Friday, June 30, 2017

Avoiding the Middle Age Car Buying Impulse

We've all seen it on countless TV shows and movies. The main character, a middle-aged man, experiences great distress at the thought of getting older so he acts out by buying a flashy sports car or dating a woman much too young for him. 

Approaching middle age doesn't have to be that way and it's much more economical to rent that flashy sports car for a fun weekend getaway with your adoring wife of 30+ years. You can count on her, always. 

Car Buying Impulse

A fast car really won't make you happy. In fact, as you focus on the future, and eventually enjoying retirement, that big ticket splurge will hurt your bottom line. 

The Chevrolet Corvette is probably one of the most common cars that scream midlife crisis. According to, a new Corvette will set you back almost $100,000. 

That could represent more than a year of your retirement, relaxation and well-deserved respite.

If you step back for a minute and consider the emotions that swirl around as you approach middle age, the realization that you probably have more life behind you than ahead of you, and that maybe you're running out of time to do everything you wanted to, it's probably tough to see the forest for the trees. 

Avoid the Midlife Crisis Car Buying Impulse

Sure, a new Corvette in your driveway will deliver a surge of immediate excitement, would be pretty fun to drive and will win you the love and affection of many a lady likely incapable of true love and affection.

Avoid the midlife crisis car buying impulse all together. It's not money well spent. The transaction will fly in the face of your hard work and savings efforts for decades. 

With one check you'll sign away more than a year of your future financial life for a fleeting, superficial experience. Your life is really just beginning. You'll see.

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