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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

4 Websites to Keep Your Finances and Budget Organized in 2018

Budgeting is essential in anyone’s life. From having money to pay rent or mortgage payments each month, to allocating funds to pay credit cards, and of course daily expenditures, you have to budget accordingly. 

If you need help setting and maintaining your budget, there are several sites/apps you can use to assist you. These are a few which can help you get your spending under control, and possibly even start to save a bit each month.


It is not only one of the top apps on the Apple-store, it is convenient and easy to use as well. 

It offers features like SMS text if you are close to monthly expenditures, or are considering making a purchase which isn’t within your budget. This is ideal for over-spenders or compulsive shoppers.

Your Wealth

Online calculators, budgeting tools, and professional expert-advice, you have all the financial planning tools and guidance you need, to keep you on track. There is also a money-borrowing hub to help you find lower interest rates and the best repayment terms. 

A simple to use tool which will keep you on track, and help you allocate monthly funds to avoid over spending.

Money Vista 

This site uses a “life chart” to help you at different phases of your life. Depending on age, spending habits, earnings, and what you want to do in life (plan for a trip, pricey purchase, save, etc.), the life-chart will help you get there. 

It is easy to use and will help you maintain your budget accordingly if you need to keep your financial spending under control.


More and more small business owners have started to use chargify because it is a great way to keep on track with all of your payments. It allows you to automatically send out invoices if they are recurring. There are loads of other brilliant things you can use. If you would like to know more about chargify visit

Most individuals need help with financing and budgeting but not all can afford a professional financial planner to help them. These online budgeting tools are easy to use, convenient, and highly-affordable. No matter where you are in life, these are simple tools you can utilise to help you track spending/saving.

Time to Take Charge of Your Money

The new year is a great time. It's the time when it's OK to move on from the mistakes of the past. The slate is wiped clean and you have another chance to get it right. Why not try some of these websites and apps to see if you can get your finacial lives organized. There's no better time than now to get started.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Magical Financial Formula - Eliminate Overspending Forever

For many people, spending a few dollars more than anticipated rarely seems like a big deal. However, for those where overspending is a problem that happens over and over, the results can be disastrous. 

Bank accounts can be wiped out, credit cards maxed out, and credit ratings can plummet. Rather than be left scrambling for money each month, it's best to focus on ways to eliminate this habit. While this may sound impossible, the fact is overspending is a learned behavior that most people are very capable of overcoming.

Create a Budget

If you want to take a big step toward eliminating overspending, create a budget and be prepared to stick to it every month. To get the best results, gather all your bills to see how much you owe each month. 

Afterwards, add up your pay stubs and figure out how much you're making, then see if there's any way you can put some money into savings.

Pay with Cash

For many people who overspend on a consistent basis, paying with cash can make a tremendous difference. 

Rather than paying with a credit card, paying with cash makes it much more obvious just how much is being spent at the moment, and also gives you a feeling of loss by watching your money disappear. By making you think about where your money is going, spending can often be curtailed.

Cut Up the Credit Cards

In extreme cases of overspending, many people take the drastic step of cutting up their credit cards. In doing so, they are unable to use them for any reason, forcing them to use cash for purchases or to avoid some purchases altogether. 

While this may sound extreme, the fact is it's often a great first step toward getting your credit repaired. Sometimes, a Lexington Law review can be helpful to learn more about what to do in such a situation. By eliminating the chance to make one impulse purchase after another, bills can begin to be paid on time, which over time goes a long way in repairing your credit.

Choose Cheaper Entertainment Options

If you've gotten used to spending plenty of money on entertainment, you might need to start changing your plans in order to save a few bucks. For example, if you've been eating out several nights per week, it's a good idea to go out only once or twice instead. 

And if you've been having a weekly movie night at the local theater, try staying home and catching a movie on television. By implementing these changes, you'll be surprised as to how much money you'll save.

Reward Yourself Now and Then

Even though your goal is to eliminate overspending, that doesn't mean you should never have any fun. Once in awhile, it's fine to have a meal at a favorite restaurant, play a round of golf at your favorite course, or even taking a short vacation. 

By learning how to balance your spending in an appropriate manner, you may find you can reward yourself more than you thought possible.

Set Short-Term Financial Goals

One of the best ways to make progress when it comes to eliminating overspending is to set several short-term financial goals. For example, if you're trying to put aside money for a savings account, try putting aside 10 percent of each paycheck. 

Or, if you think you've been spending too much money eating out, try brown-bagging it to work for a week. When you challenge yourself with these goals and then succeed in meeting them, you'll be better able to set and meet long-range financial goals.

While none of these tips individually may seem like a magic formula, putting them all together as part of your overall financial plan can bring you success that does indeed seem magical.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Avoid Overspending: Six Services And Items You Can Save On With Little Effort

Although many people consistently overpay due to self negligence and laziness, there are many individuals who are simply unaware of the numerous money-saving opportunities that require little physical or mental expenditure. 

Personal Money Management Websites

Want to create a personalized budget on the fly or create a savings goal to meet by the end of the quarter? It's important to know where your money is being spent and exactly how much you have left in your account. Money management sites like and Yodlee Money Center offer software to users for free. Take the time to set it up and see exactly the state of your financial affairs. 

Add Insulation to Your Home and Attic

This age-old advice is not put into practice nearly enough. Heat is measured in the form of BTUs, or "therms", and each BTU costs about a dollar. When not insulated correctly, BTUs will be lost through a process known as thermal transmittance. Evaluate the amount of heat you lose and fix the deficiencies to ensure your money isn't being wasted. 

Library Registration

Instead of shelling out hard-earned cash each week for the latest Grisham novel or the most recent Blu-Ray release, register for a card at your local library. Most have extensive collections of Movies and TV shows, both current and classics. Because the registration for a library card is inexpensive, it pays off to go there for your next read or new movie.

Cash In With Rewards Cards

Game the system with rewards credit cards. Most people, unfortunately, associate credit cards with needless debt, but there are many cards that offer significant perks for their users. Search the web and peruse the plethora of options available. Use a credit card that offers rewards for services you use a lot or are interested in, like gas, travel and food.

House Swap

Planning a trip to a far-off or expensive place? You might want to look into swapping residencies with someone from your intended area of visit. Instead of paying extravagant hotel fees, the two parties simply switch places, free of charge to both. Be sure to thoroughly research website that offer these services to make sure it is reputable. 

Home Maintenance

This is an oft-overlooked area of saving for homeowners. Most people see home maintenance as an avoidable expense, but as any homeowner knows, this is not the case. Sometimes, homeowners can fix repairs and minor problems around the home, but many don't know that calling in a professional can actually save future costs and jobs done incorrectly. This is especially true with plumbing problems. Calling an expert can save you a lot of money and time on repairs you can't do yourself, says the professionals at Amyotte's Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Too often, people choose what is expedient over what is proactive. Start saving today by following these simple tips to avoid unnecessary overspending.

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