Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Best Tips for Networking in Chamber of Commerce

Relationship marketing should be the foundation of every business. It is because in order to be great, a company has to set itself apart. Looking at how tough the competition is nowadays in any industry, only few factors are left that a company could bank on for separation form the competition. One very important factor is trust building. Very few can argue with the effectiveness trust could bring between competitors. For example, let’s suppose there are three coffee shops, and all does not stand more than four blocks away from each other. They can only tweak the taste of their coffees’ by so little, which also leaves very few differentiations on which shop would reign supreme.

In cases like this, the company that is able to garner the most trust from consumers and other businesses around it often shows up on top.

So how do we construct a trustworthy company?

Well, the first thing you have to know about it is that there’s no shortcut in building it. You’ll have to brush up on your people skills, browse networking channels (whether offline or online), and get back to networking. When it comes to networking channels, you cannot miss being a part of your local chamber of commerce. A chamber of commerce happens when local business owners decides to form a community amongst themselves to push each of their business interests.

In this post, we’ll arm you with tips on how to get the most trust from your local chamber of commerce.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

When a chamber of commerce gathers into a conference, registrants are made aware of attendees and speakers well in advance. With quick thinking, you should realize that the best time to start networking is as soon as you get the list of people that you’re interested to meet. Look them up in Twitter, find out their email address on their website, and see if you can hook up a meeting even before the actual event. This way, you won’t have to claw your way during the networking haze of the event itself.

Value Your Time

Remember that it might take quite a while before the same networking opportunity presents itself. Therefore, you have to do your homework and have a list of people you want to talk to. You can’t just settle with the first person you meet. You have to be bold and have a priority list based on their value on your business.

Don’t Run Out Of Business Cards

This one is so basic that forgetting about it before the chamber of commerce conference is considered a mortal sin. Keep in mind that almost everyone in that event is there because of the same reason – for business networking’s sake. If you don’t have a business card to giveaway to someone you’ve met, he or she will forget your name right after and there will be no chance of him or her getting back at you.

Be A Conversationalist, Not A Chatterbox

Great discussions are always a two way street. Practice and find mentors who can teach you a thing or two about keeping a conversation interesting. You’ll be able to build trust much faster. Another important thing is that everyone hates to stand in front of a talker; so don’t be one.

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