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What To Watch For This Tax Season

The tax season is the time of year when many families and individuals have to figure out what they owe in taxes or imagine what they are going to get back in a refund. However, there are some items that families and individuals have to look at to make sure that all of the bases are covered before a tax return is filed.

Each of these items are things for people over 50 to look out for when they are preparing their tax returns. There are considerations for people over 50 that are unique to them as parents and people with greater earning potential.

The House

Many people over 50 own their home and have for many years. However, house payments usually contain interest payments that can be used as deductions on a tax return. If the individual is going to make their payments faithfully, they should also use their interest payments to get a write-off on their return.


Many parents over 50 are paying for their children to go to college. These loans also have interest payments that can be written off just as they are with a home loan. However, the stressed parent of a college student may forget to deduct the interest payments that they have made while their child is still in college.


Parents over 50 may also have dependents that they can name on their income tax return. Having dependent children who live at home at least for part of the year can help to reduce an older parent's tax liability simply because the dependent helps to reduce the tax bracket that the individual falls under. Even if the child is an adult, they may be considered a dependent child who can be claimed on an income tax return.

Capital Gains

Many people who have been earning money for quite a long time may also have a long list of investments that they are juggling to produce income or as part of the retirement planning process. However, every dollar that is earned from the dividends on these holdings or from the sale of these holdings must be reported. Many people may forget these things and fail to report them on their income tax return. Failing to report these items on a tax return could cause the individual to be audited now or in the future.

Side Businesses

Many people who work for a living also have side businesses where they own properties and rent to tenants or do work on the side to earn extra cash. These side businesses all produce income meant to finance the family, but this money has to be reported on income tax returns to avoid the ire of the government.

Every person who does a little bit of work on the side must be certain that they are not only calculating how much money they are making but also notating the deductions they can take for that business.

Mileage reports, business expenses from internet connections to office supplies and even electronic equipment can be used as deductions for these side businesses. The only way the side business will be worth it at the end of the year is if the individual deducts all of the items they use for the business.

When looking at home to finance the family activities for the year as well as preparing for tax returns at the end of the year, the family can put together a tax return that accounts for interest payments, dependent children, side businesses and investment income. Wit all of these factors in play, any family can feel safe during the tax season.

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Joshua Turner is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to business. In this article, he offers tax tips to individuals and aims to encourage further study with a masters degree in accounting.

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