Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Save and Earn Extra Money this Spring

The spring season is quickly approaching, making it an ideal time to make extra money and find ways of supplementing your income. With a few creative ideas and a bit of hard work, it's possible to save for a summer trip or extra expenses. To earn extra money, there are a few ways of spending more time outdoors and offering your skills to those in the community.

Rent Out a Room

You can lease out a room in your home to earn extra cash during the season. Write out a contract with a specific timeframe that will detail how long the tenant will occupy the property for an easy way of making money this spring simply by offering up extra space in your home. It also might be a good idea to have your contract notarized to help prevent any potential legal problems later.

Sell DVDs Online

Many people have dozens of DVDs that are no longer used in their home, but are still worth plenty of money. Instead of allowing the movies to collect dust, sell each DVD online on a website like Selling our DVDs online is an easy way to clean out your home and earn some extra cash.

Do Good Yard Work

One of the best ways to earn some extra money this spring is to help your neighbors with their yard work. Everyone wants their yard to look good, but many of them don’t like doing it. Start with your yard. Clear out all the dead leaves and twigs that might be there after a long winter. Re-mulch your flower beds and trim your trees. Remove any dead plants or flowers from last year. 

Do whatever it takes to make your yard look the best in your neighborhood then take pictures. Go around door-to-door to your neighbors and offer your services to help them with their yard work. Show them the photos of your yard in order to sell the idea of them hiring you to do their work for them. The more that will hire you, the more likely you will end up with some extra cash this spring. Some may even become repeat customers for summer maintenance or to help them again next year.

Become a Dog Walker

With the spring season causing temperatures to rise, more pets can now spend time outdoors and get exercise after hibernating indoors after a long winter. You can make extra money by become a dog walker in the neighborhood with prices that are based on the duration of each walk. Advertise your services by posting flyers throughout the local area and going door to door to households that own dogs. You can also offer dog training or dog washing services for more ways of caring for local pets in the community.

Clean Out Your Closet

From winter coats to miniskirts, there are often a number of clothing items that most people own but no longer use in their closets. Sell your unused clothes and accessories to secondhand stores for an easy way of earning a buck or two on outdated items that are no longer in style. You can put the cash toward other items in the store or even use it to buy new clothing to update your wardrobe.

With a bit of spring cleaning in your home and services that you can provide to your community, it's possible to earn a bit of side money by getting creative this season. It will not only allow you to save for a summer vacation or seasonal decor for the home, but will make for a productive way of staying busy. 

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  1. Hi! We featured this in our Weekly Digest because these are awesome ideas to generate more income. These are also great avenues for retirees not just to earn more, but to also experience and learn new things. You can read the round-up here Thanks!


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