Monday, August 25, 2014

Take Control of your Finances: Six Ideas that Will Help You Save Money on Health Care

Unexpected, or even expected medical bills, can wreak havoc on your finances. It is a little known fact that the average American spent $6815 on treatments in 2013 alone. Research also suggests that if you are financially struggling, you are much more prone to problems that affect your physical health. Below, we show you six ideas in which you can save on your health care costs:

More is less

It is a good idea to schedule regular check ups with your family physician, as it is much better to nip any potential health problems in the bud. That pain in your knee that you are experiencing right now could turn into something much more difficult and costly to manage later on. Go to more regular check ups instead of waiting until the last minute to get treatment. 

Invest in your company health savings plan

If you work at a company that offers a health savings plan, use it. The dollars that you invest are pre-tax, meaning that you aren’t paying for any medical care in after tax salary. You should also take advantage of any health perks your company offers, like insurance or dental care. 

Take care of yourself

You will save a lot of your future income, if you take care of yourself over the course of your life. Face facts and stop smoking and excessively drinking. Likewise, ditch the junk food and go for the healthy option. Your body, and your finances, will thank you in the long run.

Get regular dental checks

Regularly visiting your dentist can save you serious money. An innocent, yet neglected, cavity can lead to root canals or worse later on. Regular cleaning can prevent peritonitis, which, in turn, can prevent tooth loss, which is costly to fix. Going to your regular dentist appointments and keeping up with good oral hygiene can help prevent costly dental work, say the experts at Midtown Dental Centre.

Shop around

There are drastic differences in the cost of medical treatment. More and more walk-in centers are competing for your medical dollars. Find out if there is an alternative health center that can meet your needs for less. Also, many pharmacies are now also offering routine allergy treatments and flu shots for much less than it would cost if you visited a private practitioner. 

Buy generic

The differences in the cost of branded medication can be startling. A 2008 Survey, conducted by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores found that the average price of a name brand drug was one $137, compared to the generic prescription price of just $35. For most prescriptions, the generic brand will be just effective.

Implementing these six simple ideas will certainly help your financial health, and eradicate that pain in the wallet. Take control of your finances by being more proactive with your health care.

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