Friday, December 6, 2013

How to Safely Take No Interest Deals

You can afford many things now, such as tires, furniture, electronics and appliances. Purchase it now and never pay interest for 2 years straight. As it is the best deal, you will find it hard to miss the chance.

The Interesting Deal

We have all known about no interest deals and same as cash deals. Those things come in various sizes. You can obtain ninety days same as cash. Even better, how if you pay no interest for one year, two years or more? Such deals might be very alluring to most people. Particularly when you want certain items now. In the end, you will have much time for paying it off completely. Let’s hope so, since when you can’t it might cost you much time. And if you are not cautious you might find yourself paying additional fees that come out of nowhere.

Look before You Leap

Just like you should do with other financial product, it is good idea to spend your time to completely comprehend the credit terms in advance. It is essential to understand how it works. In order to avoid any unexpected occurrence and the difficulty of attempting to solve problems later.

Here are several questions to answer prior to deciding to take the deal: How long will you need to pay with no interest? Do you need to make payments in each month? How do you calculate them? Do you find any other fees related to the credit offer? What will happen in case you can’t pay it off on time or miss a payment? You be in a hurry to complete the process. However, it is better to take the additional step and understand the entire fine print. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with a service that you don't even need or want that costs you big cash every month.

Taking the Advantage

Actually, it is possible to take advantage from no interest deals. My first one was around ten years ago when I had to purchase the latest set of tires. The company were offering me a US $50 cash card and ninety days same as cash. I gladly took it. I obtained the free cash card and complete the payment as agreed. Finally I end up winning US $50 without paying a dime in fees/interest.

Perhaps an example of the most famous no interest deals is on the furniture. For instance, I discovered an offer in the internet for “No Interest Till Feb 2017.” When I contacted them, I found out the following things. Offer is applicable to purchases of US $2,000 and more. Its monthly payments are distributed evenly across its term of the agreement. 

It means, you would take the total amount of cash and then divide it by how many months till the promotion ends. In case you miss a payment, automatically interest kicks in. The interest rate actually is 23.99 percent and it resets to the whole balance from the starting point. It means you can purchase a home full of furniture with no need to pay any interest till Feb 2017.


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