Sunday, June 28, 2015

Rewarding your employees - Hosting an amazing office party

Although having frequent parties and events at a company might give the impression that people are not working and that it is not a serious business, it is required as it will help motivate your workers, and it will increase overall productivity and efficiency levels. 

Nevertheless, make sure that parties are only used as a means for either celebrating a major event, or for rewarding your employees for their excellent work and performance. But always make the motive behind a party clear and what you want to achieve with it.

Always make sure of the party budget

It is very important that you do not rush into office party planning without knowing what your budget is, and in order to avoid any embarrassing moments, it is better to sit down and to chalk up a viable budget. 

Furthermore, make sure that you have the exact number of people going to show up so that you know how much of anything to reserve, but keep in mind that there will be those who will not be able to come at the last minute as well, or vice versa. It is better to leave room for correction in your budget estimate than to end up short with money.

Find a suitable place

In order to hold a good party, and for your employees to enjoy themselves, it will be necessary to find a good venue. Make sure though that this place is easily accessible by all, and that it is neither far away nor complicated to get to. 

Moreover, if you have a big enough company to hold the party there, it would be even better, not only do you get to save some money but your employees will not have to drive for long hours to get to the party. 

Choosing the right theme of the party

To really spice up things, and to encourage employees to mingle and enjoy themselves, it is always a good idea to pick a theme for the party. Consider holding a masked party as it can be good for those want to be really creative. 

However, if employees find themselves without a costume, they can always look up Costume One’s costumes online and either buy or rent one for the evening. Just make sure that everyone understands what the topic is and that they can have for the night. 

Entertainment for the party

Just having people to come for food and drinks is often not enough, you should ensure that there is some form of entertainment, and it is often best to have your employees play games. 

Although it might seem like party games are not meant for corporate parties, this could not be further from the truth, not only will it be great for your employees to really unwind and to have fun, but it is a good way to encourage guests to mingle and to socialize without worrying about who is which position at the company.

Make a party for the whole family

Often employees cannot leave their children alone and they will miss out on a corporate gathering, but for such scenarios, it is a good idea to organize a party which is family friendly as well. You can also organize that the daycare works longer for that event and that your employees can leave their kids and not to worry about anything. 

However, family parties are always welcome as they will encourage family fun and special bonding between families and employees as well. Just make sure that food and drinks are age appropriate.

Organizing a good party to promote business productivity and efficiency

One of the main goals for hosting a business party is to encourage your employees that they are doing great and that they can feel appreciated and respected. However, make sure that you do not hold frequent events, as it will defeat the purpose and it cannot be used as an effective method to reward your employees. 

Always make sure to include your workers when designing the outline of the party, as they will know what they want, and what will be entertaining. After all, each party should be different and more engaging than the last one.

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