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Monday, August 7, 2017

6 Ways Technology is Helping Small Business Become More Productive

If you own a small business, you might believe that modern technology is only appropriate for larger businesses with deep pockets. Nevertheless, technology is making a large impact even for small companies around the world. 

Technology is not just assisting small companies to become more efficient, it's also boosting their productivity and helping them develope their product line. 

Here are 6 ways technology is helping small business compete better in the new century.


Small companies typically need to optimize productivity in their business. Today team members are using technology to do their work quicker and with more efficiency. 

Lots of business are now utilizing business resource preparation (ERP) systems instead of accounting software applications. An ERP system is much more than an accounting system because it handles much more than accounting-related jobs. The growing importance of ERPs for small businesses has been increasing steadily because of its effectivness in larger businesses and its cost of use has steadily declined over the years making them more cost effective even for the smallest startup.  

An ERP system, nevertheless, can deal with not just accounting jobs but also handle other parts of your whole business. When workers have access to the best hardware and the latest software applications, they have the tools to be very effective. 


Technology is assisting small companies to improve communication within the company, along with its consumers and providers. For example, mobile phones have become a business tool for the company owner and workers alike. 

Mobile phones are must-haves for remaining in touch with clients on the go and reacting to queries in a timely fashion. Mobile phones have actually raised the bar because they supply web access to business and e-mail applications. 

Text messaging, social networking and e-mail are other technological advancements that have actually improved communication and assisted small business to remain linked to their consumers and internal communication within your business.


Technology has freed small companies from the restrictions of print marketing, specifically when it pertains to reaching existing and brand-new consumers. Internet marketing campaigns from basic educational sites, to marketing on online search engines, to internet sales has streamline and organized sales. 

Email marketing is a low cost and reliable technique that assists small companies to reach lots of people with business updates, discount coupons or newsletters. Mobile marketing is a brand-new frontier that is assisting small business to reach possible and existing consumers through text, mobile apps, and deal branded applications that link consumers to the most recent business news in a most efficient way. Contibuting to better tracking of sales campaigns.


Nowadays, numerous small companies provide telecommuting and dynamic time schedules to its employees. Staff members, clients, providers and other business stakeholders can remain in touch from numerous places while working various hours through making use of online resources and mobile computing devices. 

Employees can now share digital files through e-mail, have online realtime discussions, and use training videos and handbooks to orient brand-new workers on what is going on in your business.

Customer Service

Technology helps build better communcation between customer and company. Companies can utilize e-mail to react to consumer questions, utilize online chat to help clients that check out the business website, and give customer service agents better tools to solve customers problems. Technology offers a business's clients many options to stay in touch with your business.


Teleconferencing through the phone is a tried and true conferencing technique, however current advancements in technology have actually brought online conferencing to the leading edge. 

Online conferencing can connect web video cameras, audio, in addition to incorporated web conference enhancements to come up with an extremely interactive environment. All participants can see each other as they communicate, share files, deal with tasks collaboratively, and recreate the in person conference experience despite their physical place. 

This is just a few of the methods which small companies can broaden their reach to engage worldwide customers and partners.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Appearence Of The Workspace Affects Productivity

When it comes to efficiency of employees, you have got to find many different and creative ways to improve it, which could be a fairly difficult task sometimes. There are various factors that affect their morale and mood, hence their will to do the job properly and offer nothing but the best results. 

So, you actually have to keep doing something about it all the time and constantly make changes, since the dull routine is a really horrible thing, in business at least. However, there is one essential thing that does not require consistent attention and it is the workspace. 

The appearance of the workspace can significantly boost the performance of everyone in the office and if you manage to thoroughly design it only once in order for it to be splendid, you will not have to think about it for a long time, and it will be a crucial part of your company's success.

Don't believe it?

This article is here to prove the enormous impact the looks of the workspace has on people who spend a lot of time in it and their ability to stay focused and productive, so let us start with some obvious stuff that can be done easily. 

The first thing that is to be taken in consideration is the lighting. If the lighting is bad, it can be tiring for your eyes, cause headaches and fatigue or even depression, and make people lose their inspiration; so, make sure to do this right and right away and do not be one of those who completely overlook this issue. 

For example, you should buy natural light bulbs and make use of natural light whenever you can, therefore keep windows and doors open during daytime, and use lamps occasionally, in case it gets cloudy outside.

The next thing you should take care of are chairs and tables. Aim to please all of your employees and yourself, naturally, so get furniture that is fully adjustable to everyone's needs, that is suitable in every possible way and, of course, it is a must that you have enough space to stretch. 

In addition to these things that physically burden employees, there are a lot of those that mentally affect, as well. For instance, many carefully chosen ornaments and the color of the walls can be remarkably helpful. When painting the walls, always pick a relaxing color, such as green, but avoid those that have a negative effect on people, such as blue or gray. 

Of course, keep in mind that too much of anything is bad in this case, so add variations, such as items in diverse colors, from seemingly insignificant postcards and magazine cutouts to interesting and cheerful pictures.

Other than these, you should get more mesmerizing decorations - beautiful Sydney rugs, compelling flowers and plants or colorful cabinets. On top of all, there is a thing that many people neglect, but it is unbelievably significant and common sense. 

Namely, the office has to be clean at all times, otherwise there will be many unwanted distractions, and since this can be achieved effortlessly, there is absolutely no reason to spend about 10 minutes on a daily basis and get rid of the clutter. This way, you will most likely get rid of all unpleasant odors, too, which is rather important, because no one feels comfortable in a smelly workspace. 

Also, it is advised to get air-fresheners with the scent of pine, lemon or lavender. The last but not the least is the fact that the room temperature and noise level are to be kept at normal levels or the employees will not be pleased at all.

Believe it or not, numerous studies have proven that all of these things can increase the productivity up to 20%, which means they have an enormous impact, so what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and start renovating your workspace as soon as possible and the positive results will appear in no time! 

Also, be aware that this is not reserved for large companies and huge offices only, but is of a great important for home-based businesses, as well, so, if your house is also your place of work you ought to redesign it as soon as possible.

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