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4 Home Improvements to Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bills

According to the US Department of Energy, the energy usage of each person in the United States costs them over $3,000 each year.

One-third of that bill is energy usage in the home, meaning that the yearly home energy expenditure of a family of four is about $4,000. Since much of that expenditure comprises home heating and cooling costs, taking steps to lower those costs can help your family save big during the summer and winter.

However, other home appliances can run up your energy bills even further, especially if they are old or damaged.

What can you do to save on your energy bills? Read on to learn about four home improvements that can reduce both your home heating and air-conditioning bills and save you energy in additional ways.

1. Invest in those Energy Efficient New Home Windows

You likely have windows in virtually every room of your home, and if they are old and drafty, then replacing them can be one of the best ways to save on home energy.

How much energy will you save after replacing your home windows? That varies depending on what type of windows you currently have and how drafty they are.

If you have single-pane windows with metal frames, then upgrading two double- or triple-pane windows with frames that seal more tightly, such as vinyl frames, can help reduce your home energy bills.

While it is important to choose the right windows, it is also important to choose the right installation expert. Proper installation is important to fully reap the benefits of those new windows.

2. Replace or Repair your Home Heating and Cooling Ducts

The cool air your air conditioner creates in the summer and the warm air your heater creates in the winter travel through your home duct system to reach every room in your home.

If those ducts are old and you haven't had them inspected lately, then they could have holes and/or cracks that are causing your energy bills to rise.

The EPA reports that the average homeowner loses about one-fifth of their heated and cooled air due to air duct leakage. However, you could be losing even more. 
Pure air duct cleaning is the perfect way to ensure your ducts are not leaking and are working energy efficiently.

Having your duct system inspected and repaired is an easy way to save home energy.

3. Have a Heat Pump Installed

Heat pumps use much less energy to heat your home in the winter than traditional home heating systems. There are four types of heat pumps: geothermal, air-to-air, absorption, and water-source pumps.

While they all differ in how they heat your home, they all have one thing in common: they shift existing heat into your home instead of creating heat. This makes them very energy efficient.

Air-source heat pumps are the most popular heat pumps today, and some models can even cool your home in the summer. They can act as the sole source of heat in milder climates, but in areas of the country with very cold winters, they can supplement your existing home-heating system and lower your energy bills drastically.

4. Replace That Old Water Heater

Along with home heating and air conditioning, your home water heater can be a big waste of energy if it is old and lacks proper insulation.

The average family spends about $270 each year on energy used by their home water heater, but if yours is old and improperly insulated, you may be spending much more. Of course, if you have a large family who takes lots of hot showers, your energy needs also naturally increase.

According to High Point Plumbing, a company of plumbers in Utah County, having a professional replace your old, uninsulated water heater with a new, energy-efficient model is the best way to stop paying more money than you have to for your hot water. 

Also, having your hot water heater wrapped in heat-proof insulation can help reduce energy wasted by an old hot water tank.

If your home energy bills are higher than you would like them to be, then there are many steps you can take to reduce your home energy bills. These four home improvements can help you begin saving energy immediately. 

If you perform all four, you may be surprised at how much energy was just going to waste and how quickly the small investments in the home improvements pay for themselves many times over.

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