Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Employers Look for when Employing New Staff

For an employer, new staff can bring a wealth of experience and skills to a company. Recruiting the right employee can be a great asset. From the moment a potential employee walks into an interview, the employer will assess their integrity, their likeability and their competence. Employers now have access to social networking sites. These sites can show your political views, your personal life and good and bad moments. Social networking can be used to your advantage, but just remember to keep them digitally dirt-free. 

Able to work in a team

All employers hope that their company will work as a team. Teamwork leads to greatness; not just one person. Praise for a team will lead to great success and recognition for all staff, as well as the company. Employees who can leave what they are doing to work as a team to meet a deadline are invaluable. 

Ability to organise and prioritise

A self-motivated employee will be able to prioritise what needs to be done, even if this means organising schedule shifts and solving problems. Managers can guide you but if you need constant guidance when performing daily tasks, you will become a burden to the company. Employees must possess inner drive and self-motivation to be able to tackle unexpected hurdles when they arise. 

Ability to make decisions

Businesses are fast paced and employees must be able to multitask and be able to manage different projects at the one time. Being able to handle a variety of different tasks, being able to make split second decisions and showing a passion for your assignments are all qualities that employers look for. These are all qualities that can lead to advancement. An employee must also have the ability to be able to adjust and not be too set in their ways. 

Knowledge relating to the job

It is important to have technical knowledge or experience relating to a particular job. Employers may want the applicant to walk straight into a position without undertaking much training. Solid references and a detailed resume can attest to an employee’s attributes. 


Getting to work on time is only a small part of showing you are dependable. Working and dressing in a professional manner and having a positive attitude will enhance the company’s reputation and brand. A positive attitude will carry a good employee through difficult situations. This attitude will make fellow employees feel secure and will help create good morale amongst staff.

All employers want to hire people who are intelligent, trustworthy and dependable. These traits will make them good at their jobs. A great employee will have balance in the workplace, as well as outside the workplace. Balancing the two will make for an employee with a better attitude. Joining a company is like gaining another family. 

Companies like www.mabeyhire.com.au stand behind their employees and make sure employees are a good fit with their company. An employee who fits in well with the company will bring enthusiasm, confidence and initiative to that company, which will help that company succeed.

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