Monday, August 24, 2015

Start Making Money From Your Blog

Are you an avid blogger with many readers online? Did you know that you could make money from your blog? If you are a creative writer with many interesting things to say, you have probably earned the loyalty of quite a number of readers and you can transform this loyalty into real money. 

Make Money Blogging using your personal blog, it is quite easy and most of the times you do not even have to change the content of what you write.

Pay per click advertisements

Pay per click (PPC in short) advertisements is one of the widely used internet marketing strategies. Personal blogs and websites that attracts moderate to high amount of online traffic can generate a good amount of revenue from PPC ads. PPC ad-serving apps are available from many companies such the very popular Google ad sense. 

Using the PPC ad-service application, you can set up an advertisement on your page and get paid every time one of your readers clicks the ad to follow the link to the company. 

Affiliate marketing

Sometimes the information that you give on your blog, could directly relate to the products and services offered by another company. The company can target your blog as a marketing platform through which you can get your readers to link to the company website and even buy its products. 

For instance, if you love talking about your fitness journey and working out experience on your blog then you can be an affiliate marketer for a company that sells fitness gear. The company will reward you for every link from your website that converts into a sale. Affiliate marketing is not only about generating traffic to a website but also converting the traffic to revenue by getting paying customers. 

You may need to have a bit of convincing power to enjoy the commissions on offer.

Posting for pay

Various sites offer bloggers payment to post on specific topics. The topics given are on the bloggers niche and natural talents. By posting interesting content on the topics given on a regular basis, you can make money from every post. 

Posting for pay is great for individuals who have great writing skills but do not have any specific blogging topic to write on.

Using the blog to market your services

You can also use the blog to market your services. If you have specific talents and skills such as painting, drawing, photography, dressmaking and styling, you can use your blog as your marketing platform. 

Write interesting posts describing your experiences, techniques and products to your readers using promotional tones that could convert them into customers as well. Many small-businesses rely on blogs along to get the information out there. It also makes the consumer feel part of the process of creating that product and this leads to long lasting customer relationships. 

You do not need to have a physical business location. You can even use your own home as a workshop and ship out the products to your customers.


Lydia Malloy is an e-commerce business owner with over five years-experience. After a debt review gave her a clear picture of her financial status, Lydia began the journey to money making online. You can read more about her experience on her blog.


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