Saturday, July 1, 2017

Identity Risk: How to Keep Your Social Security Number Safe from Frauds

With all of the technology that is used today and the entering of credit and debit card information or social security card information on an almost daily basis, it can be easy for someone to steal your social security information. 

This means that someone out there could purchase items online, get a loan or get any other financial benefit on your behalf without you knowing. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can protect your card number so that you are safe from frauds that might occur.

Use a Different Number

Ask the merchant or business if you can use a different number than your social security number. Most businesses will offer this option, especially if you are entering information online. 

You could use your driver's license number or the identification from your passport instead of your social security number as a way to keep the information secure.

Monitor Services

When you use a transcription service from an attorney or another business, such as Caliber Litigation Services, that offers similar documents that you need to obtain, you need to look over the information that is used to ensure the service is legal. 

Most attorneys won't share your information, but you still need to look over the confirmation that you receive. You can view orders that have been placed and the information that you have entered to ensure that the numbers are correct.

Keep the Card At Home

There are few occasions when you're going to need the physical social security card when you complete an application or give someone personal information. 

Offering the number is usually sufficient as the company can perform a background check to see if the information matches the other details that you provide. Keep the card in a secure location at home where only you know to look. 

An option is to have a lock box with a combination that only you know. It's a good way to store all kinds of personal paperwork to prevent others from taking your information.

Never Send the Number in a Message

If someone wants you to send your social security number in a private message and doesn't offer any kind of security feature to keep that number from being viewed by anyone else, then find an alternative. 

Call businesses with your information. Visit the company to write down your number. Don't reveal your number on social media through a message or through an email as these options are usually not secure.

Your social security number is a link to who you are and what you can purchase. If the number is stolen, then it could result in a large amount of debt and other issues that you don't expect. If you protect your number, then you likely won't have any issues.

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