Monday, June 22, 2015

The Appearence Of The Workspace Affects Productivity

When it comes to efficiency of employees, you have got to find many different and creative ways to improve it, which could be a fairly difficult task sometimes. There are various factors that affect their morale and mood, hence their will to do the job properly and offer nothing but the best results. 

So, you actually have to keep doing something about it all the time and constantly make changes, since the dull routine is a really horrible thing, in business at least. However, there is one essential thing that does not require consistent attention and it is the workspace. 

The appearance of the workspace can significantly boost the performance of everyone in the office and if you manage to thoroughly design it only once in order for it to be splendid, you will not have to think about it for a long time, and it will be a crucial part of your company's success.

Don't believe it?

This article is here to prove the enormous impact the looks of the workspace has on people who spend a lot of time in it and their ability to stay focused and productive, so let us start with some obvious stuff that can be done easily. 

The first thing that is to be taken in consideration is the lighting. If the lighting is bad, it can be tiring for your eyes, cause headaches and fatigue or even depression, and make people lose their inspiration; so, make sure to do this right and right away and do not be one of those who completely overlook this issue. 

For example, you should buy natural light bulbs and make use of natural light whenever you can, therefore keep windows and doors open during daytime, and use lamps occasionally, in case it gets cloudy outside.

The next thing you should take care of are chairs and tables. Aim to please all of your employees and yourself, naturally, so get furniture that is fully adjustable to everyone's needs, that is suitable in every possible way and, of course, it is a must that you have enough space to stretch. 

In addition to these things that physically burden employees, there are a lot of those that mentally affect, as well. For instance, many carefully chosen ornaments and the color of the walls can be remarkably helpful. When painting the walls, always pick a relaxing color, such as green, but avoid those that have a negative effect on people, such as blue or gray. 

Of course, keep in mind that too much of anything is bad in this case, so add variations, such as items in diverse colors, from seemingly insignificant postcards and magazine cutouts to interesting and cheerful pictures.

Other than these, you should get more mesmerizing decorations - beautiful Sydney rugs, compelling flowers and plants or colorful cabinets. On top of all, there is a thing that many people neglect, but it is unbelievably significant and common sense. 

Namely, the office has to be clean at all times, otherwise there will be many unwanted distractions, and since this can be achieved effortlessly, there is absolutely no reason to spend about 10 minutes on a daily basis and get rid of the clutter. This way, you will most likely get rid of all unpleasant odors, too, which is rather important, because no one feels comfortable in a smelly workspace. 

Also, it is advised to get air-fresheners with the scent of pine, lemon or lavender. The last but not the least is the fact that the room temperature and noise level are to be kept at normal levels or the employees will not be pleased at all.

Believe it or not, numerous studies have proven that all of these things can increase the productivity up to 20%, which means they have an enormous impact, so what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and start renovating your workspace as soon as possible and the positive results will appear in no time! 

Also, be aware that this is not reserved for large companies and huge offices only, but is of a great important for home-based businesses, as well, so, if your house is also your place of work you ought to redesign it as soon as possible.

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