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Top 5 Best Investment Ideas and Tips for Beginners

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As a beginner investor, navigating through the many different investment options available out there can be very difficult and a scary experience. Different types of investments carry with them varying amounts of risk and reward. There are a large number of potential investment pitfalls that can befall the unwary, first-time investor. To make things easier for you, here is a list of the top 5 best investment ideas for beginners. 

Top 5 Best Investment Ideas and Tips for Beginners: 

Real Estate

Despite the recent falls in property prices, real estate remains a good investment. It’s actually one of the well-protected investment options that keep on thriving and flourishing, even in developing nations. Real estate lets you combine the huge benefits of leverage with property value appreciation over the long term. 

The value of property typically increases over time, resulting in increased equity and creation of wealth. Also, the growth in value your investment experiences is sheltered from tax until you liquidate the property. Additional tax benefits can be realized through value-added tax deductions such as ability to deduct operating costs and cost of financing. 


As a beginner investor, it’s wise to invest in gold. This is simply because it provides an excellent hedge against inflation. In times of economic crisis, the government typically prints more currency. This results in increased money supply, which in turn causes inflation and ultimately decreased value of currency. Investing in gold provides a great way to secure your investments, as when the true value of currency decreases, the value of gold invariably rises. 

Today’s interconnected world economy means the economies of major countries are intrinsically linked. When the economy of one major country suffers, there is a knock on effect and major stock markets suffer as well. When stocks and shares fall, majority of investors usually choose to buy gold, which causes its prices to rise.


Forex investing offers the best return on investment. But the risks are higher compared to other forms of investments. Conventional investments, such as stocks, mutual funds and bonds, provide a good way to earn money from one’s savings. However, forex trading is more profitable compared to these investments. It’s also much less complicated and demanding but as profitable, if not more. 

With forex trading, you don’t have to monitor hundreds of stocks or wait for months to realize profits. You can make money huge amounts of money from trading in just a few currency pairs within a very short period of time. This is because the Forex market trading hours are a 24-hour, commission-free market that has no short-selling restrictions. 


Investing in insurance products is a great way to ensure that you’re well taken care of in times of emergency as well as during retirement. Insurance policies that come with an investment feature offer significant tax benefits, as the earnings on the plan are not usually taxed. These policies also provide a wide range of investment options, such as stocks, mutual funds, bonds and money market accounts. 

Additionally, they offer unmatched flexibility, where the plan may be increased with a lump-sum payment or borrowed in the event of a medical emergency or any other pressing financial need.

Your Employer’s 401k

Majority of employers offer a 401k plan through which employees can make their contributions toward their retirement savings. However, many employees don’t take full advantage of their 401k plan. Don’t be like them, as there are many benefits that you can accrue from investing in your company’s 401k. 

Contributing part of your salary to your employer’s 401k plan will allow you to enjoy a number of benefits, such as a tax break, tax-deferred growth, and a possibility of a matching contribution from your employer. To get maximum benefits, consider contributing approximately 20% of your income to your 401k, and avoid tapping into your 401k to meet your immediate cash-flow needs.

Lastly, it’s important to note that there is no guarantee that you’ll make money using any of these ideas. To succeed, you need to take the time to learn about the fundamental principles of each of these investment options as well as the right strategies that can help you make money. Also, remember you don’t have to invest in all of them to succeed. Just choose one or two options that you are most comfortable with and stick with it.

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  1. Yes, These are the great and useful things for the beginners who wants to invest their money. But, According to me Real estate is one of the best way to invest money where investor get good returns on their investment.


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