Friday, June 27, 2014

Avoid Overspending: Six Services And Items You Can Save On With Little Effort

Although many people consistently overpay due to self negligence and laziness, there are many individuals who are simply unaware of the numerous money-saving opportunities that require little physical or mental expenditure. 

Personal Money Management Websites

Want to create a personalized budget on the fly or create a savings goal to meet by the end of the quarter? It's important to know where your money is being spent and exactly how much you have left in your account. Money management sites like and Yodlee Money Center offer software to users for free. Take the time to set it up and see exactly the state of your financial affairs. 

Add Insulation to Your Home and Attic

This age-old advice is not put into practice nearly enough. Heat is measured in the form of BTUs, or "therms", and each BTU costs about a dollar. When not insulated correctly, BTUs will be lost through a process known as thermal transmittance. Evaluate the amount of heat you lose and fix the deficiencies to ensure your money isn't being wasted. 

Library Registration

Instead of shelling out hard-earned cash each week for the latest Grisham novel or the most recent Blu-Ray release, register for a card at your local library. Most have extensive collections of Movies and TV shows, both current and classics. Because the registration for a library card is inexpensive, it pays off to go there for your next read or new movie.

Cash In With Rewards Cards

Game the system with rewards credit cards. Most people, unfortunately, associate credit cards with needless debt, but there are many cards that offer significant perks for their users. Search the web and peruse the plethora of options available. Use a credit card that offers rewards for services you use a lot or are interested in, like gas, travel and food.

House Swap

Planning a trip to a far-off or expensive place? You might want to look into swapping residencies with someone from your intended area of visit. Instead of paying extravagant hotel fees, the two parties simply switch places, free of charge to both. Be sure to thoroughly research website that offer these services to make sure it is reputable. 

Home Maintenance

This is an oft-overlooked area of saving for homeowners. Most people see home maintenance as an avoidable expense, but as any homeowner knows, this is not the case. Sometimes, homeowners can fix repairs and minor problems around the home, but many don't know that calling in a professional can actually save future costs and jobs done incorrectly. This is especially true with plumbing problems. Calling an expert can save you a lot of money and time on repairs you can't do yourself, says the professionals at Amyotte's Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Too often, people choose what is expedient over what is proactive. Start saving today by following these simple tips to avoid unnecessary overspending.

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  1. Love the library! I haven't bought a book in forever. Great suggestions.


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