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Saturday, April 18, 2020

4 Ways to Make Money in Addition to Your Day Job

These days most everyone could use a few extra bucks in their pocket. Offered are some ideas that can be fun as well as adding more money to your budget.

Freelance Writing

Here is a great stay at home way to earn extra money. Commercial writing consists of a vastly diverse field that offers money for your writing skills. Copywriting, journalism, product description, technical manuals, recipes, DIY instructions, as well as horoscopes are all examples of writing opportunities that are available online for pay. 

There are free online editing programs that will help refresh your skills. The pay may be low in the beginning but as your work improves so does the opportunities to make more money.

Real Estate

Whether you want to invest in flipping properties or want to help someone else to flip, there are several ways to side money in the field of real estate. Cleaning out rental houses between tenets, pressure-washing building exteriors, staging homes that are for sale, as well as photographing interiors and exterior properties for sale are just a few ways to make additional income moonlighting. 

Property management is another field of real estate that can become a second source of income. Make your skills known to real estate brokers, agents, and apartment complexes.

Selling Online

We all have things around the house that we can live without and they may be worth money. Why not sell them and clean out the house to make some extra money. There are several ways you can go about this by researching sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Craig's List to name just a few. 

Each site has a particular niche, so you can find the right type of buyers for your items. Be sure to check restrictions and fees on each site.

Mystery Shopping

Most of the mystery shopping jobs offered online is an unrevealed customer audit that you perform as a subcontracting agent. Banks, grocery stores, restaurants, shoe stores, retail stores, home improvement stores, car dealerships, are just a small listing of the types of jobs offered. Legit mystery shopper companies never ask you for money and offer free registration.

Offering tutoring or lessons in your skill area is another way to make extra money as is making deliveries. Decide what ideas appeal to you. If research is needed for additional money makers, try this site Moonlighting on the side can be inventive and fun.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Start Making Money From Your Blog

Are you an avid blogger with many readers online? Did you know that you could make money from your blog? If you are a creative writer with many interesting things to say, you have probably earned the loyalty of quite a number of readers and you can transform this loyalty into real money. 

Make Money Blogging using your personal blog, it is quite easy and most of the times you do not even have to change the content of what you write.

Pay per click advertisements

Pay per click (PPC in short) advertisements is one of the widely used internet marketing strategies. Personal blogs and websites that attracts moderate to high amount of online traffic can generate a good amount of revenue from PPC ads. PPC ad-serving apps are available from many companies such the very popular Google ad sense. 

Using the PPC ad-service application, you can set up an advertisement on your page and get paid every time one of your readers clicks the ad to follow the link to the company. 

Affiliate marketing

Sometimes the information that you give on your blog, could directly relate to the products and services offered by another company. The company can target your blog as a marketing platform through which you can get your readers to link to the company website and even buy its products. 

For instance, if you love talking about your fitness journey and working out experience on your blog then you can be an affiliate marketer for a company that sells fitness gear. The company will reward you for every link from your website that converts into a sale. Affiliate marketing is not only about generating traffic to a website but also converting the traffic to revenue by getting paying customers. 

You may need to have a bit of convincing power to enjoy the commissions on offer.

Posting for pay

Various sites offer bloggers payment to post on specific topics. The topics given are on the bloggers niche and natural talents. By posting interesting content on the topics given on a regular basis, you can make money from every post. 

Posting for pay is great for individuals who have great writing skills but do not have any specific blogging topic to write on.

Using the blog to market your services

You can also use the blog to market your services. If you have specific talents and skills such as painting, drawing, photography, dressmaking and styling, you can use your blog as your marketing platform. 

Write interesting posts describing your experiences, techniques and products to your readers using promotional tones that could convert them into customers as well. Many small-businesses rely on blogs along to get the information out there. It also makes the consumer feel part of the process of creating that product and this leads to long lasting customer relationships. 

You do not need to have a physical business location. You can even use your own home as a workshop and ship out the products to your customers.


Lydia Malloy is an e-commerce business owner with over five years-experience. After a debt review gave her a clear picture of her financial status, Lydia began the journey to money making online. You can read more about her experience on her blog.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

5 Easy Online Moneymaking Ways

With the current job market, it is becoming more and more difficult to find employment even as a trained professional. 

Rather than sit back in despair, you can always make money using one of the most widely accessible resource: the internet. 

