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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

5 Easy Online Moneymaking Ways

With the current job market, it is becoming more and more difficult to find employment even as a trained professional. 

Rather than sit back in despair, you can always make money using one of the most widely accessible resource: the internet. 

You can make money online through so many ways but here are a few:

Website testing

The process of creating a new website online is quite detailed. The web designers have to ensure that the website is user friendly and capable of serving the purpose for which they designed it for. The only way to tell is through testing using real people. 

Through connecting with middleman companies that recruit website testers, you can be paid to test these new sites and give feedback on your experience using the site. You can get as much as $10 every time you test a website. 

Testing a website usually takes about 20 minutes. So if you are earning $10 every 20 minutes, imagine how much you can make on a good day. 

Data entry

Data entry work is widely available online. There are recruiting companies that hire home based virtual employees to carry out this work for their clients. Granted you have to take an efficiency test before you can do the work but most people with basic academic backgrounds and skill sets often make the cut. 

The availability of work largely depends on the client’s orders but it could be a great way to earn some extra cash.

Online surveys

If you have good general knowledge and a strong opinion, you are the best candidate to take online surveys. There is often a lot of research that goes into creating new consumer products, releasing new TV shows and writing schoolbooks among other things. 

Surveys is one of the ways through which the people creating these things can find out public opinion and make products more suited to the consumers based on these opinions. You can even make a full time income by participating in online surveys. Some surveys may take as little as two minutes and earn you as much as $20!

Online tutoring

High school and college graduates can make great use of their academically acquired knowledge through offering online tutoring services. 

You do not have to be physically present but you can use the internet to conduct tutoring classes for high school kids and college students who need extra help in specific subjects. People with strong teaching experience can earn up to $50 tutoring online.

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most lucrative online opportunities today. If you are interested in writing, you can build a strong portfolio by working on projects such as web content writing, blogging, social media posting and ghost writing among other ways. With the right amount of dedication and time, freelance writing can be quite rewarding. 

There are various websites where clients seeking writers post projects and sometimes you have to outshine other writers to get the project, but once you create a strong online reputation, many clients will start seeking you out.


Christen Stewart is a freelance writer who quit her job as a waitress to pursue her writing dreams and now is making money writing online as well as doing what she loves. Do not suffer financially anymore, get a debt review and start making money online.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

5 Quick and Creative Ways to Make an Extra $50.00

Sometimes you're short on cash and just can't seem to get any extra hours at work. You might need it to pay off some bills, or buy a ticket to that concert where your favorite artist is playing. Money isn't free, though, but luckily there are several ways you can build side income in your spare time. Here are five of our favorite ways to make that extra $50.00. 

Carpentry and Woodworking:

Here's a creative way to rise above artistic competition: woodworking. While most artists try to sell their ideas through print mediums, woodworking is a relatively less common form of commercial art. While many artists are interested mainly in selling an aesthetic piece, wood workers can make their pieces functional as well. You could carve keyholders, banisters, nameplates- you name it and it's probably a possibility. Good wood workers can easily sell commissions, and with little more than a carving knife and a block of wood, you can create a piece worth 50 dollars or more. 

Earrings out of clay:

Online customers will pay tons of money for custom jewelry, even if it doesn't contain any precious metals. Clay earrings are especially popular items for artists to make because they're fast, long-lasting, and easy to create for people new to sculpting. With your imagination, you can make abstract pieces that incorporate other materials, or maybe pieces based off of characters you created in a webcomic. The cost of creating earrings is relatively low, and the biggest determinant of your earring's selling price is their craftsmanship. 

Freelance Writing:

Freelance writing is easier than ever thanks to the internet. There are many websites looking to put all the hours you spent in English class to good use. Some places pay weekly, while others trade less regular pay for higher rates. The best thing about freelance writing is it's flexibility; you can work from virtually anywhere, meaning location isn't a factor when you're trying to make some extra money. 

