Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Investment Basics: Six Steps To Successful Long-Term investment

In order to successfully invest for a child’s educational costs and your own retirement, you must start now and think long-term. Investing successfully over the a longer period of time is not as complex as you might think. Keep these six steps in mind to help you make wise financial decision:

Don’t Time The Market

Day trading is something that became incredibly popular during the tech boom. Large amounts of cash combined with small upticks in the market, and frequent trades were able to create full time incomes for many investors. When it comes to long term investing however, less is more. There is no need to sit in front of your computer all day to be successful. Research an investment, select it, and stay with it.

Past Performance

Though past performance does not guarantee future success or failure, it can be a strong indicator, and should be thoroughly reviewed. Stocks and mutual funds are easy to track performance with earnings and rates of return. Many mutual funds mix stocks and bonds in order to diversify. There are plenty of experts with bond market research and investments tips that you can learn from to avoid past mistakes and understand the market better.

Don’t Panic

Remember that you are a long-term investor. Short term market fluctuations and sell offs are nothing to be feared. These should be viewed merely as buying opportunities where your cost basis can be greatly reduced by buying low to later sell high. If you panic and try to sell when the market drops just a little, you will end up losing much more. Again, think long-term, because there will be small dips and spikes in every stock.


Even excluding short term market fluctuations, as a wise investor, you should still review your portfolio periodically to ensure that your portfolio performance is on the right track. This may be an opportunity to invest more in a particular fund that is outperforming others. Keep in mind that diversification is still critical to ensure success.

Never Chase a Trade

You have completed your research and resolve to purchase a stock, bond, or mutual fund at a strike price. If something unexpected happens that no longer makes the trade an attractive one, don’t chase the trade, move on. Although it is good to invest long-term, that doesn't mean you should chase after an investment that is clearly not going to have a positive benefit for you in the long run.

Cheap is Not Always Good

Penny stocks may seem like a good idea because they allow you to execute large purchase orders with only a small cash investment. As with any investment, you must factor in risk. Penny stocks are so cheap because they are extremely risky. Though some risk is acceptable in the successful long term portfolio for diversification, penny stocks are too volatile, and should not be considered.

Investing for education or retirement can by simple when you take these tips into consideration. Understanding to to successfully invest long-term is essential to help you meet your financial goals. Remember these tips when investing, and you will be able to gain the return on your money that will make a significant difference for you financially.

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