Monday, March 13, 2017

5 Crazy Ways Millennials Are Making Money

As the newest generation coming of age and a rather large and significant one at that, millennials are a crafty bunch. 

Much of their effort has gone towards coming up with and seeking out new and crazy ways to make money, whether on the side or as a primary income. 

In spite of the stereotypes, millennials are a very entrepreneurial generation, and here are five of the crazy ways they are actually making money.

1. Freelancing or Starting Their Own Businesses

Millennials are considerably more likely to buck the norm of being employed by someone else. 

Even if they are searching for full-time employment, many of them will freelance or start a business venture on the side to make extra cash and gain experience that will serve them well in traditional jobs. 

Or they might choose to remain self-employed and grow their own businesses.

2. App Development

As a generation always on their smartphones, many millennials find the opportunity to develop their own smartphone apps an attractive one. 

With a basic understanding of app development scripting, or even commercial software that makes creating apps easier for people without serious programming knowledge, many millennials are creating helpful, fun and cool apps for everyone to use.

3. Streaming

Live streaming, especially of playing video games, has grown exponentially in popularity thanks to big sites like Twitch and

Often these videos are for entertainment value, but they can also be an educational walkthrough of how to play the game and uncover its lesser known secrets.

4. Driving

Whether with Uber, Lyft or other companies, many millennials (the ones who have cars, anyway) are acting as chauffeurs to drive people where they need to go. 

They've taken Uber and Lyft up on the offer to work on their own schedules and earn a flat fee in addition to the distance traveled after Uber or Lyft take their cut for providing the connection between driver and passenger.

5. Selling Photos

Millennials interested in photography are taking photos and selling the licenses to bring in some decent extra cash. 

The new app Foap takes an even more creative direction—it allows users to sell licenses to photos taken on their phones and then, when someone wishes to buy the license, the original taker of the image gets a cut.

Everyone else can learn a lot from the cool ways millennials have learned to make money. So perhaps try out some of these money-making methods for yourself and see why millennials are attracted to such crazy, different and creative ways to make money.

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  1. There are many people believing in old stereotype that young people can’t be smart because they don’t have enough experience! Totally disagree! Just pay attention how many young people today are rich and successful. Modern generation has great opportunities and takes advantage of it. Also millennials know a lot about online financial services and fast loans from direct providers. I don’t see any reasons to think that millennials are not financially literate enough. Many of them are very smart and successful people who have savings and don’t have debts.


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