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5 Mortgage Problems You Want To Avoid So You Don't Lose Money

They say we learn from our mistakes, so that means it's a good idea to make them in the first place. What they really mean is that it's good to make a spelling mistake so the teacher can correct you. They're not telling you to make a terrible mistake when you're half way through the biggest purchase of your life. You'll still learn from the mistake, but it could cripple you. Let's look at a few things you don't want to mess up when it comes to your mortgage.

Don't go crazy with credit

Before you apply for a mortgage you don't want to have too much credit in your name. That means any big purchases you're thinking of making should be put on hold until your future mortgage is wrapped up. Even if you have the best credit rating in the world it's going to scare companies away when you owe lots of money to different people. What would happen if your circumstances changed and your finances were hit? Everyone who has lent you money would have to compete with each other to get theirs back.

Don't hide from your lender

A lot of people hate hearing bad news so they don't open their mail when it comes in. If they can't afford to pay their mortgage it gets worse because they stop answering their phone. Lenders find it impossible to reach people, but I'm sure you realize this will never make the problem go away. It could actually make it worse since lenders have a few options at their disposal and they could maybe save your home, but unfortunately this is never going to happen when they can't even contact you.

Don't skip the inspection

It's easy to fall in love with a beautiful home as soon as you walk through the front door. Sometimes they just 'feel' right and you know you want to buy it. Unless you can see into the future you don't know what is going to go wrong. The only way you can find any unknown problems is by getting a home inspection and you need one carried out before your offer becomes official. Your perfect home might look beautiful to the naked eye, but you don't know what is going on behind the scenes.

Don't lie on your application

At the moment you might not have the greatest income in the world and you could even owe some money to credit card companies, but you still have to tell the truth when you're filling in your mortgage application. It's even harder when you know you're due a big pay rise within the next year because you'll have to settle for a much smaller loan at the present moment. If your lender finds out you've lied to them you could end up in a lot of trouble and it could also be a federal offense.

Don't pick the wrong mortgage

I know it's easy to change your mortgage these days and everyone swaps around like crazy, but don't pick the wrong mortgage in the first place and you'll save yourself so much hassle. You might still need to change it further down the line, but at least you'll save yourself a few years of wasted money. People only choose the wrong mortgage in the first place because they choose the wrong people to help them, but you can take care of that by making sure you speak to a skilled financial adviser.

You only get one shot

Once you mess up you'll lose money and there is no getting away from it. You can always take out another mortgage, but your money will never magically appear again. Take your time if you're buying a home for the very first time because you don't want to regret something even if it only affects you negatively for a few years.

Author Byline:
The author of this article, Ian Andrews, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for First World Mortgage, well-known mortgage lenders in Connecticut. Ian loves cooking and on weekends he provides lessons to the underprivileged youth.

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