Sunday, June 28, 2015

Your Career as a Manager in 2015: Virtual Politics & Education

Technology development, internet expanding market, failed educational systems, the horrors of the recession, etc. This list could last for quite some time, so let’s cut it here and draw a conclusion: the business world suffered a lot of changes, and alterations are far from stopping when it comes to innovative approaches, new regulations, incomprehensible business models and generally underdeveloped ideas. 

The reality of the present day business world is that you have to stay industrious at all times, determined and attentive, and you have to keep learning if you want to advance in your career.

Of course, progress always depends on the level of one’s commitment, but today you can obtain a skill on Monday to find out it is obsolete on Friday. Development leaves incompetency behind, it’s elementary, but it is hard to keep up with modern business world. This is why we will focus on methods that you can commit to and attain skills that will secure your future progress in the following period. 

Virtual Office Politics

Management is all about communication, you have to understand that you are an enabler, so always keep in mind that no matter the variety of individuals that you have to communicate with on a daily basis, you have to adapt to every one of them. Use social networks, all HR leaders do, get familiar with their interests, their likes and tweets and maybe you will find a way to motivate and engage your employees.

Of course, be subtle, don’t just approach them and tell them that you’ve read their profile and found out that they yearn for a vacation. You don’t have to be misleading, it is good enough to just inform them about your decision without any further explanations, especially if it affects your employee in a positive manner. Remember, just because you are an enabler it doesn’t mean that you should enable contra productivity. Authority is still a matter of attitude, guidance and smart decisions.

Support collaborations, build a LinkedIn network and keep your employees connected at all times. If your staff has a chance to access work files and connections at their personal time, all chances are that they will do so, it is also a powerful motivator for them to stay engaged. 

If your office is not supporting BYOD policy, you should get familiar with this strategy. Younger experts especially proved themselves as more productive workers when they had the chance to feel comfortable with their working tools. 

Virtual Learning

Although modern tools will allow you to have your decisions entirely data driven, this doesn’t mean that you should stop working on your personal and professional education. 

On the contrary, you should obtain practical skills and get certification for them, and commit to that as a part of your daily or at least weekly routine. Learning without earning a certificate doesn’t make much sense, although you may hear different, a validate proof of your skill will always prevail in your benefit.

Seminars became webinars, lectures – subscriptions and videos, and your tablet is your notebook. According to your particular line of work you should also pay attention about innovation of apps, and know that cloud based software is the future of doing any form of virtual business. 

If you are looking for apps that could make your day more productive and well organized, get familiar with the best of them here. Make your device your personal assistant and let reminders keep you attentive and diligent, today staying in touch with the latest technology is crucial for any line of work.

These are guidelines that you can apply no matter the field that you work in, but they are far from suggestions. If you don’t take this matter seriously it could have a negative effect on your future career. 

Keep an innovation-friendly point of view, connect and share your knowledge, and you will have no problem with leading a successful business in 2015.

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