Pawn shops:

Do you have some items lying around your house you no longer need? Pawn shops are a great place to take them, whether it be finding a buyer for your electronics at pawn shops in Fort Lauderdale, or selling off that saxophone in Seattle. It's not just instruments and electronics pawnshops are looking for, though. Many buyers are also hoping for items made of precious metals. Artwork is also a common buy for resellers; don't be afraid to take those off-the-wall things into pawn brokers. The worst thing that can happen is brokers will turn you down. 

Tutor in specialty subjects:

Anyone can quickly find a tutor for Spanish or Algebra, but if you have in-depth knowledge about a specialty subject don't doubt the money you can make. Do you know a lot about 3D printing? Put your expertise to good use for people interested in staying on the cutting edge. While lots of students want to learn French and Spanish, subjects like Arabic and Korean tend to have fewer tutors. You can put away a pretty penny if you're a speaker of a less popular language, especially if it's your native tongue.

Feel like 50 dollars is a lot to make? Don't give up. While it may require a bit of self-promotion and persistence, you too can make money on the side. You're in a world more connected than ever; think about all the people in need of the creative, unique skills and products you have to offer.

Author Bio
Karleia is a freelance blogger residing in Utah. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Earn Extra Income Working from Home

While it comes to earning extra income while working from home, the first thing that comes to mind is the Internet. Actually, there are a number of ways to make money online even by using the traditional methods of earning money. Because, at present the scope of earning extra money online while sitting back at home work like as a bliss for a number of people including the housewives, retirees, students and even for the part time office workers. Owning any online business is one of the popular methods of working online from home. The only key to earn money while working from the home is only to focus on enhancing your creativity and skills as these things can only help you to earn money online. Earning some extra money online, you can easily pay off the bills and the debts that you have without any worry. Besides, you can also save the money to build up capitals that will secure your future.

But the great thing of earning money online is that one can really earn a good amount of money only by following a few simple steps. In order to be eligible to run any online business or to work online, you don’t have to be a computer genius. Your skills will help you to discover the things which work online and also the things which you should avoid.

There are a number of options available through which you can earn online. Here in this article, I will describe some of them. Keep on reading to learn more.
  • Writing articles: You can start writing articles and submit those to the directories, which will pay up front. Or you can enter into any revenue sharing scheme, which will allow you to earn some residual income from the writing. Apart from that, you can also use your article writing capacity to market your online business as well as to earn lucratively. 
  • Working as a courier agent: You can start earning online by becoming a courier company agent. There are a number of reputable courier companies available in the market that provide both cheap international shipping and cheap national shipping facilities to the clients, you can work with any of them and can maintain the details and the data related to the parcel delivery to USA and in any other countries of the world. 
  • Setting up your own online business: You can set up your own online business by using the affiliate marketing business models. With the help of these models you can earn money online or you can also use this medium as the source of earning money online on a full time basis. This process will help you to enjoy the residual income online. 

These are just the three proven and popular ways of earning money online. You will find lots more opportunities like selling on eBay and delivering to international clients while searching online. All of those opportunities can provide you additional or even unlimited income. You just have to careful enough while choosing the job in order to avoid the scams.

This article has been authored an expert client analyst from France. He offers great tips Parcel delivery to USA and advices cheap international shipping on the issues of customer service through his articles.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Generate an Income with Your Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 900 Smartphone
Economic conditions around the world have made it so that people everywhere have to explore new and simple ways to make an income, sometimes without leaving their home. Fortunately, it’s possible to do just that by picking up your smartphone and downloading a few apps that are specially designed for moneymaking purposes.
High Rate of Usage in the USA and United Kingdom

In June of 2013, the Pew Research Center released the results of a study which found that 56 percent of adults in America now own a smartphone. The rate of popularity is very similar in the United Kingdom. The eMarketer website reported how through the end of 2013, it’s estimated there will be 30.9 million smartphone users there.

All about smartphones

Things to Do Before Getting Started

For years, there have been ways to make money through the Internet, ranging from completing surveys to performing website usability tests. Although many of those opportunities are legitimate, it is still necessary to be diligent and conduct adequate research before signing up for a moneymaking opportunity that seems to be a perfect fit. The same is true if you’re ready to make money with your smartphone.

