a working understanding will be incredibly useful. There is a huge community of first time internet entrepreneurs and they are incredibly eager to help out newcomers. Sites such as Warrior Forums and SEOMoz are full of great information and support for newbies. Do not waste money on e-books or expensive courses which claim to explain how to set up a successful online shop- all the information you could ever need is available on the web for free. 

Market research 

It is amazing how attached you can become to your online shop and it is always good to try and get other people’s opinion. Market research does not have to be expensive- in fact it doesn’t have to cost anything at all. Simply construct a list of questions and email them to everyone in your address book and ask them to respond- before you know it you will have a useful sample size. Feedback is really important and the beauty of having an online shop is that it is relatively quick and easy to act upon it. It is important that you have a shop which you are happy with- but ultimately it’s more important that you have a shop which your customers will love.

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