Friday, March 17, 2017

Don't Let Moving to a New Home Destroy Your Bank Account

When you're moving your family, it seems like your bank account takes a hit. From the payments made to the utility companies to the gas that you need to purchase for the vehicles to get your belongings back and forth, all of the expenses seem to add up quickly. 

Make a plan before you begin moving so that you can save money instead of spending it while making sure your family has everything in order. 

You Have To Eat

Going to a restaurant or getting food to bring home might seem like a good idea, and while it is if you get the inexpensive foods, it can become pricey over the weeks and days leading to the move. 

Prepare foods ahead of time, storing them in your freezer so that you can easily heat them up in the evening. This will allow you to save the money that is spent on gas to get to the restaurant and the money that is spent there. 

Coupons and Discounts

Look for coupons whenever possible. Some moving companies, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving, offer discounts that are worth looking into. 

Some companies do such discounts based off of whether or not you use multiple services, such as the movers packing and unpacking after transporting. 

There are coupons for packing supplies that you can get as well to save money on everything from tape to trash bags that you might use to hold blankets or sheets. 

Bundles for Utilities

One of the things about moving is that you have to get new utility services started. This can take a huge chunk of money from your bank account, especially if you have to pay deposits for each service. 

Consider bundling your services as much as possible, such as cable and internet. This will save on your monthly bill as well as the installation fees that you need to pay as everything can be done at the same time. 

Selling What You Don't Want

Instead of spending money, you can make money for your bank account when you're moving. As you go through each room, make it a time to sort the items that you no longer need. 

Consign the nicer items, and have a yard sale with the items that are mediocre or that you can't sell at a consignment store. An added benefit is that you can count any donations on your tax return. 

Moving is an exciting time. It's also an expensive time as you have to pay for connections for services and items needed to move. 

If you get the family involved with the move and ways to save money, then you can begin to pad your bank account instead of spending money.

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