You can make money online through so many ways but here are a few:

Website testing

The process of creating a new website online is quite detailed. The web designers have to ensure that the website is user friendly and capable of serving the purpose for which they designed it for. The only way to tell is through testing using real people. 

Through connecting with middleman companies that recruit website testers, you can be paid to test these new sites and give feedback on your experience using the site. You can get as much as $10 every time you test a website. 

Testing a website usually takes about 20 minutes. So if you are earning $10 every 20 minutes, imagine how much you can make on a good day. 

Data entry

Data entry work is widely available online. There are recruiting companies that hire home based virtual employees to carry out this work for their clients. Granted you have to take an efficiency test before you can do the work but most people with basic academic backgrounds and skill sets often make the cut. 

The availability of work largely depends on the client’s orders but it could be a great way to earn some extra cash.

Online surveys

If you have good general knowledge and a strong opinion, you are the best candidate to take online surveys. There is often a lot of research that goes into creating new consumer products, releasing new TV shows and writing schoolbooks among other things. 

Surveys is one of the ways through which the people creating these things can find out public opinion and make products more suited to the consumers based on these opinions. You can even make a full time income by participating in online surveys. Some surveys may take as little as two minutes and earn you as much as $20!

Online tutoring

High school and college graduates can make great use of their academically acquired knowledge through offering online tutoring services. 

You do not have to be physically present but you can use the internet to conduct tutoring classes for high school kids and college students who need extra help in specific subjects. People with strong teaching experience can earn up to $50 tutoring online.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most lucrative online opportunities today. If you are interested in writing, you can build a strong portfolio by working on projects such as web content writing, blogging, social media posting and ghost writing among other ways. With the right amount of dedication and time, freelance writing can be quite rewarding. 

There are various websites where clients seeking writers post projects and sometimes you have to outshine other writers to get the project, but once you create a strong online reputation, many clients will start seeking you out.


Christen Stewart is a freelance writer who quit her job as a waitress to pursue her writing dreams and now is making money writing online as well as doing what she loves. Do not suffer financially anymore, get a debt review and start making money online.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Save and Earn Extra Money this Spring

The spring season is quickly approaching, making it an ideal time to make extra money and find ways of supplementing your income. With a few creative ideas and a bit of hard work, it's possible to save for a summer trip or extra expenses. To earn extra money, there are a few ways of spending more time outdoors and offering your skills to those in the community.

Rent Out a Room

You can lease out a room in your home to earn extra cash during the season. Write out a contract with a specific timeframe that will detail how long the tenant will occupy the property for an easy way of making money this spring simply by offering up extra space in your home. It also might be a good idea to have your contract notarized to help prevent any potential legal problems later.

Sell DVDs Online

Many people have dozens of DVDs that are no longer used in their home, but are still worth plenty of money. Instead of allowing the movies to collect dust, sell each DVD online on a website like Selling our DVDs online is an easy way to clean out your home and earn some extra cash.

Do Good Yard Work

One of the best ways to earn some extra money this spring is to help your neighbors with their yard work. Everyone wants their yard to look good, but many of them don’t like doing it. Start with your yard. Clear out all the dead leaves and twigs that might be there after a long winter. Re-mulch your flower beds and trim your trees. Remove any dead plants or flowers from last year. 

Do whatever it takes to make your yard look the best in your neighborhood then take pictures. Go around door-to-door to your neighbors and offer your services to help them with their yard work. Show them the photos of your yard in order to sell the idea of them hiring you to do their work for them. The more that will hire you, the more likely you will end up with some extra cash this spring. Some may even become repeat customers for summer maintenance or to help them again next year.

Become a Dog Walker

With the spring season causing temperatures to rise, more pets can now spend time outdoors and get exercise after hibernating indoors after a long winter. You can make extra money by become a dog walker in the neighborhood with prices that are based on the duration of each walk. Advertise your services by posting flyers throughout the local area and going door to door to households that own dogs. You can also offer dog training or dog washing services for more ways of caring for local pets in the community.

Clean Out Your Closet

From winter coats to miniskirts, there are often a number of clothing items that most people own but no longer use in their closets. Sell your unused clothes and accessories to secondhand stores for an easy way of earning a buck or two on outdated items that are no longer in style. You can put the cash toward other items in the store or even use it to buy new clothing to update your wardrobe.

With a bit of spring cleaning in your home and services that you can provide to your community, it's possible to earn a bit of side money by getting creative this season. It will not only allow you to save for a summer vacation or seasonal decor for the home, but will make for a productive way of staying busy. 

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