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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Generate an Income with Your Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 900 Smartphone
Economic conditions around the world have made it so that people everywhere have to explore new and simple ways to make an income, sometimes without leaving their home. Fortunately, it’s possible to do just that by picking up your smartphone and downloading a few apps that are specially designed for moneymaking purposes.
High Rate of Usage in the USA and United Kingdom

In June of 2013, the Pew Research Center released the results of a study which found that 56 percent of adults in America now own a smartphone. The rate of popularity is very similar in the United Kingdom. The eMarketer website reported how through the end of 2013, it’s estimated there will be 30.9 million smartphone users there.

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Things to Do Before Getting Started

For years, there have been ways to make money through the Internet, ranging from completing surveys to performing website usability tests. Although many of those opportunities are legitimate, it is still necessary to be diligent and conduct adequate research before signing up for a moneymaking opportunity that seems to be a perfect fit. The same is true if you’re ready to make money with your smartphone.

Get started by asking people you trust if they have recommendations of apps to try, and also search for reviews online to get a broader perspective of whether or not something is worthwhile. You may also discover that designers of apps you use for work-related purposes have also produced platforms that make money.

After getting that information, dig deeper to find out more about your phone, such as details of the operating system and functionality. That will make it easier to find ways to make money that match well with the things your phone does best, plus the manner in which you’re comfortable using your device.

Read below to get details about particular moneymaking opportunities that exist. Although the possibilities are not exhaustive, they should give you a firm idea of what’s available and how the options could pad your bank account when money is short.

EasyShift: Earn Money for Things You Do Anyway

In many cases, generating income requires us to do things that are at least slightly inconvenient, or perhaps cumbersome. In contrast, an app called EasyShift seems to live up to the first part of its name by allowing users to make money for things they do regularly like going to the movies, shopping for groceries and ordering a cup of morning coffee. Payouts occur through PayPal after the accuracy of a finished task has been verified by the system. The app is optimized for Apple OS X 6.0 or later, and you can use it on an iPad as well.

CheckPoints: Get Rewarded for Shopping

Smartphone Bar Code Scanner
Shopping at your favorite stores no longer has to only be associated with spending money. Available for both the Android and Apple operating systems, the CheckPoints app encourages you to take your phone on the go, find particular products, and scan them into the system. It’s like a scavenger hunt for smartphone users! In time, it’s possible to earn points that you can eventually redeem for things including gift cards and airline miles.

Ipinion: Benefit from Speaking Your Mind

Many people greatly enjoy taking market research surveys, because they feel they’re a way to provide direct feedback about products used on a daily basis. It can also be especially rewarding to take a survey that tells marketers how to properly introduce a brand-new product to the market. By getting a chance to do that, you have even more potential influence than an early adopter, and could help to shape the future popularity of a product or service.
iPhone Apps - Shopping

The Ipinion app works on the Android operating system in conjunction with existing market research panels. If you aren’t already a member of the panels that participate with Ipinion, simply sign up with them and access content directly through the app. You’ll become familiar with a points system where one point is equal to one penny, and you’re eligible to start redeeming them once you’ve accumulated 500 points or more. Some of the things you could earn include cash or gift cards.

The possibilities described above are just a few examples of the dozens of possibilities that exist from moneymaking apps. The ones mentioned here are all free to try, so you have nothing to lose. At a conference in San Francisco this past June, the Apple Corporation announced that there are now more than 900,000 apps in Apple’s App Store. Add apps available for other operating systems to that number and clearly, if you’re willing to put forth a little effort and find apps that make sense with the ways you already use your smartphone, that trustworthy device could help you stay in touch with others and also boost your income.

Andrea Witherspoon works in the marketing division for a business mobile company, where you can compare mobile plans. You can follow her at @AndreaWTweets.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The 5 Best Apps for Finding a New Home

House hunting is a long and difficult process, but it doesn't have to be if you're equipped with the right technology. With a smartphone and a helpful real estate app, you'll find your new home faster than you can circle the neighborhood in search of "For Sale" signs. With that in mind, here are the five best apps for finding a new home:

1. Trulia Real Estate (Free for Android and Apple devices)

Image via Google Play

The Trulia Real Estate app combines high-resolution indoor/outdoor photos, interactive maps, and adjustable listing filters to help you find the perfect home. It also has a convenient graphing feature that compares other home prices in the area. 

Not only that, the Trulia app provides users with GPS locations of recently sold homes, schools within the area, and a list of the nearest grocery stores, pharmacies, and restaurants in the neighborhood as well as real-time listing updates.

2. ZipRealty (Free for iPhone and Android)

Image via Google Play

With the ZipRealty Real Estate App, you can browse interactive listing maps, select houses of interest, and save all search results. As an added convenience, once you've found a house with curb appeal, the app provides one-touch access to local real estate agents. 

Another great feature of the ZipRealty app is it provides WalkScore results for every home you search. WalkScore rates the walk-ability of the neighborhood in relation to nearby restaurants, grocery stores, and other activities.

3. Houston Homes For Sale (Free for Android and iPhone)

Image via Google Play

The Houston Homes For Sale app provides accurate, up-to-date real estate information for the greater Houston area. So, when it comes to finding new homes in Houston, this app provides information on price, taxes, square footage, and estimated mortgages. 

In addition, the Houston Homes app makes emailing or texting listings to friends and family as easy as using the listing share feature. And, when you're ready for a walk through or have any questions, the "Call" feature instantly connects you to a Houston Home representative.

4. Real Estate (Free for iPhone and iPad)

Image via Google Play

The Real Estate app provides all the same great features as the other apps above, but it takes house hunting a step further with in-depth financial features. 

The app has a built-in mortgage calculator to help you decide whether your dream home is a reality. Likewise, includes an instant credit check feature, loan pre-qualification applications, and monthly loan and interest payment information.

5. Rightmove (Free for Android)

Image via Google Play

Taking interactive house hunting to all new heights is the Rightmove app. This app not only incorporates Google's Street View as built-in feature, but when you do find that perfect home, you can share the listing with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter. 

Another great Rightmove feature is the floor plan view. With this feature you can get a feel for the home before you even walk through the front door by viewing full-screen, up to date floor plans as well as property lines. 

When it comes time to find the perfect home, a multitude of listings are only a search away with the apps above.


Author Bio:
Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including real estate and family.

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