Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Consider Returning To Work As A Manager

In Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs the top most thing that a person will aspire for in his life is self-actualization. This is what everyone strives for and for most people who are already in their 50's, it is expected that they are near this point already. At age 50 most persons have already reached most of the typical milestones in their lives. They have sent all their children to schools, their children now have their own lives and it is now time for them to sit back and relax.

For some persons however, this is not the case. Over the recent years many baby boomers have been forced to go back to the workforce simply because they need to finance themselves, to support their day-to-day needs and to keep up with the cost of their lifestyles. Some 50-somethings also go back to work simply because they want to remain connected, stay engaged, and keep their minds sharp. Some simply want to go to work just because they are bored and would want to do something productive with their time. If you are currently in your 50's and for any of the reasons mentioned above, you would want to return to the work force to have gainful employment you will need to think hard and deep if you really have what it takes to go back out there.

Use Your Network

By now you probably have built a huge network of friends, former colleagues, children of friends and peers who you have met and worked with during the time that you were still employed. Do not hesitate to ask help from them because they can definitely put in a recommendation for you. Reach out and let them know that you are currently looking for new opportunities. 

Do Your Research

With the internet just within easy reach use the dearth of information right at your fingertips to look for job opportunities. Just recently the AARP Best Employers for Workers Over 50 published their list of awardees. Head on to their website to check out the winners and try to see if your skills and qualifications match any of the job openings in those industries. The list varies from different industry sectors such as financial services, construction, the healthcare industry, educational institutions, and government offices. In the construction industry you can even go back to work as an engineering manager. This is highly possible especially if you already have many years of experience to back you up. 

Learn New Skills and be Flexible

It is an extremely competitive world out there. Remember that you are going to be competing with fresh graduates and young professionals so you have to start by learning new skills. There are a lot of online courses that you could take and you can enroll in vocational courses too. Stay flexible and learn how to adapt to changes because that will be the only way for you to earn good money even if you return to work at the age of 50 and above. 

Seize Opportunities

Considering your age, you actually have more experience and more knowledge compared to your younger counterparts. Do not hesitate to go for higher positions. You can even consider going back to work as a manager in your previous company or in the industry that you worked for. Remember that by this time you have already established a name for yourself so your previous employers will see you as somebody who is way more experienced than the younger employees who are also vying for a position in the management team.

Being in a managerial position has a lot of advantages. Now that you are 50 your company will be paying you a higher premium because of your past working experiences. You can earn good money, which will help finance you throughout your retirement years. There will be a lot that is expected of you which is why you have to be up for the challenge.

Going back to work at this age can be very beneficial for you in order to keep your mind sharp and your body actively engaged. While most of your peers are slowing down you are once again the workhorse that you once was. You just might surprise yourself knowing that you still have what it takes to become a great manager and to be a mentor to your younger colleagues. Now that's called self-actualization.

Author Bio
Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to business. In this article, he explains the process of returning to work as a manager and aims to encourage further study with a
OU Engineering Management Masters. 

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