Get started by asking people you trust if they have recommendations of apps to try, and also search for reviews online to get a broader perspective of whether or not something is worthwhile. You may also discover that designers of apps you use for work-related purposes have also produced platforms that make money.

After getting that information, dig deeper to find out more about your phone, such as details of the operating system and functionality. That will make it easier to find ways to make money that match well with the things your phone does best, plus the manner in which you’re comfortable using your device.

Read below to get details about particular moneymaking opportunities that exist. Although the possibilities are not exhaustive, they should give you a firm idea of what’s available and how the options could pad your bank account when money is short.

EasyShift: Earn Money for Things You Do Anyway

In many cases, generating income requires us to do things that are at least slightly inconvenient, or perhaps cumbersome. In contrast, an app called EasyShift seems to live up to the first part of its name by allowing users to make money for things they do regularly like going to the movies, shopping for groceries and ordering a cup of morning coffee. Payouts occur through PayPal after the accuracy of a finished task has been verified by the system. The app is optimized for Apple OS X 6.0 or later, and you can use it on an iPad as well.

CheckPoints: Get Rewarded for Shopping

Smartphone Bar Code Scanner
Shopping at your favorite stores no longer has to only be associated with spending money. Available for both the Android and Apple operating systems, the CheckPoints app encourages you to take your phone on the go, find particular products, and scan them into the system. It’s like a scavenger hunt for smartphone users! In time, it’s possible to earn points that you can eventually redeem for things including gift cards and airline miles.

Ipinion: Benefit from Speaking Your Mind

Many people greatly enjoy taking market research surveys, because they feel they’re a way to provide direct feedback about products used on a daily basis. It can also be especially rewarding to take a survey that tells marketers how to properly introduce a brand-new product to the market. By getting a chance to do that, you have even more potential influence than an early adopter, and could help to shape the future popularity of a product or service.
iPhone Apps - Shopping

The Ipinion app works on the Android operating system in conjunction with existing market research panels. If you aren’t already a member of the panels that participate with Ipinion, simply sign up with them and access content directly through the app. You’ll become familiar with a points system where one point is equal to one penny, and you’re eligible to start redeeming them once you’ve accumulated 500 points or more. Some of the things you could earn include cash or gift cards.

The possibilities described above are just a few examples of the dozens of possibilities that exist from moneymaking apps. The ones mentioned here are all free to try, so you have nothing to lose. At a conference in San Francisco this past June, the Apple Corporation announced that there are now more than 900,000 apps in Apple’s App Store. Add apps available for other operating systems to that number and clearly, if you’re willing to put forth a little effort and find apps that make sense with the ways you already use your smartphone, that trustworthy device could help you stay in touch with others and also boost your income.

Andrea Witherspoon works in the marketing division for a business mobile company, where you can compare mobile plans. You can follow her at @AndreaWTweets.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Internets = Parody motivator.
Internets = Parody motivator. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’re unfortunately living in a time when people are struggling to make ends meet, selling off their luxury items and doing away with family holidays abroad in order to pay for the everyday essentials. Flash cars, Caribbean cruises, even things like gym memberships are now a thing of the past, and we now look for more economical or cost-effective investments instead, allowing us to pay our bills and have enough left over for some fun at least!

To make these investments easier and to help pay some of the essential bills – rent, course fees, fuel and food shopping for example – people are looking for alternative sources of income. While their salaries and pensions go someway to covering the costs, they often don’t bring home as much as you’d like – especially once the taxman gets involved!

Utilizing the Internet has become a popular option, opening doors to audiences that might be interested in what they have to offer, and presenting them with the chance to make a bit of cash here and there.

Some of the most popular online sources of cash at present include:

Online Auctions

Selling any unwanted items on auction sites like eBay is a great way of making some extra cash with relative ease. Take a few pictures of the item you want to sell – like a polo shirt that is the wrong size for example – and create a description of the product listing why you’re selling it, the colour, the brand and any other essential details, and then create a starting price that you want the bidding to start at. Then, set a deadline and let the auction commence! In a few days, not only have you managed to get rid of the items you don’t want or need – making extra space at home – you’ve got some extra cash in your pocket too!

