Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ways To Make It Big Without Stepping Foot In An Office

Not everyone wants to work at a nine-to-five job sitting in an office all day. Fortunately, there are other ways to succeed. You may, however, have to be willing to learn some new skills or even take a few risks. If you are open to less conventional possibilities, however, there are many ways to make it big on your own terms. Let’s look at four alternatives.

1. Earn Your Fortune in Real Estate

There are a couple of ways to make money in real estate. If you have a little money to invest or good credit, you can become a home or property flipper. This takes some research, as you want to be able to identify properties with good potential for fast turnover. If you can make improvements to the property, or can afford to have someone do this for you, you can often make a fast profit.

If you don’t have money to invest in real estate, you can become a real estate agent and earn commissions on properties you sell. It’s even possible to earn real estate commissions without becoming a professional realtor. Some people make money by “bird dogging” for real estate agents. This is where you identify properties with good potential and tell the realtor about them. You then earn commissions when the properties are sold.

2. Become a Consultant

Consultants can earn a good living and often travel all over the world. This is a good choice for someone with expertise in a field with high demand, such as helping businesses become more profitable. Many consultants specialize in certain areas such as finance, education, entertainment or technology. Consulting is a good business for people who want to live an independent lifestyle and set their own prices. You do, however, have to be good at networking and marketing yourself.

3. Become a Professional Gambler

While gambling is usually thought of as games of chance, there are people who master certain games and make a good living from them. Poker players are the best known examples of this. There are also, however, people who become skilled at casino games such as blackjack, craps or roulette.

If you want to become a professional gambler, you will need a lot of discipline. You’ll have to master your game of choice and find an effective strategy. This is a good choice for people who like the glamor of casinos. You can, for example, find an attractive setting such as Viejas and make it your workplace.

4. Start an Online Business

There are many ways to make money with an online business. You could, for example, start an e-commerce site and sell physical products on eBay or Amazon. If you don’t want to stock your own products, you can use drop shipping. An even simpler option is to become an affiliate marketer, where you earn a commission for selling other people’s products.

The above are just a few of the ways many people have found success without a traditional office job. If you find something that you are passionate about, you have a good chance of making it work. You do, however, have to take the time to learn how to turn your passion into a real business.

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