Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reaching Your Specific Audience is Key to Your Marketing Plan

Every product has a different audience, you must reach that audience in order to be successful. Everything that you do needs to be geared towards your audience, or you will be wasting your time. 

However, it is not always easy to find and impact your target audience. Here are 6 tips and tricks to help you focus your marketing for your specific audience.

Discover Your Audience

The first thing you have to do is determine your audience. Every audience has different habits, preferences, communication styles, etc. And you have to market specifically for your audience. 

As suggested here, sit down and create a stereotype for your audience. Write down everything that you know about them: their gender, age, where they work, what they do for fun, their shopping habits, what type of job they have, where they live, etc. While not every one of your customers will fit into your perfect stereotype, they will have many things in common. 

Focus your marketing towards the stereotype you have created. Remember that if you try to speak to everyone, you’ll just end up speaking to no one.

Appeal to Your Audience

Once you have determined your audience, you can speak right to them. Let them know why they need you. What types of advertisements will they connect to? What is it about your product that will change their life? 

Remember to make your marketing about your customer, and not about you. Create content that will set up a conversation with your audience, not a lecture. Be genuinely interested in your consumer, and they will respond. Use the three rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos) to reach out to your consumer. 

Essentially, inform your audience that you know what you are talking about, appeal to their ability to reason, and give them something that will touch their heart. (This persuasion method was created nearly 2,000 years ago by Aristotle, and has been proven effective over the test of time.

Be Seen by Your Audience

After you have determined who your audience is and how to appeal to them, you have find ways to get seen by them. Figure out what type of media your audience is consuming, and get on it. If you have an audience in a specific location, consider putting up a billboard for them to see every day. 

Find out what magazines and coupon books go out in that area, and get an ad in the mailer as soon as possible. If you are trying to connect to businesses, go to relevant trade shows, send letters or emails to businesses, and consider visiting them in person. Don’t forget to reach them online too (see below). 

Remember to keep your marketing specific and focused. If you get contacted by a magazine that your audience doesn’t read, don’t waste your time and money creating an ad for that company. Decide what will work for you and your audience, and do it.

Decide What Sets You Apart

You and your competitors are trying to reach the same people at the same time to sell essentially the same products. Determine what it is that makes you different and advertise that. Be careful not to over-compare yourself to your competitors, as it is tacky and a huge turn-off for customers. 

Instead, focus on you and your business. What do you do that is unique to other companies? Do you offer free samples? Have an amazing return policy? Do you have a secret recipe? Do you offer a service that no one else does? 

Is your treatment plan different than other companies? Do you offer a famous favorite at your restaurant? Let your customers know why you are unique. Make sure that it is right on your website, and something that you advertise frequently.

Reach Them Online

Communication is no longer as it was. Before, you would reach customers by mail, phone calls, radio ads, billboards, or in person visits. Now we have the internet that not only speeds up communication, but makes advertising incredibly easy. Take, for example, Facebook ads. 

For as little as $5 a day, you can reach out to your specific audience and get your brand seen. Facebook allows you to narrow your target audience based on age, location, things they like, and more. Unfortunately, you do have to reach your audience online, as it how the world connects. 

Make sure that your website is up to date and you keep up on your blog. Get your brand on social media (especially on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), and be active on your social media pages.

Give Back

The best way to get noticed is to give back to the community. It is positive PR that gives people a good feeling about your business. While you should not give back solely for the PR, it does help your business. 

Charitable donations are also tax deductible, make you look good to customers, give you free advertising, and makes your community a better place to live in. Find a charity that works well with your business, or create your own. 

For example, if you are a cruelty-free skin care company, partner with a company that tries to make life better for animals around the country (like this company); if you are a furniture and appliance store, team up with a non-profit that rebuilds homes for low-income homeowners; and if you are a children’s toy and entertainment company, consider donating to a children’s hospital.

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