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How to Save on an Extended Car Warranty Find Out

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An extended warranty safeguards against any unforeseen, expensive car repairs. This type of warranty is different than the one you received from your dealer when you purchased your automobile. They are actually service contracts because they are sold separately and have a different price. In addition, the warranty covers the unforeseen repairs but also the regular maintenance. If you are the type who likes to be prepared in the event that anything happens to your vehicle, you’ll definitely want an extended warranty. However, you don’t have to pay the full price. Here are some tips to help you get the best price on an extended warranty.

Shop Around

You may want stay with the auto dealer you purchased your automobile from. However, it pays to shop around. You can search for quotes online or through other vehicle service contract providers. Be careful. According to, just because the provider has a cheaper or more expensive price doesn’t mean that you receive the same type of coverage. Make sure you know the answers to:

What is covered?

Every extended warranty is different. However, it should include cover specific things like turbochargers and overheating.

How are the warranty claims handled?

There are some common restrictions included in each warranty like using certain repair facilities to paying upfront before work is completed. Find out how claims are handled so you won’t be surprised later.

What service plan do you qualify for?

It will help you understand if the extended warranty offered meets your criteria.

Regardless of the answers to the questions listed above, more than one quote. This will give you a lot of power later to get a better deal later.

Search for Online Codes

There are a lot of coupon codes online to make an extended warranty cheaper. You can redeem them online will getting a quote or sometimes with the provider you call.

Ask if the Auto Warranty Provider Offers Discounts

Many auto warranty providers won’t mention this, but they do offer discounts depending on your situation. For instance, providers often offer discounts to seniors and the military. There is another type of discount called first-call discount. This type of warranty discount is offered when you first contact the provider. It’s akin to the provider rewarding you for contacting them. Use whatever discount applies to you and situation you could save as much as $400 on your extended warranty—or more.

Be Willing to Negotiate

If the quoted price is too high, you don’t have to accept it. Negotiate a lower price. With more than one quote from more than one provider, you can negotiate for something lower. If the provider doesn’t want to work with you, then you have more providers on your list.

Find a Reliable Provider

If you negotiate a great deal with a company you have to make sure that this company is reliable. In order to save some of your time, we came across two different reliable review websites for the 2014: Top Ten Reviews and have both listed the top ten best extended auto providers in the United States.

Whether you go through a third party provider or your manufacturer you shouldn’t pay more than you need to for an extended warranty. Remember, as the customer you have the negotiating power. Use it to get the best deal possible.


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