Freelance Writing

A lot of people are very creative with their writing, sitting down with a pen and paper and either writing their own books, maybe doing some drawings, while others type articles for the local paper or magazine. What they could be missing out on is the chance to make money for their writing, offering their services to media agencies for a small fee - $10 per article for example – making some easy money for the chance to do something they enjoy

Playing Games

The Internet presents a huge opportunity to make a bit of money just by playing games! Similarly to playing the lottery or putting a bet on a horse, you can play some of your favourite games and win either cash or prizes. To give you an example, sites like let users play traditional bingo – over the Internet – with the chance to win some money. Online bingo and other games on the net have become very popular in recent years thanks to the recent developments in technology meaning you can play anything, anywhere, anytime.

Sell your Creations

Many people make their own posessions – clothes, croquery, art, that kind of thing – and could get the chance to make more by selling the items online. Offering your services again as freelance, or just creating and selling in the online marketplaces can bring in money while you get to get creative!

This article was written by Matt Rawlings, a UK-based writer specializing in the latest technology, trends and developments.

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Complete Guide to Earning Extra Money for Retirement

Many people worry about their retirement and they start planning ways to earn extra money. Such attempts should ideally begin in one’s 30s and 40s.

Numerous ways can be used to earn some extra money for retirement. All of the strategies will demand some preliminary planning and research. Some require constant involvement and monitoring while others result in passive income that will be obtainable on a regular basis. Choosing the one that is right for you depend on your skills and your retirement needs.

Investment in Property

Investment in property is one of the oldest and most efficient ways to save some money for your retirement.

The trick towards gaining money this way understands the property market, finding a lucrative idea and selling it at a higher price than the original one. The real estate market tends to experience peaks and falls and you will have to choose the property to buy very carefully.

Consulting a real estate agent is the best way to approach the issue, in case you lack an idea about the market. 

Make Money Online

Internet provides diversified income generation opportunities. Some of the best ways to make money online include:

  • - article and content writing
  • - setting up your own blog or website
  • - affiliate marketing
  • - selling items on online shopping portals
  • - building an online consultancy business
  • - searching for online investment opportunities

When you decide to benefit from the final option, it would be very important to study, to understand the investment options and to avoid Ponzi schemes. Forensic accountants can help you understand such opportunities and stay away from scams. Otherwise, you risk losing a lot of money and starting an investigation that will cost you both time and money.

A Ponzi scheme is the most common online scam. In this case, a pyramid structure is created. Investors at the top of the pyramid make an income from the contributions of the next levels of investors. When you enter such a scheme, you will probably have to invest some funds but you will never see the returns.

Monetizing Favorite Hobbies and Activities

Even if you have no idea how to invest money and how to increase the initial funds you entered in a particular activity, fund or investment portfolio, you can still make some great money for retirement.

Monetizing your hobbies is possible during your younger and your retirement years, as well. This means launching your own home-based business and selling handcrafted items. Here are several great ideas for monetizing the activities you enjoy the most:

  • - Selling handmade greeting cards
  • - Launching your own cooking newsletter or recipe website
  • - Starting a home-based baking business
  • - Selling art pieces
  • - Selling photographs or photographing events

Passive Income Ideas

The best ideas for extra retirement money involve passive income generation. As the name suggests, you will need to do some preliminary work and just collect money once everything gets established.

The easiest way to guarantee steady passive income is property rental. This is why you should consider an investment in real estate. Even if you refrain from selling a home or an apartment, you can make money from it on a monthly basis.

Passive income generation is also possible through your website. Participating in affiliate programs and selling products through your website will guarantee you some income, especially if your website is popular. You will either make money each time someone clicks on an ad or you will earn a percentage of each sale that resulted from a referral from your website.

Writing an eBook and selling it through a popular online store is another great way to earn passive income for your retirement.

Be careful, study opportunities and avoid schemes when trying to gain and save money for your retirement. Avoid easy but questionable opportunities. You can earn a great retirement income; just take some time to do your homework in advance. 

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